Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Do You Stay?

Once in a while Abby chooses a letter for her column that addresses issues general society doesn't care to discuss...and I hope it opens some dialogue. A man writes in about attending his local gym. He sometimes cannot avoid weekends when there appears to be many single dads bringing their kids along with them. While there is a "Family Locker Room," apparently very few choose to use it, preferring to take their kids into the regular ones.
Neither he nor Abby proffered an opinion as to why. My guess: The adults are too shy to change in front of one another. I mean, God forbid, a woman other than his wife or girlfriend see his unwrapped package. For the woman's part, they are most likely afraid to be seen naked by all those single dads; afraid some guy might get a boner.
The writer states, on a recent weekend, he walked in to the men's locker room to find a man and his young daughter completely naked. He asks Abby if this is some new trend, does he really have to put up with this.
Abby suggested he avoid the gym on weekends, or perhaps speak to the management. The less of a deal we make over our naked bodies, the better; we (as a society) must get past the idea that a naked man is lewd, dirty, and not to be tolerated 
You know I would stay and just go about my business.



I've walked into men's rooms to piss and men have had their daughters in there with them. With a bank of urinals, men who followed me in halted for a second and went to a stall.
I went to a urinal.
If a dude doesn't have an issue with his daughter seeing a cock, then I certainly don't.
So, guys, you walk into the locker room, and some guy has his daughter with him:
What would you do?
Stay and change as usual, because it's no big deal?
Stay to change, but do your best to hide yourself?
Or leave?


Fit Studs said...

Locker rooms are the place to be.
That's at least what I think of it when I see hot dudes like those you shared. So good looking!! :)

A French Patrick said...

“People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of mirror instead of a person. They didn't see me, they saw their own lewd thoughts, then they white-masked themselves by calling me the lewd one.” Marilyn Monroe.

What is the problem? All we need to play golf is a stick, balls and a hole, but as far as I know we never see them three together and at a time in urinals.

I wish you a wondrous day, my darling, with a lot of my most lewd and lustful bisous.

Xersex said...

I'd like to give you an answer but I can't because I have never gone in a sport men room. I don't like sport and I'm lazy! The only gym I do is sex!

Not Alone said...

I would leave.... Quickly... I might go to the shower area and undress and take a shower if it were private, but I think it is unacceptable for the father to bring their daughter, or young son. First to your son/daughter to be in the awkward position, and second for the other patrons. The father could shower at home.

In a public bathroom where you are shopping, that is different. The father could go to the first available stall and not put others through the uncomfortable situation.


I don't go to the gym! If I did these days I'd stay! Probably in the past I would have left! Nice images! Hugs, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

I'd be taken aback, but would probably stay and change anyway.

Jean WM said...

Little children are usually pretty clueless to nudity unless their parents make a big deal and many do. Looks like this man doesn't so the daughter wouldn't either.

If I was a man I would ask the father if he was comfortable with me changing as I normally do and follow his answer.

that one guy said...

Stay and act normal. I'm not the one who decided the locker room is a good place to bring a child.

That said, my gym has a sign on the adult locker room doors that says "no opposite-sex children age 5 or older in the locker rooms --- please use the 'family locker rooms'". There have been lots of little boys, but I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen a little girl in there; so I guess it hasn't really been an issue in my gym.

Anonymous said...

This happens at my gym often, where there's no family room. My behaviour varies according to the dad's and the child's. If the dad is doing his utmost towel dance and the kid is gawking at my nudity I feel uncomfortable and cover up quickly. If the kid doesn't pay much or any attention I just go about changing as usual.

Queer Heaven said...

You may not think this comment is coming from me, since you know that I embrace the fact that being nude in public is perfectly acceptable.
But...I really think it is totally inappropriate for a young girl to be in a room that has naked men. It just does not seem right to me.

Chris said...

If there is a family locker room, that is the place where kids should be taken; if not, I don't think girls over 5 should be allowed in the men's shower or boys over 5 should be allowed in the women's shower. My remembrances from WWII, when my father was in training, was that the boys went with dad and girls went with mom. I remember a sea of kaki pants in the men's room and all of us kids hanging onto our fathers' hands or pants pockets. Don't remember anyone's cock hanging out but it was an experience of being with men doing their business -- my friends with shy-kidney never had that experience and so they couldn't understand why everyone did not have shy kidney -- ah yes.

Anonymous said...

My parents were and I was raised as mennonite. The word sex or the discussion of it weren't allowed in our house. I always knew that I was different, I liked looking at and playing with penises, but somehow I knew I had to keep it hidden. I did as religion dictated and got married, had two kids, raised them as openmindedly as possible. Since my wife was raised methodist she was more open minded where sexual education of the kids was concerned. After 33 years of marriage my wife died from a long illness. Soon after, I came out to my kids and received their full support. I am now married to my soulmate and my grandkids call him Grandpa David. We don't condem each other for our differences. If he gets turned on and cums by surfing his bondage or I do the same by seeing stiff dicks or someone getting barebacked, so what? That doesn't mean we love each other any less.

I often wonder what my life would have been if I had been raised in an atmosphere where I could have simply been myself.

Anonymous said...

When my kids were little, we didn't make a big deal about our bodies. If they saw us nude, so what. When my daughter was two she was heartbroken when she tried to pee at the toilet like her brother and dad and it didn't work, but she was OK after her mom explained that boys stand up to pee and girls sit down. My point is, if you don't make it a big deal and the body is a normal thing, the kids will grow up with a healthy outlook on the nude body.

Anonymous said...

In Iceland, every little town has a thermal pool or pools, with varying water temps., that anyone can enjoy for a minimal fee. Fathers take their young daus. into the men's room with them. My lst thought was, if the father doesn't mind his dau. seeing a man's plumbing, why should I????
I did see one young man cover himself when he saw a little girl. Imagine that in liberal Iceland! Maybe he was a visitor like me.