Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rod A Slides into Slot B

Some very thoughtful answers to yesterday's post question. It seems most would treat it pretty much as situation normal, yet with a touch of delicacy.
Pushy parents, particularly fathers, get me a bit riled up. The ones who live vicariously through their kids, pushing them into doing things the kids don't want. If the pressure is constant, it may even result in the kid believing it's what he wants...but, at the back of the mind it's really only a need to please his dad.

The results can, sometimes, be catastrophic; leading to illness or death. I have a cousin whose father pushed him into competitive swimming. My cousin was so torn between hating it and wanting to please my uncle that he ended up in the hospital with severe migraines more than once. My uncle finally allowed him to quit.

How much better would this world be if parents put as much effort into teaching their kids about their bodies, about sex. Going further than "Rod A slides into Slot B, delivering a mixture of what Parts C, D, E, and F have manufactured." Perhaps guys would be more cognizant of what care needs to be taken with their equipment.
That things can happen. Like a cock can get so hard it hurts.
That 90% of boners have nothing to do with sex

 especially the ones we have when we wake up.

That our balls can ache so badly from the need to ejaculate that they feel like they're going to fall off.
Perhaps relationship arguments over surfing porn
and arguing about masturbation would be non-existent.



Perhaps a wife wouldn't come unglued to learn her husband jacks off with his buddies once in a while.

Did you have pushy parents who didn't educate you?


Jean WM said...

Here goes for this female mind, I wouldn't have any trouble with my partner having a hand-session with other men. It would fall into a man-thing-they-do.

But using the image(video, magazine, etc.) of a another woman naked, is enough for many women to go ballistic. It falls into the category of what's she got that I don't.

Few women look at naked men (name one magazine marketed to women with naked men.)

Gay men are an interesting dynamic. How do they react if they find their partner with videos or magazines of other men?

Xersex said...

at my sex club, I meet some men telling me their wifes know they've a gay side and they don't care. But I have to precise such wifes are so few!

AOM said...

Educate me about what??? Sex? Boners? Wank? Are you speaking Martian??? LOL NO F'n way was I told about anything concerning my body or sex - only that they was evil and must be suppressed or burn baby burn in hell for all eternity!!! That was my education. So I totally agree with you. From my own experience - NOT teaching about our bodies and sexuality is abuse. Thanks for all you do in promoting healthy attitudes, bro. Wishing you a super day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM


Another great post! #3 - beautiful! I was born in the bad old days!! My dad died when I was 10 after years of serious illness! My elder brother had left home by the time I needed sex knowledge! Life was difficult in those days! Then the priest at boarding school told us, "Only evil men masturbate"! Thanks for all you do and for your visits and comments. Hugs across cyberspace, Patrick

A French Patrick said...

Well, sex is just so much more than insert part A into slot B and hope that the offspring run around everywhere.
But, I do not know why, lol, but I think that everybody here already knew it, that we formulate this somehow or other.
I wish you a wondrous day, my love, with a lot of bisous.

SickoRicko said...

I didn't have pushy parents and the only education I got was from my mother: "Keep your peter in your pants."

Xersex said...

in Italy it happens the police has banned too violent parents, to be present at soccer matches of their sons!

Fit Studs said...

Since #2 seems too young (in every possible way), I'm gonna have to go with #8, he's pretty sexy IMO.

His number, please?! :D