Monday, February 8, 2016

Guaranteed to Cum

One of man's all-time joys of life. Yet, we know that as some men age it gets more difficult to attain and maintain an erection. That's why there is Viagra and Cialis. But some guys have lost the ability get fully hard, and to cum.

But doctors - particularly fertility clinics have a secret weapon they use for men who can't get a boner or cum, yet they want to become fathers. Guaranteed to make a man cum: Electroejaculation. By use of an E-Stimulation System
If that fails, they move on to one with an anal probe.
This is how they stimulate the prostate and nervous system into collecting sperm. Yet, here's something that your urologist doesn't tell you about after prostate surgery, or TURP procedure.
Called e-stim, these small devices work by using small electrical currents - just like the ones used by physical therapists to assist you in healing torn muscles. The device helps to encourage blood flow to the spot.

There is also an implantable system which uses vibration to encourage and enhance blood flow. This is a costly solution, but for a young guy it may be the best one.
There are many men who use e-stim to enhance their masturbation sessions. It's even possible to lie back and allow the straps along the cock to provide all the sensation and rhythmic pulses to massage the shaft to orgasm.
Some go in for extreme e-stim with urethral probes (extra care needs to be taken here to not burn yourself) and anal probe. I seriously do not recommend doing this unless you've been properly trained by a guy who has experience with it.
But, for the man who could use the extra help - this is, and should be, an option.

Regardless of his age, a man's overall health and well-being is greatly enhanced by regular ejaculations. Prostate health depends upon them.






A French Patrick said...

I discovered one of these medical techniques accidentally just last week. It followed an article explaining that there is no more hindrance on the medical plan by implanting to him a vagina so that a man can give birth to a child. But there was only one of these techniques and thus thank you for making me discover the others. As for me, when I shall not can get it by myself no more, I shall abstain. I am persevering but not stubborn. It is enough not to think of it.
I wish you a great day, my love, with a lot of bisous.

AOM said...

Good information. Wonderful stroke and cum shots. Very inspiring. Wishing you a bonerific cum-filled day, bro! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Jean WM said...

With folks on here from everywhere, it would be interesting to know who you go to, to get these devices, in your country. Does insurance ever pay?

As usual French Patrick makes me think. You are right! Women never measure "depth" even though they cannot accommodate every penis size. Regardless of what they say, no they can't! Just curious, I checked, and surprise, girth is surprisingly more popular, not length.

Rick Jeans said...

Great post! Good info!
Sometimes I make a joke if you want an erection, stay away from the bed. When I see my bed, I think about naps or sleep.
I try to Jack in different places

Xersex said...

love cum!!!


Hugs & Thanks! Very busy yesterday and today! Scheduled post for both days. Hope to be back to normal tomorrow! Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Thanks for this terrific post! I've long been curious about these devices as an alternative to conventional jacking off.

mistress maddie said...

Good much as I jack off and have sex, my prostate should be clean as a whistle.

Fullmoonma said...

I guess I agree in principle that it is good to do what is necessary to keep hardons and energy moving in your body, but I'm glad that a daily dose of Cialis does the trick for me. It's only fitting to use one pill to counteract the effects of another - my ED dates from starting blood pressure pills almost 20 years ago.

Fit Studs said...

Fun, electrical enjoyment! :D