Thursday, February 25, 2016

(One of) Man's Greatest Pleasures

Fullmoonma, over at howtobate, posted last week about waking with a boner in the middle of the night or early morning and needing to piss, and made me think. Though pissing with a hard-on can be difficult, we guys do manage to get the job done. 
And the boner may dissipate (at least a little bit) as we do.
But the sensation of the flow feels good. There's a sense of a tingling, especially in the glans. For me, at least, it feels damn nice. The relieving of the extreme fullness of the bladder gives way to the sensitivity along the shaft and into the head. Clearing and shaking off the last drop many times finds the hardness returning.
Then, the enjoyment of going back to the bed -  cock bouncing and waving - leads me to lie on my stomach and thrust against the mattress - even if it's only for a few moments...

6 I drift back to sleep.
I don't need to shoot a load, I just love to feel the hardness, that fullness, of my cock.
For as much trouble as they may give us at times,
one of the greatest pleasures in a man's life is a boner.





A French Patrick said...

As for me, it is rather having ejaculated that I want to piss. But even if it is rare, I needed sometimes to piss before. In these cases I masturbate at first and I piss after, and it is not bad either.

As regards all that has been said in your previous episodes on the ideal art and how to place our cock in our pair of underpants, I think that enjoying the kind helping hand of a friend is the best solution:

I wish you a wondrous end of week, mon chéri, with a lot of bisous.


Enjoy it while you can! The may come when . . . ....!

Jean WM said...

More interest stuff on here including St. Romeo's day here in France. Poor guy died of the plague on a pilgrimage to Rome. Was checking Wiki for patron saint of erections. Can't find, I think it should be St. Patrick of Big Whack.

itsthinman said...

Agree! Always enjoy my boner even if it comes at an awkward time

Xersex said...

true, but I prefer sex itself!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Ah, yes, mon ami - because it is important for us to piss after we have cum, to clear the residual semen... Just as pre-cum clears residual urine.

I agree - a helping hand in the shorts is most welcome!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Awwww. Thank you! If I could be so named, it would be an honor - because I hope I have helped many people more fully understand a man's erections, and helped many guys learn to nurture them to ensure they last a lifetime. Hugs!