Thursday, February 11, 2016

Average Joe

Anonymous left the following comment on the post Penis! Testicles! Oh, My! As a man who, in earlier days, was fit and had no issues with being naked in public, fast forward a dozen years and now feel so out of shape that being naked in public would be unheard of. I think men too have a self esteem issues with the way we look, maybe more so than being naked. Our society is known for being pretty judgmental to both men and women as to how they look and the shape that they are in. I for one is most concerned about what people think of me, fitness wise than showing the various stages of a rather large penis. Just some thoughts.
How true his statements are. And I completely understand. As I get older, the "middle-age spread" gets worse. From attire to physical features, we do instantly judge the moment we see someone - whether we find them stunningly beautiful or think they look hideous.
(On a side note: Considering the cut of her neckline on the dress, I find her reaction to his bulge ironic. She's obviously proud of her breasts; why shouldn't he be proud of his cock?)

Thanks to Men's Health - one of the first men's monthly magazines to promote health and fitness and get a wide audience - and others that have followed, men are now pressured into trying to look like the Greek gods...chiseled abs and pecs, the V-shaped hip area we call Orion's Belt, following the latest fashion trends, and using a phalanx of hair and skin products. Really all in the name of corporate profits.
If we, as Average Joe's, don't strive for that ideal of perfection, or for some reason don't achieve that, we feel ashamed and embarrassed. We all - every one of us - have our image of beauty, our sense of the aesthetic which we love to look at. We want to - and should - feel good about how we look. We can strive for it, but we should never give in to obsessing over it.


But we shouldn't have to feel ashamed if we don't acheive the perfection in our minds. And we should never - never! - be ashamed of our genitals.


 To quote an old cliche: We should be comfortable in our own skin.





A French Patrick said...

The Greek gods are not all having equipped with chiseled abs and pecs, V-shaped hip area, and so on. Look at Dionysus (the latin Bacchus) for instance. But you are right, the majority seem to have practised the body-building before the term existed. Simply because this is the way their paints and their sculptures (lol, I was on the verge of adding photos) were the most nice to see, It sells more.

But we can admire the perfection of the "prototypes" and in the same time we can love physical defaults which move and turn us upside-down. In France, there is an online dating site the slogan of which is: "if you do not like your defects, others will love them for you."

You are right, socialized medecine means a medecine made fit for life in companionship with others, a medecine made for everybody, and I was right, that has nothing to see with a medecine which would have been established or regulated according to the theories of socialism. One word, two meanings, as often.

I whish you a wondrous day, my darling, with a lot of bisous.


What you write is so very true! Even though I'm almost 82 years of age, I am still very conscious of my body. I keep to a strict diet and am certainly not overweight. But there is no way that I would walk about naked at the baths these days. I have a great cock, of which I am very proud, low hanging balls, but age and health have made it difficult to achieve a full, hard erection. This is all part of the aging process! Blood and urine tests taken last week, showed that there is nothing seriously wrong in my body, and my mind is still very active. Daily, I see men half my age who have let their bodies run to fat. Hugs Dear Friend! Many thanks for your visits and comments.

Fit Studs said...

Damn... #4, #5 & #6 !!! ^_^

Jean WM said...

If you're even a little fit, you feel better, work better and play better. (You've told us lots about fitness and play.)

One simple measurement I've heard of is that your waist size shouldn't be more that half your height.

And as you age, can you get up from sitting on the floor without using your hands, then later can you get up using your hands. Not so easy if you lack muscle strength. One reason I like Paris, it is a great city for walking fast and for long spells.

SickoRicko said...

Great post! (I hope you're feeling better.)

SteveXS said...

I greatly value your advice and reminders about testicular health, which is why I engage in a nightly examination to make sure everything is working the way it's supposed to!

Xersex said...

#3 the disgusted face of that girl makes me smile!

AOM said...

Excellent post - as always. I wish you a very wonderful weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day, my brother. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

I'm an average Joe proud of my body and genitals I think it's all about the way we're raised used to see next of kin equals naked and proud of themselves