Monday, February 22, 2016

Left or Right : The Myths

There are always exceptions to every rule, as French Patrick pointed out in commenting on Friday's post. Left or right hang has always been tied to two myths: Which side a man dresses - if he stuffs his package down the left pant leg, his cock will lean that direction.


Yet, as Dr. Oz points out the reason for the direction of the hang, it makes sense that a guy would dress to that side. As one Faithful Reader pointed out in an email, Tailors will usually ask which side you dress when taking an inseam measurement (if he/she doesn't, it's either obvious to them, or you've found a lousy tailor).
 Then there is the tailor who is afraid to place the tape.
It's either that or a man is too embarrassed to have a stranger's hands get that close to the goods. Which is ridiculous. As the line in Yentl states, "A tailor is like a doctor, what's to be ashamed?"
The other myth is that your cock leans to the direction of your dominant stroking hand. In other words, if you always jack off right handed 
or left handed
that's the direction your cock hangs.
This one never made any sense to me - at all. I hang left. I am left handed in many activities,  but I'm truly ambidextrous. As we used to joke back in high school, "I can switch hands and never miss a stroke!"

But the majority of my cock stroking is with my right. Especially when I cum.

Are you left- or right-handed?
Which hand do you use to jack off, and cum with?


Anonymous said...

Right handed, but I jerk off with both hands pretty much the same amount. However, when massaging the frenulum (or rather what is left from it--I'm cut) I prefer using my right hand because it is more skilled (remember I'm right handed?).

I usually cum using the right one, but hell I like to use my left hand to bring myself to orgasm every now and then; it feels different and changes the sensations.

Best whishes.

A French Patrick said...

Photo N°8 "or left handed" I repeat that if it is the hand on the left of the one who looks at the photo, this means that it is the right hand of the featured guy.
Was it voluntarily?
For verifying if what was true last week is still true?
For proving that being truly ambidextrous you "can switch hands and never miss a stroke!"

I wish you a wonderful day, mon chéri, by giving you many many bisous.
In equal shares on every cheek to avoid any conflict between the right and the left.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, I typically put text above the photo I mean to describe. So, the text under Photo 8 refers to Photo 9. But, I so gladly accept your bisous on both cheeks, as you say!

Xersex said...

my balls hang so well! love your pics!


"Inside leg, Mr Granger! Are you free?" (ARE YOU BEING SERVED) Wonderful illustration as always! Spent a lot of yesterday afternoon with a very sick friend - not AIDS - but heart, lungs, and now prostate cancer. He'll be 81 this year. Thanks for your visits! Lots of "Bisous", Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Right handed.

AOM said...

As with my political leaning - I hang left. : ) I'm right-handed and grew us always jacking with my right hand - so the handed myth is definitely not true for me - as I've gotten older I stroke with my left until I am ready to cum then I often switch to my right. I hope you had a lovely weekend, brother. Wishing you a jizz-a-licious day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Jean WM said...

Never knew any of this. Of course never had a tailor ask me that question. So is this like reading tea leaves and you can tell other attributes from which direction you hang? I'm beginning to laugh, very much sounding like a giggle, but I'm too old to do that!! OK, LOL!

mistress maddie said...

Interesting......i hang and dress to the right and I do indeed jack off with the right, and can switch hands....but most is accomplished with my right. And a passerby can definitely tell I hang to the right.

that one guy said...

My experience:

I started out as a right-handed stroker, and remained that way for many years. For the past 5 or 6 years, thanks to the internet and wearing a wedding ring (need my right hand for the mouse and I think a hand with a wedding ring on it looks hot gripping a cock), I've been a left-handed stroker. Also, I used to "dress" on the right but now I park it on the left. Through all this time, my cock has never "leaned" in one direction or the other.

Tex said...

Very interesting posts. I'm right-handed and jerk off right-handed but the package goes left. My best buddy is opposite. Left-handed, jerks left but package goes to the right. I'm looking forward to seeing the responses on this.

Paul London said...

I am a left-handed. I can jack with either hand, but I use my right to 'finish the job.'

Anonymous said...

I'm ambidextrous as well which, like you, allows me to mix it up, but predominantly use my right hand when it's time to cum.

Fullmoonma said...

As you can tell from reading my blog, while I use both hands to masturbate, I mostly use my dominant right hand. So when I use my left hand (commonly in the shower when my right hand is otherwise occupied) my cock feels different, more curved for example, and it gives more variety to the experience of masturbation. Part of that is novelty and part of that is geometry - my cock curves down and to the left a bit. I'm not sure whether the bend to the left is a result of genetics, or whether the combination of right handed masturbation and "dressing left" in that crucial adolescent phase of many many hardons has stretched my suspensory ligaments more on the right than the left causing my cock to point left when unconstrained.

PS A left handed story for your readers from my blog yesterday:
"In the shower, I oil up my cock with my left hand as my right hand does shower stuff. It immediately stretches out, but only slowly grows thick so that energy can rise to a small orgasmic peak, and then a second. After apply shaving cream I rinse my left hand and go back to cock as my right hand operates the razor. Cock gets thick and pretty stiff up to another orgasm. I keep stroking though the aftershock and almost immediately there is another orgasm. Keep stroking continuously through one long orgasm with a dozen or more peaks spread over 5 minutes or so, then stand quietly with the water running over my body as very slowly consciousness revives from the state of utter orgasmic bliss."

Queer Heaven said...

I use my right hand when jerking off alone. I like to catche my cum in the left hand so I and lick up all the goodness.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - It's okay to giggle. One is never to old to have a good giggle! And, come on, we must all admit that men's packages, and some package issues, can be very funny!

whkattk said...

@ Anon - If you lost some of the frenulum when being circumsized, they certainly cut off waaaay too much. I'm cut and the frenulum is still fully intact, it is one of the most sensitive parts of the cock, outdone only by the glans.

Fit Studs said...

Leftie? Never in my life. :D Haha, just being honest over here.

Dillard said...

I read an article years ago on this subject. Seems that from early age, a right handed boy will lift more with that dominant hand / arm. The process typically draws that testicle up. Over time the left nut will hang slightly lower than the right. that will of course have the penis move slightly to the right. For left handed men, the opposite is the case.