Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Down, Side, or Up?

Some really interesting responses to the Left-Right questions. One Faithful Reader sent an email, stating his preference is to dress "up," because (for him) it enhances the bulge. 
In my days of underwear use, dressing "up" was something I did only when needing to adjust for an erection, simply because it was more comfortable.


We guys may love our boners, but having one pent-up, straining against pants, is one of the most uncomfortable things in the world.

So, that's today's question, guys. What do you do with those insistent boners when you're out and about?

While we'd all prefer to be able to let it out
Do you let it snake down a pant leg?
Place it along the abdomen to the side?

Or adjust it up along the abdomen?


Xersex said...

nothing! I don't have such sudden erections!

A French Patrick said...

LOL, in my age, or more exactly in our age as we have exactly the same age by some strange coincidence) the beast is domesticated and it manages for taking its place alone, by itself. It does not ask me how it has to do, and I give it no instruction.

I wish you a great day, mon chéri, with a lot of bisous, especially if you have dressed "up".

mistress maddie said...

I almost am always down off to the right. Most comfortable for me. With my cock, if I dressed up, and then got an erection, it would be over the waist band like the one example. Picture 8...... Is like looking in a mirror!!;! I was going to ask if you hacked my personal pictured,lol


No problems these days! Only wish there were! But, sometimes I wake during the night with a wonderfully rigid boner! Life has so many mysteries! Hugs, Patrick

Fit Studs said...

For me, it really depends... If it feels good, that's how it should go. :) Pretty simple, I know.

Jean WM said...

Why soooo tight? Geeez, I may wear jeans pretty tight, but I don't have anything getting bigger down there. Uh oh, another LOL coming.
If you know that's going to happen during the day, also If you got to keep adjusting, it seems terribly uncomfortable. OK, women should talk about comfort, high heels, etc. I just thought men were more practical.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Well, we men ARE practical. ... Except where our penises are concerned, obviously! LOL.

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - Really? No boners pop up at all during the day? Or is it that you put them to use when they do? ;-)

whkattk said...

@ mistress - Well, you said... Seriously, I have to agree. I'm always down and to the left. When the boner pops up, it gets pulled up toward the waistband. It's the only truly comfortable position for me - the normal hard-on one.

Tex said...

For the inopportune boner I just let it stay horizontal (to the left). I wear boxer briefs so it stays relatively under control. That would be a fun poll too. What is your preferred underwear if any ? Boxers, briefs, etc.

By the way, I had a friend in college who always started with his cock pointing straight up. Whichever way it fell after that made no difference to him.

Xersex said...

only rarely during the night, if I have erotic dreams!

AOM said...

Straight up! Love it - love feeling my head peaking up over my waistband. I'll be gone until Monday. I wish you a bonerfic day and jizztastic weekend, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Fullmoonma said...

Used to be a left handed trouser snake guy, but that doesn't happen any more, except sometimes with my spandex bicycle shorts, and then because of the seated bicycle position, it's straight out in front and I'm moving too fast to be seen. I wanted to show a hardon during the world naked bike ride one evening last summer to see if I could spark a contagious group hardon, but no luck...

Anonymous said...

An interesting question. I hang to the right but when erect it's straight out with a little bit up. My husband and I both use our right hands to beat off. If I get a hard-on when I have clothes on it simply points off to the right and if it needs adjustment I can do that with a hand in the pocket without being too obvious.

that one guy said...

I don't get raging rock-hard boners spontaneously any more. I've learned not to let that happen I guess. In high school it was more of a problem --- my cock sticks straight out when it's hard, so I would tuck it straight down all day long and any attempt at an erection would be hidden by my pants & underwear. (At least I think it was hidden, ha ha)

Now, if I have to put a raging hard-on back in my pants (e.g. going to take a piss at an adult bookstore), it has to go up and to the right.

Anonymous said...

I like the Boy and his Cock from Picture 13.