Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Some Outdoor Pleasures

Happy Groundhog Day.
Today, in the US, we shall discover whether we face an early Spring or suffer another six weeks of Winter by the act of yanking a poor unsuspecting critter from his nap. Silliness, of course. And, the poor thing is dazed and confused. Though, I dare say, we humans have bought into dumber ideas. Regardless, I hope we may leave the cold and snow behind, so we may begin to enjoy some outdoor pleasures in sunny warmth.
























CJ said...

Six more weeks of winter or not, in 20 days I will be sunbathing on the sunny shores of the Dominican Republic! I'm hoping my beach is nude, but topless will work for me. Tan lines are not my friend ;)


SickoRicko said...

In three weeks Jerry and I will be in Palm Springs for a week! Can't wait!

A French Patrick said...

Happy Groundhog Day to you too, my love!!!
In France, today we celebrate the Candlemas by making very thin flambé crêpes (kind of pancakes) that we eat by drinking cider.
We have a proverb: "In the Candlemas, the winter is dying or takes vigour."
Just what the groundhog is supposed to forecast just the same day with at least so much efficiency as the flip of a coin.
Bisous, darling.


OH! WOW! What a post! Triplets and twins! And so many other great pictures! Thanks! Our Warm weather seems like lasting for a while yet. February is sometimes our hottest month. Trust you snow melts soon and the sun shines bright. Take care my friend! I have a nasty throat infection! Hugs, Patrick

mistress maddie said...

When my cock sprung out today, it didn't see it's shadow...does that count? A HUGE HELLO TO CJ!!!!!!!

Xersex said...

we in Italy say the same thing about 2 february: if this day is windy and rainy, he have to expect other 40 days of bad weather, otherwise we can think to be out of winter!

Jean WM said...

I'm off in Paris and just catching up on the Blog, It never ceases to amaze me how much goes on with men that we women don't know about!

The big to-do in these parts is the new BBC series on tv "War & Peace" and one of the main characters walks out of the sea totally naked, and a big discussion of full-front nudity for men. It apparently was big surprise for the audience. For us here it's non-news, ha!

This series is on in the US too, and I wonder how they are handling it. Big names in the leads.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - You can rest assured the full frontal will not be shown in the US... Not unless the series is airing on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, or the like. It's just so damn ridiculous...and I will never understand why the attitudes of the FCC watchdogs must always think of Male nudity as dirty.

AOM said...

A wonderful celebration of naked day in warmer weather. I can't wait! Thanks for all these delicious images. Wishing you a most wonderful bonerific jizz-filled day, bro! Huggin', Strokin', and Lickin' you in spirit, AOM

hot guy of the day said...

Oh, those boys are quite happy, aren't they?
Love the Channing Tatum-looking like dude on the boat with a boner, haha!

Anonymous said...

Los chicos de las fotos 6 y 7, me recuerdan a unos amigos de instituto bachillerato y después de universidad, que eran hermanos y estudiaron conmigo y disfrutaron también.

whkattk said...

Anon (roughly translated) - Photo 6 and 7, remind me of high school friends from high school and then college , who were brothers and studied with me and enjoyed it too.