Friday, February 26, 2016

Whatever Pleases You the Most

Sunday is the Academy Awards telecast...This is a national holiday in our house; our Superbowl. Guests fly in for the weekend and it's serious fun. And like watching the play-offs, leading up to Sunday, we do our best to see all of the films to receive major nominations. The nicest thing about these guests is that I don't need to change a thing - they're quite comfortable with nudity.
Even if I'm the only one sitting around naked
As a result of our guests getting in last night, because I wouldn't want to take time away from them, this is a scheduled post.
At some point this week, Big Whack Attack crossed the 5 million views threshold. I think that's quite an accomplishment for this little blog.
I appreciate each and every one of my Faithful Readers.
Thank you for all the emails and comments which keep me going.
I'll be back on Monday. In the meantime...
Enjoy your weekend in whatever way pleases you most.
















Xersex said...

happy weekend!


Have a wonderful weekend! Congratulations! Paul has posted! Strange post! Hugs, Patrick

Jean WM said...

Amen to that and no way for me to watch here! Start about 2:00 am here. I don't have Canal+. Same for Superbowl! I will drown my sorrows in fancy wine and pastries! God to bed and wake up to the results.

P.s. Missing the Republican debates has not been a problem.

A French Patrick said...

I love the photo 9. I knew not that my dog hugs in this way other men than myself, and I shall have to tell him one or two words about this discovery.

I wish you an excellent weekend, your holiness Patrick, patron saint of the erections, with many kisses ... No, no, sorry, but on the back of your hand, now that Jean sanctified you.

RockHard said...

Not a fan of today's movies but I'd "endure" to attend your party. There would be at least two of us nude. Have fun.

A French Patrick said...

In "Hitler's Last Day: Minute by Minute." two historians, Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie, reveal that, besides the fact that he was born with a missing testicle (first point), Hitler had an abnormally small sex (second point) because of a malformation of the urethra (third point), and that the dictator with a toothbrush-shaped moustache has also been suffering a hypospadias (fourth point), a serious deformation which forced him throughout his entire life to urinate by an opening situated under hiss glans.

Until proved otherwise, all that makes at least four things which distinguishes Hitler from a candidate for the presidency of his country. A candidate about whom I heard a man who very well know him for a very long time, and this man was saying that the candidate knows very well that his program is not applicable and that he even has not the slightest intention to try to apply it, but that he says all what he says only because it is what the people want to hear. If it's true,and I hope so, who we have to criticize? The people? The candidate? Both? The democracy?

And just for fun after all that: The Titanic is sinking, and an old English lady exclaims: “I had asked for an ice cube for my whisky, but this one is ridiculous!”

whkattk said...

@ Jean - The last republican debate was a free-for-all because Wolf Blitzer doesn't know how to control them...well, none of the moderators seem to have been able to control them.

The results were quite a mixed bag. My one true surprise: Mark Rylance - only because I was sure the vote would go to Stallone (ugh!).

whkattk said...

@ Rock Hard - LOL. Would love to have the naked company! Years ago, I belonged to a group called the Sunrunners - all manner of naked activities, from pool parties to film watching. Oddly enough, no one ever hosted a naked Oscar party.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - mon ami, well... even though I am now Cannonized, I still give you permission to plants those lovely kisses wherever you wish!

As for your question regarding the candidate, blame the candidate first, the people second. Yes, it is what they want to hear - but he stokes the fire rather than instructing the people. But, then, how can one blame him when he has no true knowledge of how the government actually works?

Sadly, the vast majority of the people whom he attracts are voting against themselves - they are too ignorant of the governmental process to figure it out; yet they don't care to learn, either. If they actually got what they claim to want, they would be extremely angry.

Many bisous! (And yes, beyond the back of the hand.)