Monday, May 1, 2017

Balls Into May

I'm surprised nobody commented on the banking of sperm in the face of losing one, or both balls, as discussed in the last episode. It would be useless for me; I'm past the age of raising children, and I've shot blanks my entire life, anyway. 
But, here we are past the month and I didn't finish posting the April series on balls. All best laid plans....  Here's the wrap-up:

Balls : Episode 13
I sincerely hope we've all learned some things about The Boys. While they may seem insignificant to some, it's important to be aware of them, to get to know them, and check them on a regular basis.

Or get them checked on a regular basis.

And, here it is: May. Now it's time to celebrate yourselves. Masturbation Month is in honor of Joycelyn Elders who was fired from her position in the Clinton administration for daring to suggest that masturbation be discussed out in the open and, perhaps, even taught [in a college environment].
So, here we go, folks....









The internet has done much good in the way of ridding the shame, but it has also worked to spread and foster a lot of false information.
Big Whack Attack is here to provide some facts.


Xersex said...

happy month of may!

mistress maddie said...

For as much sex as I do have, a jack off a lot also. It's a joke with my closest friends. But you know what? I know my cock and balls inside and out, and if something is wrong I will know.

I hope you household is getting back to normal and if a send a houseboy, I have the feeling no cleaning or reading will get done!!!!

AOM said...

Happy Masturbation Month, bro! Such a delightful month. I always learn so much from your wonderful blog. Thank you for all the good information and healthy attitudes you promote. Wishing you a JizzTastic day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

XIt is not only the first day of the May'sturbation month (as our friend AOM nicely named it), it is also the one of the mental health's month, and, as him, you provide us both of them at the same time. And not only in May. We can thus only thank you for all your efforts and their results.
Love, hugs and Bisous, my dear friends Jean and Pat.

Patrick said...

Great to see you back posting! Wonderful information as always with equally wonderful images! Enjoy May!!!!! As you know mine does not fire any more! But it did a wonderful job in the past!

SickoRicko said...

Whacking is a great pastime!

Jean WM said...

I can't think of one good reason not to. Balls was a good month, masturbation will be too ;-).

Gabriel said...

Happy Masterbation Month!