Wednesday, May 17, 2017


As we celebrate Masturbation Month, and I look through the traffic sources to see which phrases lead people to this blog, I find two recurring searches: "men masturbating together" and "fathers and sons masturbating."

The more we realize and accept that men jack off often, the more honest we are about that fact, the better. It takes the negativity of it all and tosses it aside, leaving guys the freedom to engage in this ancient activity together.

The NY Jacks is seeing an increase in membership, and an increase in attendance. And, if statistics hold out, that would mean an increase in the number of straight men joining in the festivities.
My own experience with Jack Off Clubs indicated there are more self-identifying straight men than one would suspect. Our ratio held at right around 90% straight, married men - proving that married guys enjoy it.

As for fathers and sons.... Well, we all know that too many men are embarrassed to even discuss jacking off with their sons, let alone teach them about it. Joycelyn Elders' words really should be heeded: "Masturbation is something that, perhaps, should be taught."


Though in my opinion, there's no perhaps about it. As her naysayers and detractors demanded, it should be taught in the home. That means fathers should be teaching their sons about it; not only the whys but the hows. Sadly, it doesn't happen in enough homes.
Learning masturbation, engaging in this most common activity leads to healthy attitudes about sex, acceptance and appreciation of what we've been given at birth, and how to use them to derive the fullest extent of pleasure possible.




Patrick said...

Well! At least these days masturbation is a more openly discussed subject! Yes! Fathers should teach their sons as much about it as possible. A father should show his sons his erect cock and explain what it is all about! Not just for intercourse with a woman, but for his own pleasure and the pleasure and the excitement of masturbation and ejaculation. Fathers and sons jacking off together! It could be a good thing!

mistress maddie said...

Your gay straight statement is correct too. Being gay, I have a straight guy friend who comes to my place. We hang out just fine, and do jack off on occasion and he never is nervous about. Now as much as I may want to blow him, I hold back, but he is never threatened by me and he is very confident in his sexuality. All he do is jack, with no other touching or acts.

A French Patrick said...

And if, as regards the search "fathers and sons masturbating", that would mean only that there are tons of blogs, and even hell lots of new ones every day, which have the words "dad" or "daddy" in their name to attract the strays and losers that they can find for trapping them among the young men, or even younger boys whom they want to abuse.
They need to find out new pictures for feeding their blogs, isn't it.
Love hugs and bisous my darlings Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

It's hot! Yes the pics but the temp is 96 (35c) today, ugh. Hugs and bisous.

Xersex said...

are we still try to get the accepance for mastubation?
Masturbating should be felt as natural as breathing!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - So that's where our normal temps went - to the east! Feel free to send them back. It's been cold, cloudy, and windy here - but no rain to help refill our water supplies. Hugs et bisous!

SteveXS said...

Always great sensations when coming (cuming) here!