Thursday, May 18, 2017


As our blogger buddy Mark over at The Male Casting Couch stated in a post yesterday, there is more to masturbation than the standard hand stroke. Using your hand in different ways to stroke along the cock provides new sensations.

Frot - thrusting the cock against a mattress, pillow, or some other stationary object changes things up in the pleasure department.

Auto-fellatio is another way to enjoy yourself. In my dancing days, I was easily able to enjoy this.

Kicking back and being "serviced" is heaven.

I can admit that some of the most enjoyable orgasms in my married life were with my wife slowly stroking me to ejaculation.
It took a number of years before she fully understood my physical reactions to certain touch so I no longer needed to give her any instruction, or guide her hands with mine, but once she did.... Shooting as someone else strokes your cock can be the most intense you'll ever experience.

Even though our natural propensity is to grab our cocks and finish ourselves.
Allowing yourself to give in and let it happen is quite rewarding

Have you ever allowed yourself to be completely "serviced?"


SickoRicko said...

I love being "serviced" (or "milked" as I call it)!

mistress maddie said...

Yes, I always take my time and do it right and many different ways. I love when someone takes the reigns and jacks me. Your right too, it is sometimes more intense then when having anal sex, at least for me. I also find if they do it right, I can shoot even more so then when I do it. Just wear goggles.

AOM said...

Love to serve and be served! Great post, bro. The pix are awesome and the lesson is so important. Thanks for all you do for us. Wishing you a wonderful service day! : ) Double Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Marco said...

Need a hand?
Great blog!
You're welcome to visit mine.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i have "allowed myself to be completely serviced" and, as you rightly say, it is awesome! Also i have done a similar favor on a few occasions to chosen friends and "serviced" them, which i find is a great pleasure and has given me much satisfaction in doing that for them.

Imagination said...

A great post which shows emotional and expressive the joy and pleasure of sensual masturbation. A very good invitation to start a relaxing and stimulating wank session.

Jean WM said...

Interesting question, we women take servicing for granted. Shame on us!

Great blog, have a cool weekend Heatwave still here! Hugs and kisses.

Fullmoonma said...

Most recently about 6 weeks ago in a 3 way erotic massage trade when I submitted to intense cock massage and shot a fountain of come.

These are intense experiences - perhaps the most intense during blindfolded bondage sessions where you have to submit to the tight embrace of the rope and the hands of the master.

Part of the reason for the intensity is that the build-up is usually longer.

Nearly every erotic massage I give to men in their 20's or 30's culminates in a huge explosive orgasm after most of an hour's stimulation.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I think you're correct...women do expect a man to service them and make them cum. That it takes more direct stimulation (we guys are visually aroused) to get a woman aroused and to an orgasm - not to sound sexist - it can be exhausting. It can leave a guy thinking, "would you come already!" LOL.