Friday, May 26, 2017

Stammering Dad

Masturbation is good for you. It's a healthy activity. It promotes overall good health. It reduces the number of prostate infections, thereby reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
"I've read your blog for a while now and I agree with all you have said. But the other day after a long dry spell of sex because my wife just hasn't been interested for some reason I had the opportunity to masturbate. And it was so good that I totally lost track of time and then eventually got so engrossed in the feeling that everything slipped from my mind. I guess that's what guys consider "gooned"? But the problem is that my sons came home from school and I didn't hear them come in.  had no idea they were there until I recovered from the orgasm and found them sitting on the floor looking at me. I was totally covered in semen from my hair to my pubes, my cock was still hard and slick with cum, and my hand was still stroking really slow. I know I was sighing with relief and before I opened my eyes I remember saying, "God that felt good".

I want them to understand it's normal and I did my best to not freak out. But I sure stammered a lot in trying to explain what I'd just done and what they'd just seen. What do I tell them? They are close to hitting puberty but I'm really at a loss for words."

Wow. You've been presented with a perfect opportunity. Now, don't blow it. Kids aren't as dumb as we think. I'm assuming you've already had The Talk. They should know about erections and sperm and babies. Now, it's time to have a real talk - an open, honest, explicit one.
Take them to the park (or wherever you spend guy time) this weekend - without mom - and spell it out for them. Tell them they'll be enjoying it themselves soon (if they aren't already!). Moreover, give them permission. Encourage them to do it.

As I've suggested to other men who have asked, "Now what?": Get them some type of lube - baby oil seems to be the choice most fathers go for because it's less embarrassing to purchase, and it's cheaper. (Hey, with two sons in the house you're going to be going through a lot.) Give them old hand towels to use for clean-up, and inform them they should be rinsing them out before putting them into the hamper to be washed. Mom shouldn't have to deal with crusty laundry.

This is also the time you need to have a talk with your wife. No, not to complain about a lack of sex. To tell her that her sons have hit that age,
 that she's not to make snide remarks that will embarrass them, that she's to wash and fold the towels and put them in the proper place for use just as she does with their clothes.

Any other words of advice for this stammering dad?


Marco said...

This is a strange situation! But it's aways good to have true talks to the sons. Encourage them!

Patrick said...

Fantastic story! Now: when checking your stats - click on AUDIANCE and it will give you the countries that your visitors come from and the numbers. You can check MONTH WEEK DAY NOW! Thanks again for your visits and comments! Have a good weekend! By the way, I'll be 83 next Tuesday - 30th May! And still blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A French Patrick said...

I think that with all your advices, more a little more self-control and common sense, some tact, and know-how, this stammering father should be able to cease to stammer, but I am not sure that that can be twice exactly in the same context.

Considering the current events of the last days, I am not sure that leaving you on a handshake is the best way to wish you a wondrous weekend. But the best way to know that, it is to try, therefore it's what I am doing, my darlings Jean and Pat, by sending you a lot of hugs and many many bisous.

AOM said...

Good advice - just be normal and natural about the normal and natural - I hope you are well and having fun, bro. Wishing you a bonerific weekend! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Lots of hot GIFs!

Jean WM said...

What I've learned from Pat's Blog, but not sure this really sinks in for young folks is that this may not last forever. Take care of yourself physically and the dividends pay off. Be careful, in your zeal you can hurt yourself and lastly use it, enjoy it, or lose it.

Happy Friday.
Bisous dear Pat and French Patrick.

Xersex said...

wanktastic!!! happy weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a similar question a few years ago when a 15 yr old asked me what he should do after his 12 yr old brother walked in on him masturbating, gasped, and walked out again. I suggested he find a way of opening a conversation sometime when the two of them were alone together, something like, "hey, you know what you saw me doing the other day ? " .... and carry on from there. He wrote back a while later to thank me for my advice, and to tell me he'd done that, and the two of them talked about it. They agreed never to freak about it again, and not to be shy about discussing it any time together.

I told him about the jackinworld web site, too, which the dad in your original post might want to recommend to his sons:

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm glad to see you also recommended the dad to speak to the boys' mother about this, with some excellent advice for her.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great advice you gave for that dad, except NOT baby oil (yuk) !! It's thick and gloopy, a by-product of petroleum. (Vaseline, which you didn't mention but i know a lot of guys use it, is even thicker, and also is a petroleum by-product).

The best lube is ... LUBE !! ;-)

But, hey, i've found coconut oil is great. It's easy to buy as it's used for cooking and can be found in the supermarket. At cooler temperatures it is a soft solid, but at body temperature it melts into a light oil, and the jar lasts a long time because a little of the oil spreads a long, long way. And it's good for the skin, too.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Damn. You're right, I forgot about jackinworld which is an excellent source of information for the younger set.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Yep, actual lube is probably best, but it can be expensive providing for two horny teens. The suggestion of Coconut Oil is a good one - it's not expensive and a little goes a long way!

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that my dad has been amazing. not just because he rescued me and my brother from our mom who thinks jacking off is terrible but because he's been so open and cool about it. its been almost a year now since he helped get us out of that house to live with him where we can b enaked if we want and not have to hide a boner and cumrags are always in the wash. - R