Friday, May 5, 2017

Do It For?

It's no secret that men masturbate much more than women, and guys do it for a great variety of reasons. Of course, topping the list - especially when we're young - is being horny.
But, as many readers have pointed out over the years, the reasons are varied.
Can't sleep? Jack off.
Masturbation is one terrific sleep aide. As Arianna Huffinton pointed out during an interview on Real Time it's nature's Ambien.

It's a great stress reducer, too. Can't concentrate because you're keyed up over a pending issue? Pound one out.
How many times over the years (after my dancing days) did I run to the men's room to calm my nerves before an  office meeting presentation? I couldn't count them all. According to one coworker who knew me well, the following exchange played out numerous times. "The meeting starts in five minutes. Where's Lark?" A grinning response: "The men's room."
Got a headache? Gently stroke a load.
The endorphins released by the brain will flow and, if not resolve the headache, will at least reduce it. In my younger days, I suffered from migraines. A good, strong ejaculation always helped.

Want to keep testosterone (T) flowing for more constant levels? Jack off.
Short-term abstinence (a few days) will increase T levels. Long-term abstinence of ejaculations can greatly lower Serum-T. And, as we all know, T helps us get good, strong boners.

Want to lower your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, and encourage good prostate health? Jack off.
The medical community has reported it reduces the risk of prostate cancer, reduces blood pressure, and gets the heart rate up. Lower blood pressure, a low-stress cardio workout, and clearing the toxins from the prostate (thereby lowering incidence of prosatitis), means masturbation is good for your overall health. That'll help good results at your next physical exam.
What's your reason?


SickoRicko said...

All of the above! Great post; love the images and GIFs!

Xersex said...

so relaxing activity

Patrick said...

I would if I could! But since I can't I don't! Re my post: what I had in mind was, "The decision is yours to wear something or go nude" and if you get an erection why worry! Have a great weekend!

A French Patrick said...

I eat when I am hungry, I drink when I am thirsty, I sleep when I feel sleepy, I scratch myself when I have an itch, I come here when I want to read your blog, and so on. Therefore I bet that, now that you know everything about my deepest intimate secrets and every nuance of my psychic life, you can guess that I masturbate when I see and/or I think of things which are sexually exciting to me. It is a way to relieve a need, and thus I wank when I feel this need.
It's with a lot of bisous that I wish you a wondrous weekend, my darling Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

For men, can you get so used to your own hand that you have trouble having regular sex? Old wives tale probably meant to discourage masturbation, but is it a myth? Have a great weekend. French Patrick we are with you in this election. Bisous!

mistress maddie said...

For all these reason....some I never even knew. I guess it pays off!!! Have a great weekend friend!!!!

Mark Gaulding said...

Gorgeous photos or men enjoy their cocks and bodies, as always. These days are over for me but I truly have great memories of having an erection in my teens that felt like the organ was going to explode Enjoy it while you can!

Gabriel said...

Those are excellent reasons to jack off on a regular basis. Not that I needed too many other reasons to justify a good session with my cock! :-)

Fullmoonma said...

1. It feels good.
2. I love filling my body with erotic energy.
3. I love my cock!

Anonymous said...

Wow another reason why I enjoy your blog! Great discussions and responses to read and reply .... and also by far my favorite past time.
I enjoy masturbating to relax, I enjoy my alone time and just enjoy feeling my body and arousing myself to the point of no return.
Another reason I enjoy edging, learning to control my climax and ejaculation to help me be a better lover. But I'm sure I'm not alone guys, the build up and sweat, and climax is fun getting there. Precum oozing, body all sweaty, muscles tense and heavy breathing. Then you give yourself those last couple strokes and you tighten up, your mind is running a million miles an hour and your heart races, and you clench your face and moan as you feel your dick throbbing and builds up to that first massive squirt and then it just goes and you shot and shot and yeas, that is an amazing guy time.
But also it's just a great way to unwind from anything the day has in play for you...just go to a kinky place such as a car in a park, bathroom and rub one out.

SteveXS said...

Is it my imagination or did things get a hell of a lot hotter since the last time I was here?! Great pics, great post!

Jeffrey Hamilton said...

Making love to myself... as much as I love my BF, and we have such great sex, making love to my body, my mind, is exceptionally important and pleasurable

whkattk said...

@ Jeffrey Hamilton - So well said. It is more important than many people realize.

Mark Greene said...

It just feels so good! and it is totally stress releasing.