Monday, May 15, 2017

Balls and Jacking Off

Yes, it is that time again.
Buddy Ball Check
Please - check yours.
And remind other men to do the same.

I received this email last month from a reader. This is why I love getting comments and emails: they let me know that this blog does make a difference.

"Good day. Im one of your blog follower after my housemate introduced me to your blog to me last year.
I am very happy to find a blog that celebrate the body of man especially the penis and strip away the society  stigma attached to it
I used to be one of the guy that hide behind my towel whenever im changing inside the locker
Also, Im used to be feel ashamed after i cum when I masturbating
But now, i realised that all of it a natural instinct and i should not be afraid or even hide it.

Now, masturbate is a intergral part of my sex life. It as normal as the conventional sex that we used to.
I already accept that masturbation is a way to show my love towards myself, as same we used sex to show our love to our partner.

Keep blogging and look forward to ur future post."

The correlation between our balls and jacking off is a direct line. Men's bodies are designed for frequent ejaculation. Nature has imbued us with an (almost) life-long urge to cum as often as possible.

The penis will start to get hard,
the testicles will feel full and begin to ache,
sending signals to the brain that it is once again time to ejaculate.

As we learn more and more, it becomes (or should become) clear that masturbation is the most common sexual activity in existence.

 The enjoyment of this activity, alone
or shared,
there is no reason to hide it

The activity should be encouraged.


HotSexy dolls said...

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Xersex said...


SickoRicko said...

Great post and fabulous pix!

Patrick said...

Another great post! Wonderful images! Yes! Enjoy your body, especially your cock and balls! I always got great enjoyment with my "tits"! I found Tit Play very erotic. Yes! I used tits clamps! And even "Tit Torture", if you like to call it that! I loved it when other guys played with my tits! I think this is also a neglected part of sexual play alone or with others! Any ideas, my friend???

AOM said...

Love the 15th of every month - BALL CHECK!!! Great post. I completely agree with your message. And yes - it should be encouraged - open and celebrated. Have a great day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Mark Gaulding said...

Hot photos as always. We were blessed with the pleasure of masturbation and ejaculation and all the exquisite bliss that comes with it. This collection illustrates that point. Mark @ The Treasure Trail

mistress maddie said...

I have always said, if out blogs make a person day, or help just one, its all worth it.

Anonymous said...

Well, my son certainly shares with his friends. At some point I'm going to have to ask for the use of my own house on a Friday night. Are you listening, R? - Dad

Anonymous said...

Dad nobodys telling you to leave. - R