Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Great Cocksman

"A great cocksman isn't born, he's taught."
I read that quote (or something akin to it) many years ago, but can't remember who said it. Nonetheless, it's quite true.
We aren't born knowing how to handle these things in the best way; we must learn what to do for the best results. Another excellent learning tool for men is mutual masturbation; kicking back and jacking off with a buddy.
How does he stroke his boner? How does he vary the speed, the amount of friction? Does he use lube other than his own pre-cum, or stroke dry? How does he know when he's reached a peak - what does he do to stave off shooting? 

Even a group. You'd be surprised how many straight men attend jack-off groups. It can be as much about learning as it is about the physical pleasure and release.

Watching another man pleasure himself can provide tons of useful information. Observing how he changes grip, the amount of pressure he uses, the varied speeds of stroking.

We are so much more than our cocks. Seeing another dude caress himself someplace other than his dick, or balls, or taint, is a way of finding other erogenous zones we may not be aware we have until someone else tells us about them, or shows them to us.

Guys, did you ever stroke with a buddy and learn anything new?


SickoRicko said...

Jerked only with boyfriends.

Xersex said...

last one: Kris Evans & Lucas Ridgeston

Patrick said...

Oh! Yes! I had a lot to learn! So many other guys were part of my "education"! To jack off as he fucked me and played with my "tits"! Now that was something!

A French Patrick said...

As we say in French, it's by smithing that one becomes a blacksmith. Training is everything and we make our own road as we go. I think that we learn more by instinct and thanks to our own imagination and to our sense of observation than with any teacher who would manipulate us as puppets to teach us his own choreographies. I think that we are more numerous who have learnt a lot more by looking at porn than by stroking with a buddy.
Love, hugs and Kisses, my darlings Jean and Pat.

mistress maddie said...

I do have several friends I jack off with be dies the Lad. Practice makes perfect. And yes, watching others enhances your own pleasure.

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean: I hope that you'll avoid another Watergate.
@ Pat: I bet that you would have said the same (wise) words in 1974. But after what has just happened...
@ both of you: Would you say that this man is too much or too few unpredictable?

AOM said...

Always good to learn. Absolutely learned from other guys some of my favorite techniques and ideas. Great post, bro. I hope you are doing well. Have a bonerific day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Mark Gaulding said...

When I was just coming of age I used to jack off with other guys. It was so amazing because it was new. We were all in our teens so I guess no laws were broken. But when I came of age I had quite a few mutual masturbation encounters. Their is something so erotic about it. I remember when our legs would touch. I also remember how hot it was to watch the dude during different stages of ecstasy. I think that mutual masturbation is just hot. As this entry shows! The funny thing was that all the guys that I explored sex with in my teens were straight. Looking back on this makes me think all the more that sexuality is fluid. And words like gay or straight are meaningless. Sexual/sensuous is the only term relevant.

Gabriel said...

I have before and enjoy it a lot. You can learn things from watching others. I like seeing if a guy pinches his nipples while he strokes, tugs on his balls, etc. Every guy has those sensitive areas!

Fullmoonma said...

One of my favorite ways to end a massage session is to sit in each other's laps and masturbate together... I probably learned that from a Body Electric buddy in CA.

My breakthrough masturbation education was at a Body Electric workshop in 1992 when the instructor sat us down in a circle and told us we were going to masturbate for an hour. As I remember we started with blindfolds but as some point we could remove them. As an introvert, taking off the blindfold lowered the energy level. Starting out I knew that I had never masturbated for an hour without ejaculation and doubted I could do it. An hour later I knew I could - it was just about that simple. It turned out to be really important because my partner by that time had become too sick for much erotic play, plus he was worried about infecting me, so I was able to keep up my erotic charge as I masturbated in bed after he fell asleep.

I've attended other masturbation classes and workshops, and even offered a few myself, and learned a lot. It's difficult to teach a group, even a small one, because men are coming from such different experience backgrounds, and because of the profound energetic differences between introverts and extraverts - whether they gain or lose energy in groups.

whkattk said...

@ Mark - Yep. Lots of straight dudes jacked off together when they were young and horny. Some of them continue to enjoy doing it today - those are the ones who attend the Jack Off Clubs... Those who shy away from something they enjoyed in their youth due to fear of labels are cheating themselves