Monday, May 29, 2017

That'll be $100!

You should have heard about this already - but, I find it amazing. Texas state Representative Jessica Farrar introduced HB 4260 to criticize her colleagues regarding their continual meddling in women's health. The bill, called the "Man's Right to Know" would make Male Masturbation a crime punishable by a $100 fine, and any ejaculate must be preserved for consumption by a wife. The Bill also imposes additional tests and a 24-hour waiting period if a male needs a Colonoscopy or wants a Vasectomy, and require doctors to perform a Digital Rectal Exam on any man before he can receive a prescription for ED.



"Farrar's bill would penalize men for masturbation because such behavior is a failure to preserve the sanctity of life and "an act against an unborn child." See CNN where you can read HB 4260.




Her male colleagues are calling her bluff by advancing it through the legislature. There is no word on whether Republican Governor Greg Abbot will sign the bill should it make it to his desk. (Where, I have no doubt, given men's propensity for jacking off, he has stroked out a few loads.)


Today is Memorial Day in the United States. It is a day to remember those who served and gave their lives to preserve the freedoms we have. Take a moment or two today to give thanks to them.

And thank whatever higher power you believe in that, should HB 4260 become law, you don't live in Texas. 



You know you would be bankrupt within months. LOL.
What would your fine amount to in a month's time?


Gabriel said...

I would have to have an ATM nearby! LOL!

That is the craziest thing I have heard in a long time. But then again, I would apply for the job of busting those jackers if the law passes.. Sounds like blowjobs would be acceptable. LOL!

Xersex said...

how much cum! so tasteful post!

mistress maddie said...

And how is she planning to instill this??? Insert a camera into every single guys bedroom??????? This is not only ridiculous buy impossible to do. I think I'll go jack off now into a zip lock and mail it to her.

you wouldn't want to now my fine.

Happy Memorial Day to you and all🎌🎌🎌🎌🎌

Patrick said...

Yes! I did realise "then" & "than"! But had no way to correct it! Great post as ever. My 83rd birthday today, 30 - 05 - 1934!!!

JiEL said...

This woman of Texas is such a moron..
What kind of nonsense is that bill when you live in the 21st century.

BTW, if SHE wants to preserve the sanctity of life by forbidding men to «masturbate and waste some sperm» SHE MUST also forbid women to have their monthly menstruations because there also, a potential life is thrown away ....

IF SHE can stop women to have their monthly menstruations by the same goal to preserve sanctity of life, well we men can «think» of stopping to masturbate.

Can only see that in USA, you're having so many «crack pots» in charge of your governments state and country.

A French Patrick said...

"an act against an unborn child"...
This woman would do better to worry about acts committed against the children who were born.
There are 20 to 150 million sperm cells in an average ejaculation, therefore it's not an act against only one unborn child, in fact it would be an actual genocide.
What is the percentage of sperm cells which fertilize no ovum for a man who never ejaculates elsewhere than in a vagina?
The Pope and the priests who are supposed to practise a total sexual abstinence are they guilty of this crime.
Fortunately I have read that she has called "satirical" the bill that she filed to make a point about the antiabortion laws. I deduct from that it is only a proof by reduction to the absurd and that she is herself convinced that such a law would be absurd, so absurd as the anti-abortion legislation, and that she wanted to prove nothing else.
Hoping to be right, I hope also that you'll have a wondrous day, my darlings Jean and Pat. Hugs and many bisous.

Anonymous said...

Well I myself live in Texas and heard about this.. I thought to myself.." I'm gonna have one hell of a fine" while I can kinda in an odd way
Understand the basis for this bill. It won't pass, but if it does I'm enjoying my morning wood everyday then. Masturbation is natural and
Can't be controlled by a government at all, but to say this and not being sexist or anything " it's a man world" I'm sorry but it's true, not going
In detail. But because if that I'm sure it won't pass, but Texas maybe strict, but come on Texans don't be stupid.. anyway, my thought and
Great discussion.

Fullmoonma said...

Only $100 - one of the benefits of not ejaculating very often. Only a "masturbatory emission" is taxed in the proposed bill. I personally hope the bill is passed because I find men's laws restricting women to be abominations - and I'm safe up here in Massachusetts!

whkattk said...

@ JiEL - She never meant the bill to be passed, she was making a statement about the way women's health issues are being legislated by a bunch of white males, who should have no business forcing certain medical procedures upon the female population. The Texas legislature is becoming a laughingstock of American politics for the sheer stupidity of the Republican extremists.

JiEL said...

Now I understand what kind of twisted minds are in such narrow minded state and Washington's houses of governments.

Sorry for my English, here in Québec Province we speak French.

But must agree with you that women's health only concerns the women.

We don't have those issues here in Canada because the law is pro-women and not anti-abortion.
Most of all, for all our population, we have a public healthcare system and everyone is covered, which is not the case in USA.

Our women are FREE to do what ever they want to do with their body BUT there are few limits like on the time to have an abortion and the real reasons to have one that are surveyed but psychologists.

USA and Canada are such different when it comes to those matters.

SickoRicko said...

whkattk - I've read about this and I'm glad you mentioned the real reason for this proposal. Some of your readers missed the point.

Mark Gaulding said...

whkatk-What a sense of humor she must have had to submitted the state law. It is clearly satire. She is trying to illustrate the very real problem in Texas and the rest of the country, that laws are being passed that restricts what women do with their bodies. And those decisions are made by white, conservative male legislatures. The Obama health care doesn't consider ED as a pre-existing condition. I can't imagine that such a law would pass. But as nutty as our country is at this time, it isn't completely outlandish. Wouldn't want to live in Texas and other states based upon the frightening legislation. Good post. I was born and raised in Texas until I fled to California in 1985. Wouldn't move back there for all the money in the world.

whkattk said...

@ JiEL - Yes, we have some awful men (and some women) in our governments; people who insist upon shoving their religious beliefs down the country's throat. But, because they have become so boastful about it, others are now beginning to stand up for themselves. I hope the next election here (2018) we route them all out once and for all. I am not against (any) religion, I am against being forced to believe in any particular tenet.