Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Good Advice for All Men

Men who self-identify as straight need to loosen up a tiny bit. I think the ladies will agree with me when I say they want their men to be sexy - but that doesn't mean grunting, growling, posturing, and thumping the chest like an ape.


While that may draw them in initially, women want to know there is a soft side; a man who can let his guard down and open up.
They want to see a sensuous side. Take a clue from the Playgirl spreads, and other magazines that women like. Take a clue from the erotic books so many women like to read.

As any good sex therapist or marriage counselor would tell you, comfort in the bedroom is important. Comfort is feeling confident enough to arouse her without lifting a finger to her anywhere. 
Show her how you like to be touched. Masturbate for her. You know, put on a real show. Take it slow. Be sensuous. Give her those bedroom eyes. Run the hands along your torso. Play with your nipples. Show off the cock in all its glory. Touch it. Stroke it. Lift the balls and massage them. Run the fingers along the root of your cock. Press a finger against the prostate.




 Talk through it; tell her how good it feels. Let her see and hear how it's possible for you to build up to orgasm and back off. Moan when you hit a particular sweet spot. Groan in your ecstasy as you feel your balls begin to pull up. Sigh when you slow down and back off to stave off the ejaculation.

Verbally express the sensation of shooting your load. Let her hear the satisfaction as you bask in the pleasure, and continue to stroke your cock as it wilts. Run your hands or your cock through the warm slickness of your cum.


Smile for her when it's over. Tell her how nice she makes you feel, how happy you are to have her there.
But, you know what? That's good advice for all men.


SickoRicko said...

Very hot post!

Xersex said...

how much I love your pics!

Patrick said...

OH! WOW! Great post! Wonderful photos! Trust you are enjoying your summer and nudity!

Jean WM said...

Great advice and take care of yourself. You don't have to be super buff (man or woman) but in healthy shape. There is a good payoff - Sex will be better.

Hugs to dear Pat and French Patrick. Could we have an exchange program starting right at the top? We'll take Macron ASAP!

Mark Gaulding said...

Ah! The last line "That's good advice for all men." I kept thinking that while I was reading and enjoying the whole post. I think that our culture doesn't really educate and encourage male sexuality (nor female). I'm gay, but I think that this advice is especially good for straight men who maybe learn about their sexuality on their own. Sometimes they may be exposed to women that educate them. Gay or straight, as you point out, men need to embrace their cock, balls and body and the pleasure that sexuality brings. If it wasn't meant to be something to enjoy wouldn't our creator have made sex a painful experience (I'm an atheist). Our body was designed for sex to be a pleasant experience. This was as usual a very erudite post.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - So very correct - simply "healthy" is perfect. Would it be a permanent exchange? Then I'm for it. If France won't, perhaps we should ask Canada...I'd be happy with Justin Trudeau. Hugs et bisous!

whkattk said...

@ Mark - What a great observation. One I must expound on in a post. Straight men miss out on the exchange of information which the gay community shares simply by engaging in sexual activity.

Gabriel said...

That is a great perspective. Loved the pics along the way too. Hot!

Fit Studs said...

The guy in the last pic is so damn cute!