Friday, June 30, 2017

What Do Partners Think?

Jean raised an interesting question. We guys look at other men to compare size. We want to assure ourselves that what we have is adequate, that it measures up to the next guy. But, what do our partners think of our cocks?

I've had compliments over the years. But, most never commented at all. In total, I'd have to say only one woman complained; I was too big because the head of my cock would ram against her cervix when I would cum. While I wanted to shove "balls deep," she preferred that I pull out and stroke to finish.

Of the men, once in a while a guy would give me a quick, "God, that's a nice cock." One wrapped his hand around it and asked, "What can I do for you, Big Boy?" So, okay, at 7.5", it's interesting that I never considered it as anything exceptional.

My brother, on the other hand: 10" (before the prostate surgery) - now that is exceptional.

While our buddies eagerly grabbed on and had fun

women always shied away when they saw it. He still says he feels lucky that he found a woman to marry.
So, tell us...
What have your partners had to say about your cock?
I'll be taking the weekend off.
Over the past week, or so, some of you have expressed a willingness to participate in The Manhood Project.
If you are interested and willing, please send me an email so I can send you the interview questions and brief instructions.


Xersex said...

never had a partner.
you have my mail. If you want, you can send me your project!

that one guy said...

He likes mine, I guess. It's a little too thick for him to cope with easily.

Patrick said...

Trust you have a great weekend! Our coldest morning 4C! Great post as always! I guess I was "average" but never had any complaints.

A French Patrick said...

In this matter, the best token of appreciation, the most convincing and the most pleasant, that a partner can give us is the one that he will express by continuing to be our partner. In short, in the same way than the woman that your brother found to marry.

Have a wondrous weekend, my darlings Jean and Pat. Hugs and bisous.
Happy 4th of July in advance if Pat's weekend includes it.

Jean WM said...

Pat makes a good point, mutual "fit" can be important. Although love is blind, I think some unconscience fitting takes place when relationships begin and the "deal-breakers" kick in. Happy Fourth all.

Thank you French Patrick, but we really wish you could entice DT to stay the summer. But keep him out of the sun, he turns orange for some reason. Hugs and bisous.

SickoRicko said...

Even though I'm a very average 5.5" none of my partners have ever complained. You, however, 7.5" is very lucky! And your brother!

Fullmoonma said...

I didn't have sexual self-confidence and almost no experience with other men when I started to come out in my early 30's. My first experience was getting an amazing first blow job (arranged by an ad in a gay newspaper - that tells you how low ago this was) by a guy who clearly loved my big cock and knew what to do with it. From then on every man I met commented on my big cock (about 7 x 6). When I got into my first relationship it was too thick to fuck my partner, but that was OK since I found I liked to bottom. But later on, in my 50's, I started to want to fuck, and got a dildo matching my girth and discovered that I could learn to take it and that others took great pleasure in taking the real thing. Now, when I'm giving a massage I usually get hard, and often my "clients" will hold or stroke my cock when it is in reach, and that ramps up the energy between us. So in the gay community, a big cock is a definite asset!

Only once has it been too small to do the job for an eager bottom - but that was 40 years ago and possibly my first attempt at fucking. I realized I was in the presence of a master bottom who was on a quest to find the enormous cock that could satisfy... In his disappointment he was civil.

Fullmoonma said...


Although I get a lot of comments on the size of my cock, I almost never get comments about the special attributes of a hypospadias cock: hooded foreskin, downward cuvature, and extra pee slit between shaft and head. Are they not noticed? Are they seen as deformities and thus immune from comment?

Gabriel said...

I am fortunate (at least from my perspective) that I am a shower and hang nicely when soft. I am uncut and that has been the thing with some partners who either had never been with an uncut guy before or simply preferred cut guys. I am comfortable with what I have and never had any complaints with partners except from maybe those about the cut/uncut issue. And even some of them were won over afterwards! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I always considered myself 'average' because I grew up in the age of hiding in locker rooms. After my first boyfriend commented on my size I began to realize I was a little bigger than most. My husband appreciates it and makes comments, but not as often as he used to.