Monday, June 5, 2017

She Loves Him Jacking With Friends

So, I love hearing from you, Ladies. And this was an interesting question:

"I love your blog. The photos of guys together really turn me on. I never thought I'd get to see guys go at it in real life. When a husband can't give more details than "we just hang out and bullshit" but gets indignant when you press for details? I was sure he was cheating on me. So I followed him this last Saturday night. Quite a few guys drove up, parked and went in but my curiosity was still peaked. I waited and then snuck up to the house. They were in the back yard talking and laughing, and at the least I expected a stripper or a hooker. Looking over the fence everyone was naked. Well, some of these men were really hot and a girls allowed to look, right?
I don't know how long I stayed watching and ducking out of sight. Then some of them started jerking off. Hubby included. Whoa. In the three years we've been married he denied he does it. At first I was stunned. I mean, that was my husband in there with his hand wrapped around some guys dick. But I kept watching and damn! This was hot stuff.
Now I want him to host one so I can be here and watch them. But I don't know how to approach him about this. Any ideas?"
And you aren't pissed off at him. That's good. Well, you've just discovered that it really is entirely possible for straight men to enjoy cock. Now, how do you get him to invite this bunch of guys over to your place?
Because your husband even denies he jacks off, you're going to have to take this slow. I mean, real slow. First step, I think, is to initiate it during sex. Get bossy. Sit on his legs so he can't leave, then guide his hand to his cock and verbally encourage him. Tell him how hot it is to see. (Lots of women love watching guys masturbate.) We guys love to hear that stuff. Tell him you want to see him cum all over himself.
Get him comfortable with giving you a show.



 Then, you might introduce mutual masturbation porn. You might have to let him "catch" you watching. Again, you have to tell him know how much it arouses you to see men so comfortable doing something as normal and natural as enjoying their cocks together.



Then, you can broach the subject. Let him know that you've known for a long time about the circle jerks. Before he gets defensive (and he will) and denies it (and he will), you have to tell him you love that he does that. It's okay if he wants to host. Yes, someday you want to be able to hide somewhere in the house to watch. Then, whether he shoots 10 gallons of cum with them,

when they're gone you're gonna fuck his brains out - provided he finishes by jacking off.
It might be a long process, but that should do it. I hope it does, anyway. Have fun, but most importantly, make sure you never make him feel guilty for jacking off with his friends.
So, let me finish by asking:
Guys, what would you do if your partner asked this? Would you do it?


A French Patrick said...

As regards your previous post:
Logically, those who have a manhood which means nothing for them should wish its ablation.
I have not that problem.

As regards nothing (and why not?), just because I was wondering about the word "homophobia":
Normally, this word has nothing to do with the sexuality. Homo = similar (as in homogeneous or homonym) from the former Greek ὁμός, homós (« similar, identical »). Phobia = fear (as in claustrophobia or arachnophobia, etc.) from the former Greek φόβος phóbos, (« fright or fear »). Conclusion: the homophobia is the fear of those who are as ourself (our twin brother, our fellow men, etc.) Question: who is more identical to ourself than ourself? We can replace fear by hate, because we often hate what we fear. Strangely, except when we say “the fear of God.” Why this aberration?

Anyway, be sure that it's without fear and without hate, my darlings Jean and Pat, that I whish you a wondrous day with lots of hugs and bisous.

Xersex said...

I think your blog can be useful also for ladies!

Patrick said...

Interesting situation! Your advice seems perfect! Who am I to suggest anything other? Very cold here this morning with rain expected later in the day! Thanks again for your visits and comments! The Old Guy from "Down Under"!

mistress maddie said...

Hell yes I would, and have! My ex, and my current the Lad, both would get turned on watching me and another guy jack off together. With my ex it usually turned into a threesome though.

I just have the feeling for this very cool woman, this will not end well. Straight guys get so defensive, even if the person is not in any way turned off by this, like this wife. I do think your right, he will deny it ever happened and denies he does it , and he may even be too scared to go to another. I hope all goes well, but I have a bad feeling. Good advice taking it slow. Did she actually tell her husband she saw this event yet?

SickoRicko said...

You gave very good advice.

Jean WM said...

In any good relationship you want to try everything, and watching you partner is part of that. I wouldn't object to men and their friends getting together, maybe a little jealous because women don't have that connection. We're too busy just trying to figure you mysterious men out.
Hugs and bisous to all you men!

AOM said...

I would definitely go for it. You asked on AOM my favorite painter - I'd have to say Van Gogh is my favorite, followed by Cezanne and Monet - but there are so many others from different periods that it is difficult pick just one. I wish you a more beautiful bonerific week. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - I think there are a lot of ladies who read. And a lot of self-identifying straight men, too. it is only occasionally that one decides to leave a comment or send an email.

Jean is our exception to the rule - and I love that! She brings the women's perspective and that is important, because this blog is for guys to learn all we can, regardless of sexual orientation. Hugs et bisous, my lady!