Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Boners and Buddies

Two blog posts today (how2bate and AOM artistry of male) inspired me to talk about spontaneous boners and buddies.

The thing about boners that seemingly pop up out of nowhere, 
or those we wake with after dreaming about something completely nonsexual,
is that the rushing of blood to the cock is doing its natural physiological job to keep the tissues of the Cavernosum healthy.
Even men who have had prostate surgery will sometimes experience morning wood. The paraplegic and quadriplegic will experience spontaneous boners. This is the only way for the inner cock tissue to get the blood oxygen it needs.
The rigidness will vary, but the cock still swells.



And this brings me to the buddies part. Men really need to work on their male-male relationships. Oh, here we go again! Back to the Manhood Project. But, it's true. We men need to cease being such delicate flowers.
My God, straight guys. Calm down - it's only a penis. You have one. Is it so awful that you see your friends naked? Or that they see you naked? If you do get naked in front of one another, do you really need to be that skittish that you must stay five feet away form another nude man? 
Or that you must flinch or freak out if he touches you?
Why should it be a problem if a buddy happens to get a bit of a boner? Or if he happens to bump into you in the gym shower?

Get real, men. Man up! Cocks and hard-ons are normal, natural, and common. Stop reacting as if they're some dangerous alien from space.


AOM said...

Please use the word pee-pee. LOL Excellent post, bro. I could not agree more - we need to get rid of these cooky cultural ideas and learn to be natural. I hope you are doing well. Wishing you a delicious bonerific day. Hugs, Licks and Strokes, AOM

Patrick said...

Yes! It's true! You know my history! But I still wake up at night with a boner, not a "raging hard-on", but a stiff cock! Feels so good!!!!

False modesty! Why is it so much part of our lives? Why is it still instilled into young males! A cock is a cock, is a cock, is a cock! Alright, is a penis! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a long time reader but this is my first post. The gif you have of the four boys with one getting his nipple pinched; I kind of know them. Not personally. They're from the Warwick Rowers team (, a university rowing team who raise money in support of LGBT+ awareness and equality in team sports through their own charity Sport Allies, by producing a high quality naked calendar every year. Those 4 boys are Lucas, Alex, Tom and Will. Lucas is pinching Tom's nipple, lol.

Each year they do a calendar shoot in the UK and Spain then they do a crowdfunding project to raise production costs for the calendar, and offer various films and extra photos. I've been a supporter of their crowdfunder for the last 5 years, so, like I said, I don't know them personally, but I kinda know them.

They're an incredible bunch of young men, and each year they have newbies, but some returning guys. When you see the films they make, you learn how incredibly close these guys are and at ease with their bodies and the nakedness of their friends and teammates. It's a wonderful thing to watch, their camaraderie and naturalness. What's also interesting watching their films is that, as all guys do, none of them can keep their hands off their cocks! They're always tugging at them, scratching at them, playing with them, and although you never see them with a hard on, they certainly get a bit chubby! Over the years they've daubed themselves in mud, paint - squeezing paint like cum shooting over them - soap suds; one year they persuaded local fire crew to turn up, strip with them and then hose them down.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that background info, I love what these young men do.
I also love your blog for many reasons, not just the photos you post.
Thanks, John

that one guy said...

This is a really good point.

Erections can "just happen." If someone gets one, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to have sex with you. Also, they are contagious: if you get one from seeing his, it doesn't have to mean you want to have sex with him. It's like yawning, or when someone says they're hungry; it doesn't have to be any more complicated than that, except that we make it so.

Here's a link to a video (if our host allows this kind of thing) where 3 or 4 guys are in a group shower. One of them has an erection. The guy next to him gets a semi; and the others don't seem to care. Aside from the fact that someone was filming dudes in a shower, it's really not very porn-y. It's almost --- almost --- not even erotic, just kind of cute.

SickoRicko said...

Great post!

Xersex said...

I have spontaneous erections only if I have erotic dreams sleeping!

Mark Gaulding said...

Another provocative an insightful post! Mark @ Treasure Trail

Gabriel said...

Erections are simply a benefit of being a man and I love being a man! I agree that men should not freak out if they see a man getting hard at the gym or some other non-sexual setting. We all know that penises have a mind of their own at times!

whkattk said...

@ John - Love the Rowers. I've posted many photos and gifs of them. Thanks for all of the info! And, thanks for reading!

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - absolutely, I will hunt down the clip and post it if possible. That is exactly the kind of thing men should learn to do.