Monday, June 19, 2017

Would You???

Other than messing up my left shoulder on Friday in an attempt to get on the pool raft, it was a wonderful weekend. Hot, hot weather tempered by dips in the pool, even after sundown.


Saturday, a two-hour (clothed) sojourn for a haircut and a quick stop at the store. The rest of the day: Naked.



Sunday, with the exception of 3 hours to visit the in-laws for Father's Day, I was naked.

I spent time reading the book I told you about a couple weeks ago. Manhood ($10, Kindle/$20 print) has turned out to be quite excellent. I'm about 50% through, and reading these men's stories makes me want to do the same type of thing with guys from the U.S.

It amazes me that so many of them were raised to be ashamed of their bodies - and still are, really, even though they've allowed their cocks to be photographed; the way men equate their cock to self-image; the ignorance that accompanied first sexual experiences. It turns out that men are taught to be as body conscious as women - only in a much more insidious way.

Society shames men by teaching them their genitals are ugly, dirty, disgusting, and should be hidden. Moreover, I am stunned at how little many of these men know about their own genitals. Especially in the Internet Age when much (factual) information is available. I want to find each and every one of them, sit them down, teach them what they should know about their cocks
and remove all sense of shame.

If someone were to approach you to allow your cock (no face) to be photographed,
and to be interviewed about what your manhood means to you, and what it means to you to be a man - would you do it?


AOM SoulFood said...

Hey brother - great to see you again. Thanks for your comments while I've been away - there are some changes coming to AOM - I'm still writing my thoughts at the moment - hopefully I'll have it ready for tomorrow. I wouldn't mind my dick being photographed and interviewed. Great to hear how naked you were - that is the way to be. Wishing you a bonerific day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

mistress maddie said...

I think you know that answer!

Buen bye y cuidado

Anonymous said...

I have already posted a couple of pics of my "inheritance" annonymously on a foreskin restoring site, mostly as a baseline for any progress I might make in restoring. Several chat friends know my story and my handle and have made encouraging remarks to me while chatting, but also guys unknown to me have been complimentary. All adult cocks I have seen up close and live, almost all in locker rooms, I have considered probably superior to mine, but I am happy with what I have. But it has been nice to get the kudos from my annonymously post.

Xersex said...

I'd answer to him so gladly!

Patrick said...

So pleased you are enjoying the warm weather! It is cold and wet here! Great post! Hot guys! It certainly would not worry me these days, but it certainly would have in the past - a long time ago! I've come a long way to where I am now (83 years) and it has been a long and difficult path. I've had to unlearn so much about my body, especially my penis and testicles, the parts we were told to keep hidden, but my entry into a "gay way" of life changed all that; to unlearn what we were told - "Only evil men masturbate" - to experience the joy and sometimes the pain of being fucked, especially with a "monster" cock; to be asked to fuck another guy; and, OH, so many great sexual experiences, with friends, with strangers, group sex! WOW! I could write a book about it! Well used and used well!!!!!!

A French Patrick said...

Why not? For sure if the "someone" is Christopher. But in the same time, why yes if it's somebody else. Anyway, the amateurs are not lining up at my door to obtain this honor.

Here, in France, we have a heatwave with 37°C (98,6°F), and the dog days will get worse and worse at least throughout all the week.

I agree with you when you say "in an insidious way. But why "in a much more insidious way"? I think that society shames both the men and the women in the same way, and it is because society makes that insidiously in both cases that society (or better said societies) manage to obtain this result in both cases. It is a means of domination, and it is less rejected when it's used gradually and insidiously.

Hus and bisous, Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

Pat, you do make us think. I tried to recall the first time I ever saw a naked man, and I never zeroed in on just his genitals it was more about looking at the total body. When you look at a life-sized marble statue (or even larger like "David") you wouldn't look only at his genitals you would look at the whole man. In fact only until I saw that composite of so many men that I realized the rest of them was missing.

It is hot here and it looks like Paris is terrifically hot for next few days, just like we have all summer here!! Stay cool and watch that sunburn Pat on all those bits! Bisous to French Patrick.

Gabriel said...

I suppose I would base it on how it was to be used. I am happy to share about what my manhood means to me. I love having a cock and love being a man. My body is not centerfold-worthy, but I do work out and try to stay in shape. I am uncut and so I like the fact that I am that way, although I think cut cocks are quite nice too. Being a man is so much more than a cock, yet I love the fact that I have one.

Anonymous said...

#17 (if I counted correctly) with that thick dark bush, really drives me wild. Once again, this posting has an important message: men are so disconnected with the sexuality and the private parts. In answer to your question: no photos please (I'm passed the age for that). But, yes, I would definitely answer questions.

Mark @ The Treasure Trail

SickoRicko said...

Sorry to hear that you messed up your shoulder; I did that a few weeks ago and still feel it.

Jerry and I love to be naked in the house and in our back yard.

Sure, I'd be photographed and interviewed!

Anonymous said...

In my case yes! Without hesitation. I’m going for my 2nd implant next month, replacing the 1st that worked for a little more than a year. My manhood means a lot to me, more so when I get it erect. I have been told it makes no difference, you are a man no matter what. But some like me believe that yes you are a man no matter what. But you really are a man if you can get a boner. - Stan

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, more insidious for men - because in many areas of life and society women are glorified, their bodies are glorified. How many films are there with female nudity - in the past, breasts only; now with full nudity. For men, perhaps there is a moment in underwear, or bared buttocks, but extremely rare for full frontal. Yes, it is becoming more common - thank goodness for that! - but for the most part, male nudity is still found to be "too explicit." It shames men into the belief they have something to hide; that "polite society" should not be exposed to such a thing. We should cease calling them "our privates, or "private parts."

Steve - AF said...

I would certainly be willing to be photographed and interviewed. I think we spend far too much time covering up and hiding our manhood, to include elections. They should celebrated. And I for one would enjoy seeing as many as I can and hearing about each mans story. Only by continuing to educate, communicate, elaborate, and share images of men in all their glory will we be able to break the stigma

SteveXS said...

"It amazes me that so many of them were raised to be ashamed of their bodies - and still are, really, even though they've allowed their cocks to be photographed; the way men equate their cock to self-image; the ignorance that accompanied first sexual experiences. It turns out that men are taught to be as body conscious as women - only in a much more insidious way."

For reals, and I'd go a step further to say the epidemic of body shaving has a connection to body shaming. It's fine for anybody to design themselves the way they want, but removing all evidence of being beyond puberty in terms of hair in the right places, no thanks.

whkattk said...

@ Steve XS - a bit of a trim is enough - I don't understand the full-on removal....