Friday, June 2, 2017


The ever-observant Faithful Reader, Jean, sent a link to a story I found so delightfully refreshing I have to share it here.

Laura Dodson, the photographer and author who made such a big splash with The Bare Reality: 100 Women, Their Breasts, Their Stories, now does the same for the penis.
The cover below is a link to her website.
Photo by Laura Dodson
I would argue the reporter's lede line, "Penises. We talk a lot about them." She's right in that we think about them, but we sure as hell don't talk about them. That needs to change. And, to make that happen Dodson has interviewed 100 men, and photographed their penises.
Picture by Laura Dodson
Reporter Ellen Scott quotes Dodson: ‘Some men were happy to take everything off and walk boldly over to the camera,’ said Laura. ‘Some were very nervous. I think it felt quite emotional for a few men. Some were about to bare cancer scars, or suffered from a sense of shame about their body. Some were relaxed. Some were proud.’

That there were men who suffered shame is a problem. And Dodson is right on target when she proffered that the men who posed for her would've benefited from this book when they were younger
because it would've dispelled myths, and outright bullshit.

 Another thing Dodson said in the interview which struck me was, ‘Men feel pressure about body image, in similar ways to women, albeit a bit less so. I had no idea how many men carry around anxiety and insecurity about the size of their penis, or some aspect of their performance. Because penises are more taboo men don't see a big variety of real ones around.'

What an observation! 'Penises are taboo.' How sad. But, from my understanding, the book is as much about what manhood means to the men she photographed as anything. I hope this book tops the NY Times Best Seller lists for years. 
You can read the entire article here:

You can pre-order the book via Dodson's website (I did):

What does your manhood mean to you?


Jean WM said...

Hi Pat, such a great job of educating men about something they should already know a whole lot about, but just like us women, we don't always know as much as we think. Have a great weekend, hugs and bisous dear French Patrick.

AOM said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I've always considered my cock as a best friend. I wish you and yours an awesome weekend, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Patrick said...

Great to hear about that book! Where was it 70 years ago? I'm sure it would have been banned!!!! Another great selection of images! They certainly do come in a great variety of sizes! Mine certainly served me very well while it worked!!! Yes! In boarding school it was drummed into us that it was bad to expose it to others and masturbation was "evil". I hope you have a great weekend! Our winter has certainly arrived!

mistress maddie said...

Thanks for the link, it was an interesting article. The book would make a nice edition to the coffee table collection. I know my body is not that of a muscle god or male model, but I am not ashamed of my body and am relaxed when getting naked.

Have a great weekend !!!!

SickoRicko said...

It means more than it should; by that I mean it doesn't work as it used to, and I feel it's a reflection on me.

Mark Gaulding said...

What a great post. When it comes to sex and their bodies most men grow up with little or no education. How many men learn how to be a good sexual partner with a female? I think that men who have a large penis. The overly large are probably embarrassed. But guys with large penises sort of strut around showing off. I have always felt ashamed about my body, perhaps because I'm gay Straight men in locker rooms seem to have no shyness. Oh well, what do I know? As always, this was a thought-provoking post.

Fullmoonma said...

Core of my being - source of infinite energy

Xersex said...

truly very interessant!

Anonymous said...

If the penis is "taboo" the vagina is the Taboo of Taboos. I find it ridiculous that people are celebrating this vile objectification as anything other. Indeed, if a man had spouted this nonsense in order to objectify women's genitals we would be swamped with notions of misogyny and sexism and victimhood. Truth is, this is predominantly gay men who would rather see a penis everywhere and mainstream whilst they hurriedly dash to protect women from the horrible nasty heterosexual men who are guilty of the crime of fancying women.

I never was and never will be a sheep like gay man.