Thursday, June 8, 2017

Open and Frank

Mark made a great observation. Straight men are behind on the learning curve about their cocks. And for one simple reason: Gay (and Bi) men have the advantage of getting firsthand knowledge. They don't fear getting up close and personal.
They spend more time learning to recognize physical response.


While a lot of response comes as natural knowledge, a lot can be learned by watching another man, or touching and stroking another's cock.


And, I think gay men are much more amenable to open discussion.
Come on, straight dudes, you rely on the internet to garner knowledge. If someone in your group was to ask a question - let's say, about prostate stimulation providing exquisite pleasure - you know most of you hem and haw, and stammer and stutter. Or resort to jokes and ridicule.

I think gay guys are more at ease being naked together, too. The idea seeing each other's cock isn't a big deal.

Even if someone gets a boner.
Be honest, have you had open and frank conversations with other men?


Xersex said...

They don't fear getting up close and personal.

sure I did and I do, to answer to your question!

Patrick said...

Very hot guys as always! Just what I need here this morning! Winter is certainly upon us here!

A French Patrick said...

Yes. Especially with my son and with Christopher... But not only.
By the way, isn't it what we are here for?
James Comey himself couldn't contradict me.
Moreover I believe that he has better things to do.
And also that he is doing them well.
I hope that that will be highly effective.
Just like the wishes that I send to you with numerous bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat so that you have an excellent day.

SickoRicko said...

Only with close friends.

Jean WM said...

No one here got any work done, guess the UK has the same. Waiting to see election results while our politics are going down the tubes. Pat - our bright spot. French Patrick the president whisperer. At 39 Macron hits the ground running, at 70 we're told our President is still too new to know better. Kisses and bisous.

Mark Gaulding said...

GREAT posting as always. Wise discussion and hot men. I think that it is very weird that one of the biggest aspects of male sexuality is completely unknown. I'm talking about the prostate. Because I am gay I learned about in my adulthood. And it is an amazing organ that can transform a sexual experience into a phenomenal experience. In my younger days, I sometimes achieved the best orgasms thanks to the prostate being stimulated (by cock or finger). I feel sad that straight aren't educated about their body and the sexual potential. A few years ago, I had a very hot, straight, trainer at my gym. He confided in me (I guess because I was gay) that he had discovered the prostate. He knew that he enjoyed it, but I'm sure he was hesitant to discuss the topic. His girlfriend at the time was into it. But it's just a shame that men (and women too) don't know about their body and their sexuality. Great post!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - here either. I found his testimony interesting, but only one thing which might be new: Sessions may face some serious problems. I found McCain and Cornyn repulsive. I find Ryan's response to be ludicrous.

Since French Patrick is unable to convince Macron to relocate, we hold out hope that the voting population of the U.K. is as smart as those in France.

Hugs et bisous!

Anonymous said...

With the 15th coming up and time for the buddy ball check I thought I would send you a caution from my uro. I had to go to him for epididymis which hopefully most of your readers will not have to endure. He was saying that he gets quite a few visits from guys who have mistreated their balls. So in doing the ball check or in daily life, give your balls the respect they deserve and don't go overboard in squeezing or pulling on them. Or don't let your partner abuse them as well.

Fit Studs said...

Yes I have, quite long convos actually :D
Anyways, nice pics!!

Tex said...

Here's a quick story that is also a sad commentary on some people's view of masturbation.

A work buddy of mine was in a failing marriage. They got divorced. We had become friends outside of work. One day he called in sick. I texted to check up on him. He said it was a guy thing and he was seeing the urologist that afternoon. He called me that evening incredulous that his urologist recommended masturbation. Turns out, my buddy had not had sex in months and only touches his dick when he pees or showers. The only thing he says about masturbation is that it's gross and he hasn't done it since he was a teenager and still can't believe the doctor recommended it. He's non-religious so it doesn't appear to be a moral issue either. He just believes it's weird and gross for a guy to pleasure himself and he won't even talk about it anymore. I told him about your blog but I doubt he'll ever visit. At any rate, we're still close friends but this is one thing we absolutely can't talk about.

whkattk said...

@ Tex - That's really a shame. And, so, what will be do when he's suffering from prostate infection after prostate infection? Start hiring prostitutes, go hit the bars for one-night stands and end up with an STI? None of those alternatives sounds like the right thing to do. At some point, his balls have got to begin aching something fierce, he gets surly, and then what????

He really is doing more physical damage than he realizes. How often does he wake with a boner? Eventually he may even lose the ability to get a hard-on. So very sad when there is a simple solution. I wonder: Would he use a masturbation sleeve he could thrust into, or is it the idea of having to clean up his own cum?