Friday, June 23, 2017

Overcome Those Issues

There is so much worry about cock size.... Particularly in our youth, we men are obsessed with it. Even guys who are in the average range (2" - 2.5", flaccid) are afraid of being ridiculed for having a "small dick."

Pornography gets a lot of the blame for poor self-image of the cock. We see pictures and videos of these men with long, thick boners and we think that is what we should see when we look in a mirror. That may have been true in the past - but now there are plenty of guys getting into the business whose cocks are an average size.

Micro-penis is defined as a penis under 3" when hard; the definition of which derives from the inability to penetrate the vagina. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. It still feels sensation, it can still provide pleasure.
A lot of those misconceptions and fears dissipate as we get older. We begin to understand that size doesn't matter all that much, we begin to accept what we have.

And, remember when you were in school and you were so afraid of getting an erection in the showers or the locker room? That is also an issue of body image. We're so afraid that someone will notice our cock actually functions.
There are places which can help you overcome those issues.

I may have had the advantage of 9+ years in the military, but Tantra Yoga and Massage has still helped me become more comfortable in my own skin; to accept that, like all other men, I have a a pair of balls, I have a cock that gets hard and stands up. Do an internet search for groups in your area.

Body Electric weekend seminars also helped. To be blindfolded and then undressed by others, to stand fully naked, was an awakening. To be in a circle and deliberately look at one another's genitals further embedded normalcy and acceptance.

And, I cannot discount group masturbation. What a wonderful experience to be among other men, to see their cocks rise up, to then discover there is no shame in enjoying the sight or the normalcy of men deriving pleasure from that.

Billy Jack announced yesterday the Healthy Friction Fall Weekend in Palm Springs. It will take place October 12 - 15. If you go, you will find men of all ages, shapes, and, yes, sizes. You will encounter all sexual orientations. Yes, plenty of straight men love these gatherings. It's freeing, it's male bonding, it's camaraderie, it's discovering that your cock (with tiny variations) is no different than the rest, that the pleasure it gives is universal. If you want to go, sign up now. It sells out fast.
Have a wonderful weekend!


AOM said...

Hey Brother, Thanks for continuing to promote healthy attitudes toward sexuality and our bodies. Your messages are exactly what we need. I hope you and yours are well and having fun. Wishing you a bonerific naked weekend! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Stay cool! (I know you will, with that pool.)

Patrick said...

Have a great weekend! Wonderful as ever! Oh! It's only my two yearly colonoscopy on Tuesday, but as I'm over 80 they will keep me in hospital overnight.

Jean WM said...

Pat you are right, the beauty of getting older is you realize what's really worth your worry. From my perspective size should be way down the list.

Going to a big outdoor concert with Bruce Hornsby and Sheryl Crow. Hot and fun. Happy Weekend all, french Patrick stay cool.

Xersex said...

love the pics you put!
happy weekend for sure!!!

Steve - AF said...

I was one of the ones who always worried about the size of my penis. I am a small framed guy, and naturally don't have a large, or what I feel is an adequate sized penis. But at about 6 inches, I guess it gets the job done, and my partner of almost 20 years has never complained and has always thoroughly enjoyed sex with me. I would gladly send you a picture, but figured that might be construed in a negative light. I would really like to see more photos of average, e wry day guys with equally average cocks. I think you are so right in that pron has ruined most of us into believing that 8" or more is the only way toe and the only way to be successful in getting sex on a regular basis. Anyway, I just wanted to say I would happily be willing to be interviewed and ask pedi whatever questions, no matter how intimate or detailed you would want them. I believe we need to cast a light in all of us "normal sized guys" that aren't blessed with the genes of a Demi god for large cock and impressive body with muscles and zero body fat. Happy to send photos, cause I believe that being naked is freeing and so good for our overall good mental health

whkattk said...

@ Steve-AF - I would've welcomed the photos. Other readers have done so - and you've seen them.

I really do want to explore doing the project. Sometime this week, I will try to put together a series of questions to send out to those readers who are willing to participate. The male body needs to be normalized.

that one guy said...

@ Steve AF --- a couple of thoughts. (1) I'm a "grower," not a "show-er." My cock gets a lot of compliments when it's hard, and nobody looks twice at it when it's soft. I've learned not to worry about it.

(2) I remember reading a story by Lars Eighner where the narrator had a small cock. He considered it an advantage because he was able to convince all kinds of guys to take it up the ass because it didn't look like it would hurt. Even straight (or "straight") guys would convince themselves that it wouldn't be as "gay" as taking a big one. So if your cock really is on the small end of the spectrum, there is a possible up side to that :-)

that one guy said...

@ Whkattk --- I'd be willing to answer a questionnaire as well. Do you think it would be fun/ informative to invite readers to submit "soft vs. hard" photos to give an idea of ranges?

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - Excellent! You know, I thought about that because one of the men in the Manhood book said the same thing; many men are growers, they're embarrassed by the smallness of their flaccid cocks. They'll even go "fluff" a bit before being naked in the showers or locker rooms.