Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ground Rules

Well, last week's Stammering Dad post gave way to one from a son. He writes:

"Let me preface this by telling you I’m almost 30 years old. And I did get the talk and it included masturbation. I thought me and my dad were cool. You know, about sex and jacking off. I recently went to my very first group masturbation. There must of been 50 or 60 men. Towrd the end of the night everyone started gathering around and watching something. I prodded my way to the front and there on the floor was my dad! He and this dude were really into it. Everyone started yelling for them to do it, shoot it, etc. You should of seen the guys around this circle cum was flying everywhere. I admit I did too. Not over my dad – but seeing all the rest of them.
I got dressed and I waited for my dad out on the parking lot. He says he won’t go back if I do. Any talk beyond that and he clams up. How do I get him to understand I’m a big boy and I can handle it? What is he so afraid of?"

What's he afraid of? Well, you didn't tell me if he and your mother are still together; maybe he's afraid you'll rat him out. But, moreover, I'd say he's got a hang-up about you knowing - in absolute terms - that he still enjoys his cock.
There's this weird sensibility among parents. They know their grown children know that their parents had sex to conceive. But, beyond that, there's this odd philosophy that they never did it for the sheer enjoyment. And, let's face it. Kids rarely want to think about their parents engaging in sex, be it masturbation or otherwise.

Maybe he's afraid you'll get into a small side group he's in,
or want to jack with him, and he doesn't want to take the chance of that ever occurring.

I think it's time you took your father out for a beer and a very frank discussion. Fathers and sons need to be more open with one another. You're both grown men, and there's no reason why you should hide.

You're not asking to spend one-on-one with him, right?

Lay down some ground rules so you both can go
and enjoy yourselves. 


mistress maddie said...

Its one thing to talk and be open about jacking off and sex, but I don't know if want to see my dad doing it. Or if I was a father, I wouldn't want to see my son doing it either. It funny, we get creeper out seeing our parents doing anything sexual.

Xersex said...

very intersting as usual!

Scott Lindsey said...

Where is this wonderful place? I would love this in my area.

A French Patrick said...

Since the last two days, yesterday and today, you have not ended your updates by a question. Would the rules of the game have been modified? Maybe because you want to avoid that we could afford to answer only by yes, maybe or no. I do not think, however, that too many people made an excessive use of it.
This mystery deeply perplexes me, but that doesn't prevent me from sending you many bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat, for wishing you a wondrous day.

@ Jean: Charles Joseph Bonaparte, a great-nephew of our emperor Napoléon 1st created the FBI which will resolve maybe your problems. Otherwise, I shall speak about it to Macron, but I cannot promise you that he will accept. XO

Jean WM said...

Share the knowledge when the opportunity is there. Thanks Pat for doing just that. Hugs & Bisous.

P.s. Internet is full of pics today of Obama and Trudeau dining.

SickoRicko said...

Good advice!

whkattk said...

@ Scott - he didn't say, but it has to be one of the larger cities like NY, LA, Philadelphia, or Portland. They attract the largest crowds.

Mark Gaulding said...

Another thought-provoking posting! The dilemma here really pushes us to the definitions of incest in our culture, not that I'm advocating one way or another. This a fascinating scenario and I can certainly respect the writer's conflict.

Adam said...

Cleveland has a nice group, too. Hosts various gatherings and events. The few times I've attended there were 20-30 men.