Friday, June 9, 2017

A Tough One

So, wow. This is a tough one.

"I'm the kid with the bat-shit crazy mom. you can post this because I want other guys to know how my dad handled things the whole issue with us. he told me to read your blog. I hope dad doesn't freak out but I watched him jack off. he didn't know of course. it was totally fasinating and I couldn't stop. would I want to sit and pound one out with him as you like to say? I don't think so. I think its enough to know he does and lets me and my brother know its normal and we should do it. hes just always been honest about it. has he seen me doing it? proably. I guess its no big deal if he did. So theres that but I do have a question.
Im about to turn 18 and my brother and me jack together all the time. Is it going to be illegal for us to do that? what about my buddies who won't be 18 until after me?"



First, thanks for chiming in on the whole father-son thing. I know a lot of readers will appreciate hearing your opinion. It would be good to hear it from your dad's position. So, maybe he'll email, too. I think lots of guys stumble across their fathers masturbating. 

Just as a lot of fathers stumble across their sons stroking away.

As long as neither one of them treats it like something horrible, like they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar (to use a cliche), everyone should be fine.

Will it be illegal after your birthday to jack off with your brother or your friends? I don't believe it would be any more illegal than it has been. But the "age of consent" varies greatly from state to state. You might ask your dad to research it. Oh, hell, you can research it yourself. That said, I know several states have begun changing their laws to reflect a more lenient (and, in my opinion, realistic) stance when it comes to this specific issue of consensual activity.


Any ideas, or advice, Readers?


mistress maddie said...

No real advice except to just lay back and enjoy when it happens. Have a great weekend and stay out of trouble!!!!! Screw it.....find all the trouble.

Xersex said...

about sex, I'd say: HANDLE WITH CARE!

anyone told me anything and I learnt everything on my own. If a relationship between son-dad is so strong, both of them can be very honest and tell everything increasing the relationship in confidence and depth. but this kind of relationship is very rare!

Patrick said...

Great images as always! Sorry that the weather changes will upset your MD. Take care and rest up if you need to. Big storm here this morning!

A French Patrick said...

"What is excessive is insignificant." (Charles-Maurice De Talleyrand-Périgord 1754-1838)

I have nothing to say for, nothing to say about, nothing to say to a guy who can say that his mother is a bat-shit crazy mom.
Even, if it's true.
A mother, when we are her son, has to be respected, in any hypotheses.
Even if we do feel an uncontrollable need of saying to everybody that we are an authentic "sonofabatshitcrazywoman" (by paraphrasing the word sonofabitch).

Therefore, I shall restrict myself to send you a lot of bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat, by wishing you a both marvellous and restful weekend.

Jean WM said...

While you guys are figuring out this guy thing I'm trying to figure out Trump. He says Comey lied, so he is totally vindicated? Isn't that a double negative? Presidents are supposed to age fast in office, not us!!

Have a happy weekend - to Pat and French Patrick, bisous.

Mark Gaulding said...

What an interesting response. Very thought-provoking. My father walked in on me while was masturbating, turned around and left. And there were months of discussions about putting me in a military school. I suppose because he knew that I was gay. It was one of many shameful moments in my life. The incident couldn't have been more awful. I agree with you that any parent should never shame their children for masturbation.

The age limit though is really the most curious. I would imagine that this will be dictate by the religious right in the US. But jacking off with a friend in my teens and all of them were straight, was a rite of passage. It was the beginning of sexual exploration. But our society judges sexual exploration and exploration as a bad thing. What a shame.

As always, I enjoyed this post! Thank you.

T said...

The legals is in general easy to explain. Anyone under 18 is a minor. Thats the no brainer.

The grey area is 'Age of Consent'. The basic definition of 'AoC' is the age in which an individual can make an informed yes or no decision. AoC in many Western countries is set at 16, some Eastern countries have their's set at 13. Its also something that is not mandated at a Federal level (especially in Western countries) and you will find different States/Shires/Councils may differ from that. To make it that little bit more confusing is AoC can be dismissed based on an individual's psychiatric evaluation (incapable of making a yes or no decision based on mental capacity) or if an individual was unable to make that yes or no decision (unconscious, intoxicated etc).

If Age of Consent wasn't enough there are also age gap laws. These are usually set between 12-18months and they get used for different reasons. These get used to determine both liability and jurisdiction when minors are involved.

Where this leaves the two brothers is they are both minors currently and their well-being falls under the parent or legal guardian. Once the older brother turns 18 he is legally on his own. The younger brother is not and this is where it can get ugly especially considering the circumstances with the two parents. This means the mother still has legal authority over the younger brother and by law can press charges on the younger brother's behalf without his consent or even the father's consent. Unless the kids have been emancipated the mother still has both the legal authority and opportunity to do so.

The same goes for the friends. Unless someone reports it or someone has a falling out and things turn petty and dirty; that legal responsibility of the parents is always going to be there as well as an individual being able to take things further.

Personally; I wouldnt continue any sexual activity with anyone under the age of 18 once you turn 18 yourself. Dont matter if its a girlfriend/boyfriend or friends; dont do it. When one is 18 they dont think of these things but you got your entire career ahead of you (both academic and professional) and having something like this appear against your name is just not worth it. Bad credit you can fix; criminal record you cant.

Fullmoonma said...

Worst case scenario: Let's suppose you're just over the legal age of consent and you and your under-the-age buddy get "caught" by his homophobic parents who freak out. Or maybe he gets "caught" and is forced to "confess" and implicates you. His trouble with his parents could spread to you - they could accuse you of "corrupting" their son and try and take action against you. It would be helpful to have a strategy to protect yourself. For example, if your parents knew already and were OK with it, that could make a difference. If you live in a generally liberal community that might be enough? I only wish I'd had this "problem" when I was 18 - although come to think of it, I was only 17 when I jacked off a few times with my college roommate...

Tex said...

I think your advice is correct. The writer needs to check the general age of consent in his State and make sure he is aware of any exceptions. For instance, some States are more lenient if the age difference between the participants is one or two years but may prosecute if the age difference is three years.

Fit Studs said...

Loving the GIF after picture #9

Gabriel said...

I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. The advice from T makes a lot of sense to me.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - "Bat-shit crazy," if you don't recall, is the way his dad described the mom when she stumbled across her son jacking off with his buddies; dad said, "She went bat-shit crazy." I think he was just using his father's words to remind everyone of who he is. Bisous!

A French Patrick said...

His father was wrong. He is not obliged to love his wife, but he could respect her, at least enough not to insult her. And the son is not forced to imitate him.
Thereffore, I have not a single word to change in my comment. But nobody is forced to think the same ting.
Bisous, darling.