Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Important Is Yours?

Patrick asked "Why is it so much a part of our lives?" The answer is complicated, with as many variations as there are men in the world. For most men, it's not enough to simply have a cock; it needs to get hard, it needs to be big, it needs to measure up to the next guy.
Some men are "showers" - good-sized in the flaccid state and don't enlarge that much with an erection. Others are "growers" - small when soft, but they gain more than double in length and girth when hard.


It's very difficult for many men to accept what they have.
Competition will be with us forever. But a man should never have to feel like this:
In the Manhood book, some of the guys admit to sneaking off to "fluff up" a bit before exposing themselves in a locker room and gym showers,

and then they'll look at the other guy(s), look down at their own cock and still wonder if they're big enough.
Contrary to what many people think, cock size issues don't stem from porn. We've always been obsessed with measuring and comparing our results to other men; always been in that competition. It's hard-wired into our psyches because we must compete to reproduce. That's how important our cocks are to us. That's how important our boners are to us.

I dare say, we have more issues based on the size of our cocks than women have with the size of their tits. One man in the study said, "At least women have options. They can get surgery. There's nothing a man can do about the size of his dick."

 And the importance of it doesn't wane with age.
How important is yours?


Xersex said...

love my dick!

that one guy said...

I like to say our cocks are like our dogs: they may not win any national competitions, but we love them because they're ours.

My cock is VERY important to me, of course. I guess I enjoy being on the big side (at least when hard), but I find myself equally turned on by others' cocks whether they're bigger or smaller than mine.

Patrick said...

Great selection of guys as always! As you know mine has done its job and did it well! I should have taken the whole week off. The colonoscopy has left me more exhausted than I expected. Have a restful weekend.

A French Patrick said...

There are things a man can do about the size of his dick, thanks to a domain specialized of the plastic surgery which is called the phalloplasty. But the best to do, the less expensive, the less risked, is to do nothing. All the more that it is not a need. The French Dr Adel Louafi has noticed that most of his customers have jobs or activities which oblige them to be naked in the presence of other naked men in changing rooms. They are afraid of having to endure the jeerings and teasings of their companions, that they are effective or not. It results from it a dysmorphic syndrome, (a delirious conviction to be ugly), that Dr Louafi names the syndrome of the cloakroom. In short, the problem is not the size of the cock, it is the locker room and the unability to overcome the jeerings.

Plenty of love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat, all the more that it is very very kind of you to deprive yourselves from having Trump for lending him to us for the ceremonies of the 14th of July, our National Day. Do not worry, he will survive the fact that the carrying of weapons is not authorized in France. That will be with regret, because we will miss him, but it is promised, we shall return him to you.

Fullmoonma said...

I've got an 85th percentile cock about 1-2% of the day, but it's very important 1-2%! The rest of the time I can forget my penis for as much as an hour or two (too many long meetings!) but I always know deep down that my cock is waiting to show its stuff.

I like having a big cock - wouldn't trade up or down, were that possible. But I've massaged at least 1000 cocks, and while large size is memorable and feels good in the hand, every hard cock is wonderful in its own way. And when I'm bottoming a 40th percentile cock is ideal!

Is cock important? Absolutely!

Jean WM said...

It would be interesting how important our partners feel it is, with the most extreme outliers of small/large actually an issue. Words from bullies can have even more lasting influence in boys' minds.

Performance is more important than size for most women. Men may obsess over size, women obsess over all our other parts. Hugs and bisous Pat and dear French Patrick.

SickoRicko said...

The cock itself isn't that important (although I've been blessed with "average"), but its functioning is. Lately, mine hasn't functioned without pharmaceutical help, and even then there's no guarantee of satisfaction.

AOM said...

If it were possible and I was asked, I'd take another inch, but I don't worry about it - I'm proud of my average sized penis - to me the pleasure is the same regardless of size and the pleasure is what is important to me. I hope you are well and feeling good, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, wouldn't you consider keeping him? Maybe locked up in a dungeon somewhere....

whkattk said...

@ Jean - another interesting question... Perhaps one I should pose today instead of the post I had in mind. Hugs et bisous!