Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Am I Wrong?

The varied responses to yesterday's post are interesting. Men are still taught to believe that the bits are too nasty to be seen by the general public, by "polite society" as it were. Yet, all males have them. They all function (if they do still function) the same.




The interviews and photos include men as young as 19 and as old as 92; their stories are as varied as the slight differences to be found in their cocks, with an exception: The life experiences of a majority of them were - at one time or another - made to feel ashamed of their penises. Perhaps it was in general; perhaps in the functioning; perhaps in the pleasure derived - but shame and embarrassment followed the bulk of these men.
Some had been laughed at, ridiculed; some had eventually been told their cock was beautiful and they didn't believe it because of earlier shame.

Gay, straight, transgender, and what one self-identified as "gender-queer," cut, and uncut. They worried about size, 
they worried about appearance, 

they worried about performance, 
they worried....
Dropping trou and bringing the cock out from hiding,

out from under shame and embarrassment, can only help us better relate to one another, to become better humans.
Am I wrong?


SickoRicko said...

Not wrong at all!

AOM said...

Totally agree with you, bro. The more folks see the natural us, the more acceptance there will be. I wish you a great day. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Patrick said...

Of course you are not wrong! I guess that I'm about "average size" (if there is such a thing) but I have never experienced any criticism. I was late "coming out", but always seemed to be accepted by other men! Our "shortest day" (of sunlight) today. Very cold morning!

A French Patrick said...

These shames and embarrassments that we suffer are artificial and unjustified means of domination, therefore...

As Jeand said it (by speaking about the weather, obviously) "Paris is terrifically hot." Its true, my flesh has reached a perfect doneness under my skin which is golden brown and crispy.

I was given a piece of advice, but I do not know if the person was speaking seriously or was making of the black humor.
He told me that I should jump out of the window, and that I shall feel a refreshing air on me during all the time of the fall, and that after that I shall no longer wonder how to be less hot.

But as I live in a ground floor...

In such circumstances, my darling chéri, you have to understand that I cannot help but kiss and hug you very very WARMLY.

Jean WM said...

No Pat, you are not wrong. Actually mother nature designed you perfectly for the job. Hugs and bisous.

Xersex said...

no, you're right!

T said...

Shame is a result. Something had to have happened before hand for one to feel shame. There are many things that contribute to shame.

Removing the shame ultimately comes down to education. Good luck on that one. Thats a losing battle especially when other sources suppress people getting an actual education.

Fullmoonma said...

That's what I love about the gay nude swimming hole. Every man has a penis, they are all out there - some on display and some just to be seen - and life goes on. Sometimes my own plumps up in response to what I'm reading, or seeing, or imagining, and that's OK too. Weather permitting I'll be there on Sunday!

whkattk said...

@ Fullmoonma - That's the perfect way to live - to be okay with whatever your cock decides is right at the moment.