Thursday, June 15, 2017

All Summer

I'm going to sound like the proverbial broken record. (You all remember what a record is, right?) This is the latest question to arrive in my email:

"I'm a stay at home dad, so with summer break I have my son with me all day. I don't want to break my workout habit, and I figure it's a good opportunity to teach him about exercise and staying healthy. I took him to the gym and there's a guy walking around the locker room with a magnum-sized erection. I hustled my son out of there but I know he got an eyeful. Should I have said something? Reported the guy to management?"

Reported him? It's obviously a family place. If he'd been standing there jerking off, yes. Otherwise, no. Is he simply an exhibitionist, or does he have one of the maleable implants? See, you don't know for sure, so why would you report him?

Should you have said something? To your son, yes. See, this was a teachable moment, and you blew it. How old is he? What does he already know about penises? Age-appropriate information is always the right thing. Regardless of your own memory, your son - no matter how old he is - already experiences erections. Does he know why? You could have told him about BOEs. "It needs the oxygen from the blood to stay healthy. Boners are good."

Have you already had the basic talk about where babies come from? If not, then you missed the opportunity to do so. "You see, son, it has to get hard like that in order for the father to get the sperm into the mother."

Is he at the age where he's discovered pleasure in his when it's hard?
You could've talked to him about that. "It's called masturbation. It feels good, and it's good for you. And, here's why...."



Teachable moments don't come along every day. But you've got all summer.

Now make up for what you missed.
And, no, I didn't forget.
Now, go check those balls!


mistress maddie said...

The way I see it, the kid is going to see a massive erection at some point coving up. And some men just get hard, as we know, no stopping it when they do. The problem is the misconception is a hard on equals someone is either horny or is turned on by what they see, and it's not always the case.

The father might have assumed the guy was turned one by one of them.

Xersex said...

this dad should take advantage of the summer to talk to his son.

SickoRicko said...

More good advice!

A French Patrick said...

LOL, if we would have to denounce the one who has the World's record of the longest cock, after that it would be necessary to denounce the vice-champion, who, in turn, would have to denounce the one who has the third rank, and so on. At the end, there would be only a single man on Earth, the one who has the shortest cock, and who would be unable to denounce himself, for lack of interlocutor.

To report, to denounce, these verbs remind me of those who denounced the Jews to the Nazis, especially any person being circumcised when they were able to see their glans.

We really see well only what we look at attentively. Otherwise, the things are sighted, are glimpsed. Who's to blame? The voyeur? The one we spy on?

Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Anonymous said...

The additional testosterone from working out also causes erections.

Jean WM said...

Always good advice. Also you never know what kids pay attention to. They always surprise. Pat and French Patrick, hugs.

Gabriel said...

Excellent response to the question. Plus, there are some nice images to go along with your comments!

whkattk said...

@ Anon - You are correct... There is much the father has to teach his son - if he even knows these things himself.

Tex said...

Excellent response. I think a lot of people believe that if a guy has an erection it's because he was playing with himself or thinking lewd thoughts about something or someone. But any man should be self aware enough to know that sometimes erections are spontaneous. And good for the guy with the fully functioning penis for not being ashamed of it.

Fit Studs said...

1st pic, damn!
1 2 and 3 as well

Anonymous said...

Not only does the guy need to teach his son but it sounds like he needs to learn a few things himself.

that one guy said...

Too many unknown factors here, mostly to do with the "vibe" at the time.

I have seen many kinds of locker room boners:

- the guy basically ignores it and goes about his business (just shower - dry off - get dressed - leave. No extra naked "stretching" or walking around to show off)
- the guy acknowledges it in some way - an extra full-grip stroke or two while soaping it in the shower, maybe - but doesn't foist it on anyone. If you see it, he's not embarrassed; but if you aren't looking at it, he's not going to try to catch your attention.
- the guy is actively stroking or swinging it around in the shower: basically, "hey everybody, look at my dick!"
- the guy is actively stroking it while staring hungrily at some other guy who is either oblivious or not interested. He wants to fuck that guy, and doesn't care who knows it.

Now, at my gym, the open shower room is visible through a wide archway to the rest of the locker room; you can see people showering while you're getting dressed. I've seen innocent boners; I've also seen someone playing with his erection in the shower while the locker room was full of 5-year-old boys changing for a swim class.

It's not always the same.

All that said --- the dad should talk to his son about all this, so the son can be aware that yes, boners happen and we don't need to be ashamed of them; HOWEVER, sad to say, boners are not always fun and harmless. There are actual creeps and perverts out there, and the kid needs to know how to tell the difference.

Open communication, for sure.

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - Absolutely! His son needs to be able to recognize the difference. But, at the same time, he needs to chill out a bit when it comes to his son seeing boners.