Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Enough to Make Any Man Surly

The essence of Man
The singular thing that can send a man into a tailspin is to not be able to get a hard-on. Seriously. Oh, if it's a permanent thing due to prostate surgery, or a TURP procedure gone wrong, we can eventually adjust. We have no choice.
At best - maybe - we can get a semi hard-on.
But, when it's caused by anxiety (of any kind), when it's caused by medication - or a combination of medications - well, I would think it would be enough to make any man surly.
Friends of ours have been together for over 42 years. His temper has recently been off the charts - he gets surly and moody and downright angry. His wife is beside herself. She asks what's wrong; he answers that he doesn't know, but something, he just can't identify it.

Not only is he going through Andropause, come to find out, he takes two medications which cause ED. He stopped a third one which also gives way to the disappearance of boners. Didn't help, of course.
Has he talked to his doctor? His wife reports, "Sort of."
Yep, another man who can't bring himself to talk about these things with anyone - not even another guy.
No, my good man, no. You don't "sort of" discuss this with your doctor, you tell him. No morning erections,
can't even get hard enough to masturbate,
to release the smallest amount of semen

and the testicles ache something awful.
frustration is mounting.
Do something. Start the Bio-identical Testosterone Cream, change out the medications until we find ones that won't knock the dick in the dirt.
He has an appointment next month. We'll see if anyone heeds my advice.


Xersex said...

we'll see!! love your pics!

Patrick said...

Know it! Been through it! Accepted it! A lot depends on one's situation in life! But if anything might help, try it! Enjoy your day, Pat! Cold, wet morning here!

SickoRicko said...

I hope your friend gets this straightened out (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Whkattk. Another thought provoking post and educational. Losing the ability to have an erection and ejaculate is truly one of the tougher changes in life. Like everything related to success I just think no one is educated properly about their bodies as they grow through life. When it happens, it will be something that is so sad. I have been taking meds for years that contribute to ED and then I recently had partial prostate surgery which may or may not affect erections. I just never thought that all of this would happen when I was relatively young (54). Great posting as always.

Mark at Treasure Trail

whkattk said...

@ Mark - I hope you are still able to get erections. I suppose time will bring an answer. If there seems to be trouble do not hesitate to discuss it with your surgeon. My brother was referred to a sex therapist after his surgery and she was able to help him get boners.

hot guys said...

last pic, oh yes!