Wednesday, April 24, 2019

On Genital Grooming

JoyLovePeaceHappiness had another question for everyone.

"I was wondering if there's some good advice on genital grooming; what to use, styles, do guys shave their scrotums or just the shaft, how far down under do they go, etc. 
Shave with an electric body shaver, and I love how smooth things are. I clean up the shaft, balls and try to go down under as far as I can. 
Would guys like someone else to groom them? I think that would be quite the turn on."
As I've posted before, guys should, at the very least, do something to remove the hair from the shaft.

Everything else is personal preference.

There are tons of men who regularly go for waxing. 

Or sugaring; same process using melted sugar instead of wax.
But, I think a lot of guys do some level of manscaping in the region. I used to shave the shaft, the scrotum and the perineum. Then I decided to go for laser removal. Did the shaft, sac, perineum, and butt crack. While it's supposed to be permanent, there are a few spots I still have to shave. The rest is kept neat with a beard trimmer.
In the dancing days, visible hair was not allowed. Shaving was mandatory. You wouldn't spot a hairy man on stage. - Hairy bodies are not fun to watch. So, we helped each other shave.

Did anyone pop a boner? Once in a while, sure. You just shrugged and moved on. Shaving the shaft is much easier with an erection, anyway.
But, answer his questions, if you dare. ūüėĀ
Do you groom?
If so, what method, and what parts?


Your French Patrick said...

Fortunately, you helped me to understand that that has nothing to see with six out of the seven definitions of the word "grooming" given by the Urban Dictionary" @

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

SickoRicko said...

I used to tend the garden but not so much lately.

Xersex said...

I do, like last gif

JiEL said...

I'm totally hairless and no beard to grow too.

So, I have some pubic hair and I do groom it sometimes when those hair are too much grown.
What I use is an electric shaver with a comb to not take of all the hair.
I don't like shaving it ALL with a blade and soap because when the hair grow back it itches and I don't like the sensation.

The only place I totally shave with a blade is on the top of the penis to clear it and I go all around it too.

Rad said...

Interesting topic!

I was just pondering this - when I was younger, if I let my pubes go, my groin took on the appearance of "Larry Fine". I would give myself an even trim and then shave my shaft and balls. I do suffer from dry skin on the scrotum, so I found that shaving reduced that affliction and enabled hydrocortazone to be applied.

But with age, I am seeing that hair growth in the groin is not as heavy. Don't know why...?

Anonymous said...

Great to shave my shaft down to the base. Great to shave my balls. Great to shave my perineum I do not shave my pubes since I love my bush. Shaving my shaft helps with not getting hair caught in a condom. Ouch when that happens. Shaving my balls makes them more sensitive since I love playing with them when I masturbate. Same with my perineum. I massage my perineum a lot when masturbating along with my balls. I shave in the shower with a women’s razor - Venus - since it has lots of protection around the blades and has all but eliminated getting cut the wrong way. I use lots of shave gel. Being careful shaving my balls and suggest pulling the skin tight. I usually end up with a boner while doing this which is an added benefit to doing it. Love the way they feel without hair. I do not shave beyond the base of the shaft because I like my bush starting right at the base. Here’s something else I do but you have to be really careful. I shave my glans about once a week not because there is any hair on it but because it scruffs off old skin on the glans and makes it much more sensitive. I am cut so my glans is always exposed and needs to have it’s skin scruffed to keep it fresh and sensitive. But be really careful.

JeanWM said...

Ah and then there’s the Treasure Trail. Where to stop? Too much and you look “plucked.“

Hugs and bisous, my vote is for the least shaving.

Gabriel said...

I shave my balls on a regular basis to keep them smooth. I don't groom much around my pubes except to keep everything even. :-)

Whkattk, that would have been awesome to help each other shave during your dancing days. I am jealous! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I've shaved my shaft and balls for as long as I can remember. Never with an electric razor though. Too easy to catch scrotal skin and cause harm. I use a 4 blade razor and shaving cream. Lately I've taken to waxing instead, The results last longer and there's no stubble. I was going to a salon, but at the price they charge I decided to do it myself. The rest is trimmed back with a trimmer to keep it all looking trim and clean.

Fullmoonma said...

Certainly agree about keeping cock shaft hair free. Otherwise the hairs can get pulled while bating which becomes uncomfortable. The trouble with shaving is cutting your baby soft skin and itchy stubble in a few days.. So I've plucked the shaft for decades now. After a while it's no longer uncomfortable - almost pleasurable. I buzz my scrotum and perineum and ass crack down to 1/4" which means I don't have to deal with stubble.

Anonymous said...

I think its a question of aesthetics and /or culture.
I startet shaving in the 90th, bginning with the armpits, havin to put some cream on it in order to fight some pimples.
So now I do it dayly with a razor and foam. Living in Germany, regularly seeing other people of both sexes naked in the sauna, I can say, more than two thirds of them do shave their pubes.
And I think it looks more attractive.

whkattk said...

@ Anon, Apr. 24, 6:01PM - You can achieve soft sensitive glans skin by using a few drops of Vit E oil right after you shower. Pat the area dry with your towel, then apply 4 or 5 drops and work it in. You'll never have to worry about calloused cock head again - or worry about cutting or scraping it with a razor.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I use Vitamin E as well after gently shaving my glans! Keeps it nice and soft and sensitive. Really careful with the razor. It’s actually a very pleasurable/erotic sensation shaving my glans.actually use Vitamin E on my shaved balls too. Keeps that skin soft and sensitive.

Your French Patrick said...

I have never had sex with a partner, both male (long ago) or female (very long ago) who shaves pubic hair, and I never shaved them myself, but it must be acknowledged that this has nearly allowed the eradication of the pubic louses.

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Anonymous said...

I am using hair clipper for my pubes as I like if a bit of hair there and blades to shave my balls. I am looking am electric shaver that could shave my balls too.

Bruce Jensen said...

We groom each other. We keep our shafts shaved and we tend to shave the crack and hole though not as often. I have never had unruly body hair. My chest and legs are hairy but don't get shaggy; my butt, back, and shoulders are smooth. Bruce is a bear....and I like him that way. I trim his chest and pubic hair to keep it tidy. His back and shoulders have a little hair but it seems to grow slower than on his chest. His booty and legs are furry but I refuse to let him shave/wax/sugar those areas. I am "bear-whipped". I married a man not a mannequin. In bed he is either my big spoon or my body pillow...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The point (at last) is this....
By all means experiment. If you are in a relationship get your partner involved. You both need to be happy with your body. When you are any grooming regimen will be worth the effort.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to curl up on my living, breathing body pillow and go back to sleep.