Thursday, March 28, 2024

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Good morning.

Received a message from a Faithful Reader that one of the links in the lower side bar Blog Roll sent him to a different and "very undesirable" site.

That link has been removed. I don't want my readers getting hit with any kind of virus or malware. Thank you for letting me know.

Speaking of "undesirable" ... I will be undergoing the very undesirable, but necessary, procedure tomorrow as a 1-year follow-up to the colon surgery. 

I won't be making blog rounds.

But wish you all a wonderful weekend.

See you for Monday Giggles.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Uni Restrooms


Good morning.

"We have a Uni restroom at work and the urinals aren't separated very well so as a result you can be standing with your dick in your hand when one of the women comes in. One came in and saw a coworker jerking it at a urinal and she filed a complaint. The guys think its bullshit but what can we do about it?"

Uni restrooms became popular after Ally McBeal made its debut on television, but they typically had only stalls. Folks didn't like that - can't say as I blamed them. It caused wait times for the women and too many dudes were too lazy to lift the seats. So, architects began putting in both stalls and urinals. We have a few around town, but the urinals are way in the back and off in an alcove.

The problem isn't that he was jacking off at a urinal, the problem is that he was within the line of vision. But, the real question is: If your colleague knew the lay of the land, so to speak, why wasn't he in a stall?

Management really has two routes to take, in my opinion. They accept her complaint, tell her they'll take care of the problem, and counsel your coworker about jacking off at a urinal. OR They accept her complaint, tell her they'll take care of it, and put in more a efficient sightline barrier.

I'd opt for the second. Most men do not want anyone and everyone to see them standing with cock in hand taking a leak. In fact, there are plenty of guys who are "pee shy" and can't squeeze out a drop if they think someone is within eyesight.

It's the reason for men's rooms Rules of Etiquette.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Not So Fast!


Good morning.

I thought Spring had sprung. Not so. It's like Winter grabbed Spring's throat and said,

"Not so fast, bucko!"

If you're facing the same, Monday Funnies might help.

Not much of a Magician are ya?

Have a good day!