Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Whenever you do a "Like" on Facebook the page updates begin to show on your stream. A while back I "liked" a blog. And he "liked" a blog and then blogged about the blog he'd "liked." It's a veritable mutual admiration society, isn't it? But that's how we all share information in this digital age. So, the blog this blogger "liked" had posted 28 Rules for Fathers of Sons. There were four I particularly liked, though I kind of wish she had been a bit more thorough. I've paraphrased them, but I think I got the major gist.

Talk to him about sex. He needs to know all men are created equal.

Well, okay, I think what she meant was dads should be open and honest enough to show their boys what they've got, how it works, and what they can expect. I wish she'd expounded a little more. Or, maybe her point was that he should make them understand that all men have cocks and balls and there's no reason to be ashamed of them. But they should never tell a young man that all men are created equal in the dick department. Because eventually, we grow up and go into a locker room and discover it just ain't so...

Share secrets together. Talk about anything. Let him tell you about girls, friends, school. Listen. Ask questions. He is not only your son, you are not only his father. Be his friend too.

This is one very important rule! This is where a dad can really guide a son as a friend. Among all those other things, teach him about the brotherhood he belongs to, about loyalty to those who are loyal in return. Secrets between friends includes jacking off. Provide guidance and, to prove it's normal and healthy, give him the necessary supplies: Lube and a cum towel.


Teach him how to pee standing up - let him pee outside. It's a wonderful advantage men have that they can pee outside, anywhere and mom sure can't teach him this.

I really liked this rule, too. It's an important rule. What is it about taking a piss outdoors that is so great? I don't know, but it is. And not just out of necessity - like happens when you're out hiking or on a road trip and you have to pull over or piss your pants. Taking a leak in the great outdoors is just... well, it's great!

Dance with him in tightey-whiteys. Teach him there are moments when it's perfectly fine to be ridiculous.

Teach him to be carefree, to enjoy the sillier side of life. In reality, it's a very, very quick visit we get here and we should feel free to enjoy everything there is to enjoy.
Show off just for the fun of it.
 Defy the rules once in a while.
 Share amazing things with friends.

Get naked together just for the hell of it.

Enjoy that which you've been given.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just a Guy

Well, I think I did okay on the exam. We'll see... This being unemployed for such a long period of time... well there are days I totally enjoy it, others when it becomes tedious and still others when you have a tendency to simply want to give up looking for work. It reminds me a bit of the movie Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. He's unemployed and goes back to school, she's teaching creative writing classes. He's single (divorced or widowed), she's married and tired of supporting her unemployed husband. She confronts the husband and says she knows he does nothing but surf porn and masturbate all day long. At first he denies it. Then he says, "I'm just a guy, who's a guy, being a guy!"

Beautiful, honest sentiment. Several months ago, my own wife, rather than being confrontational, said with a wicked grin, "Eh, you surf porn and jack off all day, don't you?." I took the direct route: "Well, not all day... I do other things; clean the pool, make phone calls, make dinner."

We're just guys, who are guys, being guys... The man-berries get full and start to ache, the cock gets hard, and the hands find their way. Well, to be honest, the nuts don't necessarily have to ache. But that boner pops up, raging stiff, bulging against the zipper, it gets to twitching, and pre-cum spots our pants; or the thought pops into our head, 'Gee, a nice long, slow, session of playing with my cock would feel nice'. Guys just figure, "Why not?" and go for it. It's a great way to pass the time and it certainly doesn't adversely affect anyone or anything.

So, Ladies, understand that our jack off habits have nothing to do with you. We're just being guys...


Monday, August 27, 2012

For CoreyJo

 Well, now... It's exam day. No, not for you - for me. I applied for a job and, believe it or not, after a long career this place is making me take a 2-1/2 hour exam! Well, it shouldn't be too, too bad though it is a different side of the business than I'm used to. All I can do, really, is go in and give it my best shot. And isn't that all we can ever do, no matter what the activity?
Today's post is in honor of sweetness itself: CoreyJo over at Corey's Dark Corner. If you've never visited her blog pages, you are missing a very special treat! She's got a heart of gold and she's had a very rough time of it this summer. I hope the skies clear and the rays of sun break through!
CoreyJo, this one's for you!

May thoughts and prayers, and goodness and light follow and protect her wherever she goes.

Friday, August 24, 2012

We Are All Brothers

What do you do when you are suddenly thrust into cohabitation with a guy, or guys, you don't know? We're not talking for a day or two... or a week or two. Most of us can figure out a way to relieve the aching man berries for that length of time without causing a stir; there's the long bathroom visit and the long, hot shower. But what if this situation is going to last 3 months, 6 months, or an entire school year?

One Faithful Reader is facing just such a situation. He'll be dormed long term with a person he will not meet until the day they both arrive. Hiding in the bathroom, sitting on a hard plastic toilet seat can become tedious in a hurry - at least it would for me. Taking an extra long shower can turn your skin prunish - and besides, what man isn't going to know what you're up to in there anyway?

I was faced with that situation in the military. The 40-man barracks had no hiding places at all. Bunks were close enough you could reach out and grab the guys hard-on if you dared to. The latrine (men's room) was communal - large, open room with toilets, urinals, sinks, gang shower. And yet, we all managed to get our rock off on a regular basis as soon as the lights went out; within 20 minutes or so the rustling would stop and the aroma of cum permeated the room. Morning boners are another issue we all have to contend with. Those were pretty much ignored, nobody had time to notice them let alone comment.

Later, in 2-man rooms, I got lucky. The first time I walked into the room, there he was, stretched out on the bed, fully naked, with his hand wrapped around his hard cock. He didn't scramble to cover up or hide what he was doing, he kept right on stroking away. A few weeks later, he invited me to my first real circle-jerk.

After the military, came college. I walked in unexpectedly. My room mate grabbed the blankets to cover up his pole, his face candy-apple red, he stammered and stuttered. I waved it off and bluntly told him he didn't need to stop on my account. "So what? We all jack off...go for it, dude." We made a pact: No rude comments from the peanut gallery, you go about your business. We spent many an hour lying on our beds and beating our meat to shared porn. The following year(s) I didn't wait for anyone to "get caught" with his boned up cock in hand - I made sure it got covered in the fist day's conversations.

And that's the advice I gave my Faithful Reader. Broach the subject early on, make it clear it's a normal, healthy activity so noone needs to hide or be embarrassed. Morning boners are something we have no control over and nobody should be offended or feel threatened as if that rock-solid, pocket rocket tenting the sheet (or leading the way to your morning whizz) is some kind of indication of sexual arousal, or an overture for a roll in the hay. Beating out a load of ball-batter and morning boners are both natural and are what make us part of the brotherhood of men.


In the end, we are all brothers.