Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my Christian Faithful Readers. I'm really pressed for time today, so here's a lovely Sunday Semen - er, I mean Sermon for you all...

Or, enjoy the sermon with a friend if you like...

The trip is over and I'll be making my way back home. I should have a new post for you all on Tuesday!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Who Knew?

I read a tiny article in the paper this morning - that's my ritual since being here: reading the paper with my morning coffee; I only regret that I can't be naked while doing so!

Anyway, it reports that a man got caught attempting to cheat on his agreed-upon probationary drug test by using a Whizzinator. It's a small, soft dildo that stores "medicinal grade" urine in a pouch, heats it to body temperature, and enables the user to pass a drug test. Well, of course, that got me to thinking...

If they can come up with a gadget like that, why not a Jizzinator? I standard erect dildo that ejaculates for men (and Ladies, too!) who miss the cumulative eruption when employing said type of toy. I mean, wouldn't that make sense?

Lo! and behold! there is such a thing... One called the Ejaxxinator - but, it got a really, really bad review, so I won't bother giving you the link. Then, one with no fancy name, it's simply called The Ejaculating Dildo. Suck it, it cums. Stroke it, it cums. Ride it, it cums. Whenever you're ready, you give the bulb a squeeze and it pops it's cork and unloads. Now what could be better than that?

Except for the real thing, of course!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Wet Dream to Remember

Had the most vivid dream experience! I was with my two best friends from High School, neither of whom I've seen in many, many years. I can't remember why, but I was crying and they were attempting to comfort me.

Now, I must explain that one of them (or so I have heard from his ex-wife) came out of the closet as Transgender and has since gone through with the surgery. But, in this dream, he was still a 'he.' Part of me wishes that he'd come out to me years and years ago - we could've had a great time together. But, I understand the times were not conducive to that at all. Let's call him "Ward."

The other... Well, he's straight as a decade is long. We dated the same girl in High School - I ended up marrying her. Damn shame, too! The way things turned out, I wish I hadn't fought so hard! But, we remained the best of friends and still are to this day - albeit via email only. Some day we will see one another in person again... We'll call him "Jeff."

It's important to know, I guess, we'd seen each other naked - a lot; in the locker room and showers at school and at Jeff's house because his family had the only pool and we'd change together in his bedroom.

So, anyway, in this dream I am crying, sobbing uncontrollably and the two of them gather me into their arms in an attempt to console me. Jeff gets the bigger part of me, I bury my face into his shoulder and he wraps his arms around me, swaying and murmuring. I cling to him as if I'd drown if we let go of one another. My face turns to his neck and I nuzzle it; his hands run down my sides to my ass and pull me closer. Ward begins to pull us all toward a couch. As we inch out way, Jeff places a hand over my crotch and gently squeezes, whispering, "Shhh. It's okay. We're here, we've got you."

I sob even harder and beg him hold me tighter, to not let me go. His hand presses against my cock and his fingers run under my balls as he tells me he isn't going anywhere. Ward is pressing his hard-on into my backside, his arms wrapped around both me and Jeff.

Jeff pulls away the tiniest bit and I whimper, "No, don't leave." He undoes my belt, top button, and pulls down my zipper. His hand makes its way into my briefs and he cradles my stiffening cock as I push it toward him. Ward lowers my pants to the floor, helps me step out of them, and removes my shirt. They lie me on the couch and proceed to shroud me in caresses. My cock is straining to engorge itself to epic proportions while hands cuddle and massage my nuts.

My sobbing ebbs, turning to moans of pleasure. I repeatedly reach out to free the straining rods I see behind their zippers. Just as insistently, they push my hands away. "This is about you, not us," Ward whispers. I'm desperate for their consolation and lie back as they service me. Their hands seem to be everywhere at once: balls, cock, nipples, taint, while soft, tender kisses appear to engulf everything: nipples, neck, earlobes, cock, nuts, thighs.

I hear myself yell out to them, my hips lift off the couch, and my bone hard cock explodes. Jeff milks it in long, slow strokes. When my nuts are empty and my breathing slows, softer sobs return me to whatever grief I'd met.

I woke up covered in jizz. This is the first wet dream I've had in years  - - - I wonder what that is about? It's not like I haven't done a good job of getting off; I've been jacking off regularly this entire trip.

(The photos may not depict events, but what can I say - my choices are limited while I'm traveling. LOL.)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog Share

I just simply had to add a link to Rick's blog. He's got some truly beautiful photos he shares - especially if you like Levis. And, who doesn't like the look of a hot, hard cock straining to get free - or one that has popped out of its cage?

Stop on by and say hi! Tell him The Whackman sent you!

Sex and Marriage

Well, now... It doesn't sound too promising that the US Supreme Court justices are willing to go whole hog on Prop 8. But, we have no choice but to wait until they render their decision, expected in June. All we can do in the meantime is hope the majority understand that the arguments against gay marriage are all based upon religious beliefs. Opponents seem not to be able to find anything outside of religious dogma to use. To deny this right is to force that dogma onto an entire nation. And, dammit!!! why won't marriage proponent legal teams use that as their basis? Will gays have to live unequal or alone for another 50 years?

Does the repeal of DOMA stand any better chance? Must the LGBT community stand by our collective windows, waiting, waiting, waiting to be treated fairly?

Gay marriage doesn't affect mine at all. My sexuality has nothing to do with anyone else's relationship. I'm a very bisexual guy - show me a gorgeous woman and my cock with stiffen up faster than you can say 'boobs." Show me a hunk of a man and my boner will threaten to rip right through my jeans.

It hasn't ruined my marriage, nor has it seemed to have any effect on those around me. Jacking off with a few buddies hasn't harmed anything either... Rather, it could be stated as fact (some) married guys who jack off with their buds has actually saved marriages.

Because we can go enjoy our cocks together, get our rocks off, put our pants back on, and go about the business of life.