Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Beads for Boners

Today is the final day of Carnivale - or Fat Tuesday as some call it - to utilize the fat from the larder before the weeks of Lent begin. 

Originally, it was tossing bead necklaces to women who would lift their tops to show off the boobs.
As people demanded equality....women started tossing those beaded necklaces to guys who would drop trou and show off the goods.
 Yeah, public nudity is against the law but, generally, law enforcement looks the other way when it's all in fun.


Extra points (and beads) for boners.

Religious or not, join in the festivities.

Monday, February 24, 2020

No Reason for Shame

I swear I have the best Readers. So many great suggestions for Friday's post. The is idea to allow the wet dreams to happen, but find a way to save the bed linens. Placing a towel on the sheet brought the idea of a puppy piddle pad, which would keep the cum from soaking through to the sheet. No one but father and son needs to know.

The Dad does encourage his son to jack off, so he might tell his son to save his last session to just prior to sleep. He can clean up before drifting off. Yet, in any case, everyone agrees: Wet dreams are very normal for his age, and nothing to be ashamed of.

The post did, however, bring a new question:

"A buddy says we can get boners and cum during a nap. Is he right?"

He absolutely is. "Nocturnal" erections aren't specifically a nighttime thing. It's not when we sleep but how deeply we sleep.

A nap in the afternoon might find your cock as raging hard as it is upon waking from REM sleep in the morning.

Those boners can (and sometimes do) trigger sexual dreams, thus pulling the trigger on cumming.

 Bottom line: Wet dreams happen.
No reason for shame.