Friday, March 27, 2020

Masturbation Coaches

Even under normal circumstances some men have difficulty getting a full erection, or managing to ejaculate.

Those can be detrimental to your health - mentally as well as physically.
The worst thing is that the typical guy will grow ever more anxious and compound the problem. Waking day after day not greeted by the usual morning wood, not being able to rouse even the slightest boner.
Then, of course, the balls start to ache and the frustration builds even further.
We think of sex therapists as people who are there to help us get back in the saddle after a traumatic experience. But, they help many guys learn to regain the ability after prostate surgery - or from some other issue causing ED. And, part of that process is Masturbation Coaching.
But, they not only help in that process, many will help people rediscover the pleasure to be found in their bodies. As Sophia Benoit points out, "it may sound like a fake job title cooked up by a calculating Bachelorette producer, it's a real job that helps people," in the July 2019 GQ article, "What It's Like to Go to a Masturbation Coach.
"In fact," she continues, "masturbation coaching is one of the best tools sex therapists and coaches have to help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and inability to orgasm. But it can also be helpful for folks who simply want to improve their overall sex skills or increase their pleasure." [bold is mine]

In this time of "shelter at home," some coaches are not only willing but prepared to do therapy sessions via video chats. Licensed ones may use secure chats that comply with HIPPA regs. They're easy to find with a simple internet search, like Emancipating-Sexuality in San Francisco.

This is not jacking off. Much of what they will teach is what I (and others) have been saying: Mindful Masturbation. Learning to be in the moment and aware of the pleasure centers.

You've got all weekend. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
Now, get out of the bedroom.
And masturbate.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

As You Cum

Last week I had a question from one of the Faithful Readers who always posts anonymously. He questions why he has always done hands-free ejaculation, and he can't seem to continue stroking.
Yet, the flip side of the coin is lot's of men would love to be able to cum hands-free and can't.
The body's natural instinct is to thrust as deeply as possible with each contraction to get the semen as deep into the vagina as possible. The closer to the egg, the easier the trip. So, the natural inclination when masturbating is to stroke fully along the shaft with each spurt. And the hips usually have a tendency to thrust forward as well.
However, there are some men who thrust deep at the point of cumming and remain there until the orgasm is finished. These are men who - my guess is - stop stroking when they shoot. And one reason may be - I'm guessing, here - is due to an overly-sensitive glans.

The head of the cock gets more and more sensitive as the activity increases and is at it's most sensitive when we hit the point of no return and cum. Some men have serious issues with this - it can actually hurt when they cum.
Any touch, any movement, any sensation at all hurts. As a result, they cease their stroking altogether. Desensitizing cream can help with that. But using too much can have a detrimental effect and have the ejaculation delayed and delayed and delayed until you're desperate to cum.

I'd suggest practicing mindful masturbation. Be aware of your cock and the stimulation at all times. In that way, you may be able to continue stroking as you cum.
You may also want to consider a Masturbation Coach.
Yep. You read that right.
A Masturbation Coach.
(more tomorrow)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stay Connected

We could be in for a very long haul. Many people are filled with anxiety, fear, and some are angry. We all have something in common; it is time to support one another as best we can - even if it must be from a distance. Chalk up one more benefit of the world wide web.

We also have it in our ability to reduce the stress and anxiety. Take yourself in hand for the purposes of rediscovery.

Some people are having trouble sleeping. 
 There's a time-honored - and proven - remedy for that.

 Maybe relax in a bubble bath.

Stay connected via Skype, or Zoom, or whatever online meeting software you prefer. It may not be the same as being right there, but it will take your mind off things.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Full and Busy

There's no need to get depressed.
Sheltering in place, practicing social distancing provides the perfect opportunity for some Tantric pleasure.

I mean, why not? If you don't have to work from home, you've got plenty of time on your hands.
 As Mistress Maddie says, may as well keep them full and busy.