Friday, April 29, 2011

Schweddy Balls

If you’ve seen the SNL skit with Alec Baldwin, you’re already laughing! (If you've never seen it, it's available on YouTube and worth the five minutes.) But, as they say in the comedy business, there’s always more than a grain of truth in it. And so it is with this. Men’s balls sweat. It can cause chafing of the ballsac and cock and itching (especially if you don’t shave your balls – the wet hair makes the itching worse), and contributes to and can make male yeast infections worse. Very uncomfortable. And – pay attention here, ladies – one of the major reasons guys are always scratching and adjusting: sweaty, itchy balls.
Due to a medication I take on a daily basis I sweat like a horse that has run the Triple Crown in one continuous race, even though (when I’m employed) I’m basically a desk-jockey. Perspiration runs like a river from my balls and the crack of my ass. It drenches my trunk briefs so badly you could wring them out. If I don’t have an opportunity to shower off and change in the middle of the day my pants look like I’ve done a three-hour gym work-out; dark, wet, sweat marks run from ass-crack to crotch. Not a pretty, or professional, sight.

About a month ago I heard some local morning DJ’s joking around about having been given a sample tube of Fresh Balls. Then, in the middle of the joking, they admitted to actually using it, found it worked, and lamented they’d left it behind over the weekend when the studio moved to a new location. I logged on and did a Google search, fully expecting to find it to be one of those gag gifts you buy for a buddy or a family member; one to make him open in front of everyone so you can all have a laugh at his expense. To my surprise, it’s a real product! And it truly works!
I’ve been using this stuff for a couple weeks now. I can attest that it lives up to the claims. My balls stay perfectly dry – even if I’m doing some type of physical activity. And because my butt-crack sweats as much as my balls, I’ve found it works just as well for that. It’s fairly inexpensive, a tube lasts about a month and it’s worth every penny!
It goes on as a liquid and, as you rub it on with the palms of your hands, it dries to a silky-smooth powder. It contains no Aluminum. It will not clog your pores – meaning it has no Paraben wax in the mixture. It contains no Silicone – meaning it won’t build up into an unsightly mess. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll be happy to know this product was never tested on animals, only men (now, now, ladies, be nice!).
Finally! A solution for sweaty balls! Fresh Balls™.

Just as Mikey in those old Life cereal commercials, try it; you’ll like it!

And for you ladies out there who suffer from dampness in the cleavage or under the breasts - they also have Fresh Breasts™.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

(Man)boobs and Droopy Boners

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t seem as if it could be about whacking off, but I think you might be surprised! I know I was completely taken aback by a report I read a long while ago in Men’s Health magazine. Why such a long delay in writing about it? In the last few days I’ve been seeing ads on TV encouraging entire families to replace regular milk with soy milk.
Here’s the opening salvo of the MH article:
“The unassuming soybean has silently infiltrated the American diet as what might just be the perfect protein source: It's cheap and vegetarian, and could even unclog our hearts. But there may be a hidden dark side to soy, one that has the power to undermine everything it means to be male.” (italics added by me for emphasis.)

Guys, soy products can wreak havoc with your boobs and, ultimately, your cock. Soy products, if you were not aware of it, contain estrogen. While men produce and need small amounts of this hormone, excessive ingestion can cause problems; everything from tenderness and enlargement of the breasts (yes, we do have them guys!) to flagging erections.
“Among other changes, the daidzein-exposed males produced less testosterone, had softer erections, and experienced biochemical changes to their penile tissues that left these tissues less elastic and less capable of complete blood engorgement.” (italics added by me for emphasis.)

If you’ve noticed your pecs turning to man-boobs, an increased tenderness in them, or your pecker doesn’t stand up quite as stiff and proud as it used, check your soy intake! You’d be surprised to find how many products contain soy. Any product whose ingredient list contains soy should be limited in your diet.
Here’s one man’s story (excerpted from the same article):
“In the wake of Donna's death, Price's body as well as his emotions began to change, often in ways that were hard to separate from normal grief. Mood swings and a decrease in libido are not unusual companions to bereavement. But Price had a nagging sense that something was off. "I was becoming much more sentimental," he recalls, describing his emotions as almost feminine. "I'd break out and cry at a sad movie, that kind of thing. It just wasn't like me."

When Price began dating again, it was as if the sexual aspect had evaporated. "I enjoyed the company of women," he says, "but it was just like they were my friends. Even if I had wanted to do anything physical, I couldn't have."
(italics added by me for emphasis.)

And here’s a very important notice if you have young sons: Stop giving them soy milk and/or soy products. Now. No, make that yesterday!
“…a 2001 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association surveyed over 800 adults, ages 20 to 34, who were fed either soy-based or cow's-milk formulas during their infancy. One of the few differences to emerge was that the group raised on soy formula regularly used more asthma and allergy medications in adulthood.”

If you’re in the age bracket of guys who’ve been fooled into drinking Ensure on a regular basis – the only thing you’re going to ensure is a cock that won’t get as hard as you need it [to].
“Yufeng Huang, M.D., a coauthor on both papers, says that the "moderate" dose used in the animal studies leads to approximately the same blood level of daidzein in men who eat soy every day, a common practice in Asia. He believes soy represents a novel and previously overlooked risk factor for ED.

"We are now recommending that soy be avoided by patients with erectile dysfunction," Dr. Huang says. And because erectile dysfunction increases with age, he also suggests that men ages 40 and above limit their soy intake.”
 Guys, if you don’t want your boner’s to look like this:
 When they should look like this:

I urge you to significantly lower your intake of soy products. Especially if you want to keep doing this:

Want to read the entire article? Go here:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cock Tease

Okay, so here’s the deal…It’s fine for a guy to tease himself, it’s fine for a partner to tease him – as long as there is every intention of fulfilling the commitment. Because that’s what it is when you start playing with a cock; whether it’s your own or somebody else’s. Or it should be.

On the other hand, when you start groping a guys crotch and he demurs (rare, I know, but it does happen) you must cease immediately. There are times when, for a variety of reasons, guys don’t want it. Surprised, ladies? Well, you shouldn’t be.
Case in point: During a party at the house, one guest and his long-time girlfriend were in the spa – yes, naked (all twelve of us were at one point or another) – and his girlfriend kept reaching over and playing with his cock. She also kept trying to get him to drink more. At one point she got onto his lap, grinding herself into his semi-hard dick. He picked her up and moved her off. His problem: He’s a cop and had to be on-duty soon; he didn’t want to get into something that would make him late and he certainly didn’t want to be reporting for duty under the influence. I could certainly understand that, as could everyone else there. Everyone, that is, except his girlfriend.
She continuously reached over to work over his hardening tool. He kept pushing her hand away. Long story short, she pouted; he got pissed. He asked me to hand him a towel when he stood up to get out of the spa. I was sitting in a deck chair next to them. He tried to cup a hand over his hard-on, but…well, shall we say a hand towel won’t do when you need a bath sheet. This dude is hung! So, I gave him a towel, he wrapped it around his waist with this humongous boner tenting the front. He muttered a quick, “Thanks. Where’re my clothes?” I pointed to the bedroom door and said “On the bed,” then took hold of his arm to pull his ear closer and whispered, “Sorry about that, man. Take your time in there if you need to.” I mean, there it was right in front of my face, there was no sense in pretending it wasn’t. He gave me a strained smile, “I’ll wait ‘til I get home in the morning. Thanks, though.”
That was on a Saturday evening. Late the next morning, he called her on her cell (she was too drunk to drive home and spent the night in one of the extra bedrooms) and dumped her ass. Now, they’re both really nice folks; good people. And we’re still friends with them both. He’s since gotten married and she’s now engaged. And I’m happy for both. But they were perfect for each other; a very cute couple.
She just made that one fatal mistake. She kept on teasing his cock when he’d said no. There could be any number of reasons a guy could turn down an offer to get his nuts off. We need to respect that. It’s not only fair to say (with either gender) “No means no,” but getting a man all hard and horned up, then leaving him with a case of aching blue balls he won’t have the opportunity to ease, is just cruel.

So, suffice it to say, whether you are by yourself or with someone, if you’re going to work up the hard-on, you need to work off the hard-on.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cum Angle

The other day I admitted I’ve been watching a lot of jack-off videos and went into the whole “frenzied-jerk-off” rant. There’s another common theme I’ve noticed, not only in videos, but in lots of the photos I see posted in a variety of places. And it kind of goes hand in hand with a couple of past posts. Let’s talk about “the angle of the cum dangle.”
As some of you may have guessed, when we’re at the height of our sexual prowess our dicks stand up good and firm and tall. In our teens and early twenties the upward angle of our hard-on’s are at their peak performance. This angle puts your cock in the perfect position for typical (read Missionary) vaginal penetration and provides the best possible uninhibited flow of semen to its target. As we get older (if we don’t exercise the root-anchor muscles; but you do now since we covered that subject, right? I mean, right??) the degree of angle drops lower and lower.
Now, here’s where I see problems for all you guys who have asked “how can I get the longer shot?” which I covered, but apparently not complete enough. Mea culpa! Honest. I forgot to tell you about the angle many of you force on your cock when you blow that load. While you’re stroking and playing and teasing you can employ any comfortable positioning you care to that adds to or heightens the sensations. But when your balls have pulled up into position, and you feel the oncoming rush, lower your pecker to its natural angle to deliver that payload. If you don’t, what you do is cramp the flow of cum and thereby impede the force with which it blasts out.
It may be rewarding – well, okay, it’s actually fun – (at times) to lie there and watch that squirt shoot up into the air as it blasts out like the mist from a whale’s blowhole, to see how far your cum can high-jump, but this is not an action you want to employ on a regular basis. And I understand how you may want to imitate the porn stars but, you should realize they do that – point their cumming cocks – specifically so the camera picks up the full effect of the money shot. But, doing that is like placing a crimp in a garden hose!
While it won’t do any harm to your man-parts, are you really doing yourself any favors? No. What you’re doing is cheating yourself out a really satisfying spooge. Let that baby point where it should – at your chin – so it can blast off and drench you like the fire-hose it could be.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Partner Up!

This is one even the ladies out there can employ. It’s the guy’s birthday, or some other occasion (or you just want to be good to him and surprise him) and you just don’t know what to do. Give him a massage. No – don’t buy him one…Give him one; a nice, long, sensual massage; one that’s meant to give him a big old boner and get him off. Mutual j/o doesn’t necessarily mean working on each other at the same time.
Preparation. Get a bottle of massage oil and a bottle of good lube. Heat a bowl of water to place them in so you don’t have to waste time rubbing your hands together to warm it up. If you can put the oil and lube in pump dispensers, you won’t have to take the bottle out of the warm water. Wet a small hand towel, place it into a ziplock baggie, and place it in the warm water. Drape a sheet over any stable surface (my wife and I use the kitchen table); the floor will do if you don’t have anything else. Just don’t use the bed – it’ll be too soft. Light a few candles and lower the light factor as much as possible. Have slow, instrumental music playing softly in the background.
Undress him and give him a warm bath or shower – one where you do the soaping, rinsing, and drying for him. Lead him to the ‘massage table’ and have him lay face down, letting him arrange his cock (it may take a few small adjustments until it’s in a comfortable position). When he’s ready, spread some oil in your palms and begin. And always make sure your hands are well-oiled at all times – so keep it nearby.
You want to start in the middle of the body and work your way to the limbs. This will expel the tension to the toes and fingers. Then you’ll work your way back to the core to build that boner. So, begin with the small of the back and work upward. With soft, very gentle strokes of your hands and forearms, use the heel of your hand and your thumbs to add a little more pressure and massage his back, neck, and the back of his head (unless he doesn’t like his hair full of oil – I hate that). Work over the shoulders and then down one arm. Massage his hand – there’s a spot on the palm that will trigger a response in his groin – and do each finger, one at a time. Move to the other side and repeat for his other arm and hand. Always with slow, gliding, purposeful movements.
Return to the small of his back and work your way down. Lightly knead the muscles of his butt with your thumbs from the crack outward. Move to his thigh, help him spread his legs slightly apart if they aren’t already. Do the thigh in long sweeping moves. When your hands return to the top, move your fingers and thumbs into the perineum (the area between his ass and his balls; this is the root of his cock) and gently push and knead the area. Using your fingers, stretch the ball-sac and massage it. Then, grabbing both balls in one hand, gently tug down on them. (Ladies, always be gentle with the balls – don’t squeeze too hard or tug too far.) Move on down the leg, do the calf muscles, the ankle, and the foot. There’s another trigger point for the groin on the instep. Do each toe, one at a time. Then move to the other leg. Start with the glute and move down in the same manner.
In very long, sweeping strokes, run your hands with gentle pressure from butt to shoulders and down the arm, repeat for the leg starting again with the butt. Move to the other side and repeat.
Help him turn over. Now you will start at the abdomen – right above the base of his shaft. In the same, slow movements, use a light pressure to stroke upward. Knead the pecs, massage the shoulder and throat. Move up to his face and using very light pressure, do his cheeks, bridge of his nose and brows and forehead. Massage the ear. Move down to the shoulder and do the arm and hand again as before. Switch to the other side and repeat.
Go back down to the abdomen and work your way down. Do the thigh and the perineum, the ball-sac, gently tug down on the balls again. Move down the leg, do the calf, the foot and the toes as before. Move to the other side and repeat all the steps again.
Now, we’re going to move in the opposite direction to bring the energy into the core. To do this, start with the fingers. Then you’ll move to the hands (remember that trigger point – you can now see the response in his cock), up the arms. Do the face, the neck, the shoulder; move down to the chest. Knead the pecs and, this time, incorporate the nipples. Move down across the stomach and the abs. Let the edge of your hands brush against his dick as your hands massage the area at the base of the shaft. Do the perineum, ball-sac and balls – rolling each one individually this time between your thumb and fingers.
Move to the foot (remember that trigger point) and work your way up to his crotch, allowing the edge of your hands to brush against his balls, repeat the groin. Then move to the other side and repeat everything there.
Now you’ve encouraged the energy to move into the groin and he’s ready to release it. Place the palm of one hand over his balls and run your hand upward over them and up over the shaft and back down. Tug on the sac and stretch it, tug the balls downward. Massage the perineum with your thumbs and fingers, allowing your hands to brush against his nuts. Place your hands in a prayer position over his cock and stroke up and down it. Press the head to his belly and stroke and push it side to side. Pay very close attention to the position of his balls and the movement of his hips. When his hips begin to thrust against your strokes and his balls elevate, he’s very close to the edge. You should be able to feel that the heat of his hard-on has increased. At this point you can either, back off and massage his thighs and perineum again to let him down from the edge and let his hard-on wilt a bit, or you can take it to the finish line.
When you choose to finish, or he asks to cum, switch from the massage oil to the lube. Spread a very generous amount in your hands, grasp his cock at the base with one hand and begin stroking; use full strokes all the way up and back down. You’ll cup and massage his balls with the other hand. Increase the pace of your movements. You’ll feel his cock harden; it will get longer and thicker and even hotter in your hand. Let your hands move with him – as he thrusts his hips, keep jacking and massaging the balls. Try to keep a soft angle on his hard cock – so it points naturally toward his torso – as he shoots his load. Do not stop stroking until his cum has stopped flowing and you see his balls have lowered all the way back down. Slow your strokes gradually. A word of caution, ladies: Some men’s cockheads can be extremely sensitive, almost painful to the touch, after they cum. Be very careful with it.
Take the wet hand towel from its baggie and softly wipe his cock and his balls clean. Then wipe his torso. Do a check of his neck, face, and forehead. If he’s blasted the first few shots that far, clean it up. Take the draped sheet, wrap it over him, tucking it to keep him warm, and let him lie there quietly for at least fifteen minutes.
Bring him a glass of champagne or his favorite wine (or a glass of water if he’d prefer) and help him to sit up. Let him talk if he wants, but don’t force it by asking questions. Let him enjoy the calmness and peacefulness. If he wants to shower or bathe again, do it for him; soaping, rinsing, and drying him. Hand him a robe to slip on afterward to keep him warm or lead him to bed and curl up with him.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Long One

(Or Reconnect-Rediscover) I’ve been reading blogs and bulletin boards…okay, and surfing some great jack-off videos. Hey, if you’re going to write about something, you have to do some research; right? Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed one common running theme. Well, of course the main common theme is cock. What, you were expecting navel lint? The thing I noticed most often is our penchant for the quick cum. In one clip, this dude went from totally soft to blowing his load in 1minute, 4 seconds. Oh, my!
Now I can understand the quick morning break or lunchtime jack-off. I understand we sometimes need fast relief; that “hide in the men’s room stall, furtive, blurry handed I-just-gotta-get-my-nuts-off-or-I’ll-explode” session. Unfortunately, we seem to want to do that all too often, as if we’ve never left those days when we had to hide our boners from mom & dad and quickly bust our nut in the bathroom or out behind the barn. It was always fast and furious and almost always guilt-ridden.
But we’re adults now. It’s time to rid ourselves of that 12-year-old kid and learn how to lavish our dicks with attention. This is the “me-time jack off.” I don’t like the term “self-love” – that seems to be more of a psychological thing for me. That being said, learning to love and appreciate all the wonderful sensations you can conjure up in your cock is important. So, let’s embark on that journey together, shall we? But I warn you – it’s going to take some time...meaning, this is going to be a long post; yet in the end I think (hope?) you’ll find it worth it. We’re going to leave that furtive teenage, fast, fist pounding session behind and we’re going to stroke gently and lovingly, we’re going to explore every sensuous nook and cranny, tease every bump and ridge we find on our cocks. I want you to discover – or re-discover your body as well as your cock. It’s going to get rock hard and subside and do it all over again, and again, and again. Ready?

Find a comfortable place, whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or somewhere out in the middle of a field. Leave the cum rag, leave the lube…it’s going to be just you, whatever amount of pre-cum your body delivers and the part of you that makes you a man: Your beautiful, sensitive, cock.
Standing, close your eyes and run your hands along your body, from head to thighs, around to your ass. Squeeze your ass cheeks in your hands. Feel the muscles, knead them slow and sensuous. Run the edge of your hands up alongside your crotch, push your balls together. Run the palms over your abdomen at the base of your dick. Slide a hand over the growing bulge and squeeze. Feel the head engorge. Bring your hands up and knead your chest muscles, run both hands lightly around your throat and the back of your neck. Touch your ears, run a single finger around and behind them. Slide two fingers down the length of your throat, feel the tingle, then slide your hands down the torso and to the inside of your thighs – make sure you stop at your abs running your hands back and forth. Back up to your chest, knead the muscles, pinch the nipples. Bring your hands along your face, touching lightly, run your fingers up your cheeks, across your brow and down the bridge of your nose, ending with your lips. Put your fingers into your mouth – one at a time. Pay attention to the wetness, the slick feeling; suck on them. Slide them, wet and slick over your throat across your adam’s apple to the hollow at the base. Wrap your arms around yourself and hug your body, then run your hands along opposite arms. Massage the muscles along your sides. Move one hand around and squeeze your ass, push the edge into the crack and run it up and down, while the other hand grabs and squeezes your thickening cock. Push up under your balls and rub the sides of the root of your dick. Feel how it increases the hardness of your shaft.
Do a strip tease for yourself as you begin to remove your clothes. Slowly take your shirt off and drop it to the floor. Rub and massage and squeeze your pecs, glide fingers over your throat, the nape of your neck. Run your fingers along your face, brow and nose. Let a finger slip into your mouth and suck on it while your other hand plays with a nipple. Use the wet finger and draw little circles over a nipple, pinch it and flick it with the wet finger. Feel the little ridges and hair follicles around it. Feel how hard it gets. Switch hands and repeat it with the other one. Run your hands up into your arm pits and glide your fingers down the length of your arms, stopping to tease the soft crook at the elbow. Let your fingers glide over the wrists and down to the palms. Massage your hands lightly. There’s a trigger point on the palm of your hand that can give you a hard-on. Find it. (My massage therapist always manages to hit it just right.) Run your hands over your belly and push a wet finger into your navel. Listen to the sound it makes; can you hear it? Run your hands across your abs so the edges rub against the base of your shaft. Notice your tool jump, wanting to be freed.
Open your pants and shove a hand down inside. Grab your hard-on and squeeze it, stroke up and down it a few times. Feel the turgid twitch. Cup your balls and massage them. Scoop a bead of pre-cum and spread it on your nipples. Massage and knead your pecs some more. Push your pants down and let your cock spring out and stand proudly in the air. Grab your ass cheeks in both hands and rub them. Notice how your cock moves as you play with your butt cheeks. Put the edge a hand into the crack of your ass, spread the cheeks with it, push against the hole. Feel the way your dick responds, the way it jumps and sways. Spread your legs and run the edge of your hand up between your legs, letting your balls and shaft rub against your forearm. Notice the different sensations on your cock from the different textures of skin touching it. Play with your balls, knead them and massage them, push them against a thigh muscle; pull down on the sac and stretch it. Push the fingers of your hands up against the root of your shaft. Feel how the head flexes upward and your entire cock gets bigger.
Kick your shoes off, remove your socks, let your pants drop to the ground and step out of them. Stand with your legs comfortably apart. Look down at your dick. Study it. See the bead of pre-cum grow and begin to drool from the tip. Let your eyes drink in the color of the head, the tiny ridges of the skin that covers it. See the round bottom ridge of your cockhead, see how it curves upward toward the underside of the shaft. Follow the veins along the shaft as they disappear into your abdomen. Look at and study the shades of coloring along it; see how that changes when you spread pre-cum over it. Notice the way your cock twitches and jumps. Feel the heat of the shaft increase, watch how the head gets a deeper red as the blood pulses through your cock.

Sit down now, and explore your entire body with your fingertips. Your toes, the insteps of your feet, massage the calves of your legs, tickle the soft skin behind your knees with fingers you’ve wet from sucking on them. Run your hands along the inside of your thighs, feel the head of your cock poking against your stomach; maybe the tip is buried in your navel, filling it with pre-cum. Run your fingertips lightly across the inside of your thighs, notice how your balls elevate when you hit the most sensitive area. Do it a few times and watch them pull up and drop each time you stroke the nerves on your leg.
Massage your feet. Each toe and the arch of each foot. There’s a spot between the balls of your feet – a trigger point – that will make your cock hard. See if you can find it and watch the reaction. (Again, my massage therapist always manages to find it and work it until I’m good and boned.) Lovingly inspect each millimeter of your dick, from the base of the shaft to the tip. Stroke it all with the tip of one finger, then run the edge of that finger in circles around the ridge of the head.
Lie on your back and glide your hands softly over every inch of your body that you can reach, from your upper legs to your brow. Notice the sensation it brings. Lick and suck on your fingers – one at a time. Use the wetness to tease your nipples and make them hard. Gently scrape your fingernails across them. In rhythm, use the flat palm of each hand to cup around your balls and them stroke all the way up to the head of your cock…keep going all the way to your chest and circle back over your nipples. Push your dick down against your abdomen and push it sideways, back and forth. Feel the head glide through the pre-cum that pools there. Using just your fingertips, stroke the skin of the shaft – feel how the skin glides over the hardness and how the head is gently rocked against your belly.
Use your fingers in the same way to stroke along the root of your cock. Put external pressure on your prostate, pressing your fingers against it and rolling them in small circles. Notice how the pressure increases the thickness of your cock, makes the head bulge. Pull your cock up away from your belly and let it slap back down. Feel the tingle in the head when it hits, notice how it bounces a couple times, splashing in the pool of wetness. Run a fingertip in the pool of pre-cum and then make tiny circles across the very underside of your cock where the shaft meets the head. That tiny sweet spot that makes your dick jump.
Wrap your non-dominant hand around the very base of your cock in a back-hand grip and start a slow jacking. Feel the edge of your palm bump against the sensitive ridge of the head. Let your body tell you when and how to pick up the speed and then switch to your favorite hand. Spread your legs wide and feel how your balls sway and bounce as you stroke the shaft.
Don’t forget to put that other hand to use – play with your nipples, squeeze your balls, push on your prostate, suck on your fingers. Feel your whole body tingle with excitement. Feel the pre-cum drooling and spreading over your cock as you use those full up and down strokes. Can you feel the energy gathering in your very core? Notice how your breathing is becoming more rapid – shallow and almost as fast as your hand is moving along your shaft.
Do you feel the heaviness in your balls, the way they’ve begun to pull up, getting ready to empty? Can you feel the prostate turn into that buzz-button you’ve heard about? It tingles and pulses with your heartbeat. Press on it and feel how full it’s getting.
Thrust your hips in opposition to your hand as it moves up and down your cock. Feel the pressure building in your core. The heat rising in your body. Notice how hot your cock has become; how much bigger and thicker the shaft and head have gotten. Look down at your burgeoning tool, see how the head is turning a deep reddish-purple. Squeeze it, see how rock hard it is now. If you let it go, it should throb and hover and sway over your abs.
Bend your legs slightly at the knees, spreading your legs wide and stroke your cock faster. Feel the hardness, the heat build. Feel it pulse, beginning its contractions. Notice how your balls have pulled up and get squeezed against the root of your dick. Feel the first surge build, your torso lifting up off the ground, and squeeze the base of your cock – feel the first shot of cum loading. Thrust your hips and stroke up – feel the cum rise through your cock, feel it shoot in an explosion of a hot, opaque rope. Your whole body should be one huge nerve ending – you are one with your cock as everything spasms in unison. You don’t care where it spews – all you know is the deep contractions of your body – let it fly! Let it land and spatter wherever it will. Quickly run your hand down to the base of your cock and squeeze it again for the next volley and push it up and through with your hand. Feel the base of the shaft expand and contract as it blasts another shot out, feel the heightened sensation in the head of your dick. Do this with each spurt of jizz – pushing your hips into the air, and using your hand to help your cock eject your ball cream.
Notice how your cock pulses with them. Notice the warmth of that liquid when it hits the skin of your body in thick gobs. Slow your strokes as your ejaculation subsides, but don’t stop them. This should be a sensory overload for your whole body. Let the cum drool down over your hand, flooding the area between your cock and thumb. Run your thumb over your cockhead and spread the juice around, feel the nerve endings there send shivers through you making you gasp. Notice how soft and silky smooth your cockhead feels under the slippery jizz.
Breathe deep and make your mind focus on every part of your body. Keep slowly stroking your cock – feel it soften, spread the cum on your hand all over it and over your nuts. Use the other hand to slowly and gently massage your balls as they lower back down into place. Notice how the muscles in your entire body have loosened – the tension gone. Notice the splatters and pools of cum, feel the hot liquid begin to cool in the air around you.

Lay there and drink in the feelings of well-being. Notice your balls – they feel light and empty. Stand up slowly and look down – look at how low they hang not quite as low as they did before you came. Spread your legs and rock back and forth and feel how your cock and balls sway, the wet, sensitive head slapping against your thigh. Notice how good you feel. How great your cock feels, still semi-hard – the nerve endings still humming. How terrific your balls feel now that they’ve emptied their load.

Focus on those feelings and they should be with you for several hours. When you take that post-cum whizz, notice how the shaft and head of your cock are sensitive to the flow of piss. It almost feels like you’re shooting another load of cum.
This is what you should be doing every so often, guys. Leave that frenzied jacking off, that “gotta-bust-a-nut” session behind and enjoy yourself; reconnect with your entire body, because it can be one huge erogenous zone. It can become so intense, so sensuous, so erotic, that in your mind - when you picture yourself as you cum - all you see is one huge, pulsating, hard-as-steel, glorious cock.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Uncut Care

I covered the care of the cut, or circumcised, cocks last week. We cut dudes have so much less to concern ourselves with. Hmmm…maybe that’s why doing the deed became so popular on newborn boys back in the 50’s.
Being intact is extremely important to some guys; so much so, some men who were cut at birth have taken the pains to restore their foreskin. But when you hear the arguments for circumcision, there is more than a grain of truth to them – not the least of which is a lower rate of STD’s (those little viruses just love that dark, moist place and thrive under the hood!).
But let’s move on – because this is not a “pro or con” post. In fact, I’m very much in favor of guys retaining as much hood as possible when forced to get cut due to medical reasons (there is such a thing as a “partial”). Honesty being the better part of valour – it can get nasty under there, guys! Keeping your cock clean under the hood is very important and most intact guys don’t give it the attention it deserves.
If you are like 99.99% of men, you sneak that peek over at the cock at the next urinal. (No shame in it – it’s normal and natural to want to scope out the competition.) And if you’re out in the open, like in a military barracks, you’re gonna get an eyeful anyway. I can’t begin to tell you how many men I’ve seen take a leak without pulling the foreskin back.

The fun in having a foreskin is, of course, the wonderful sensations of running it over the silky-smooth head; docking (placing the heads together and covering them with the foreskin) is popular when two intact guys are engaged in mutual jack-off. The reason you guys get that nice, soft, moist cockhead is because of the tiny oil glands just under the Coronal Ridge, but if you don’t keep it clean you can end up with hirsutoid papilliomas (small, white sebaceous cysts), a condition which is much more prevalent in uncut men. Add the piss to the oil secreted by those tiny glands and the build-up (called Smegma), or adding several hours of edging pre-cum to the mix can result in a not all-too-enticing aroma. A man’s crotch can smell great, it smells better if it’s taken care of properly.
Make sure you retract it completely and wash the area well when you shower or bathe. If you listen to decades-old advice, you should be skinning back and cleaning the head several times each day. When you take a whizz, skin that bad boy bare; clear the piss from the shaft and shake that last drop off before you stuff your monster back into your pants. Or, like I’ve seen some guys doing: use a few squares of toilet paper to swipe your piss-slit dry.
Keep it clean and enticing...