Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Proper Workout

Exercise is important.

We all know that.

But there are other tendons and ligaments that need exercise as well. A proper workout should be thorough. Don't forget to exercise the man-meat...

Of course, exercising with a buddy can be a lot more interesting.

Make sure you give it a good, thorough workout twice a week.

And don't forget to hit the showers when you're done.

You never know who you might run into. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Boner Is a Boner

(For my Faithful Reader, who wanted to see a little hair for a change.)

I fully expected at least one comment asking, "There's a difference in boners???" But, I think you guys are on to me. LOL. A boner is a boner is a boner. Right? Well...

I've preached about Blood Oxygen Boners - or BOBies. Then, there are the Horny Hard-ons - or HorHos. And, finally, you've got your Sexually Activated Stiffies - or SASies. (God, I love coming up with new monikers!)

Our BOBies abound. We get so many in a 24-hour period - especially when we're young - there are times we think it's just one long perpetual boner. (Don't we wish!) As we age, most of those are semi's; at least during the day when we're awake. At night they're totally in the full upright and locked position.

The HorHos - now those are a different story. Those are the ones that start out with the heavy, full feeling in the nuts. The cock begins to fill and twitch and then stand up hard as a rock or snake its way down a pant leg. The pre-cum starts to bead up and then flow.

The SASies are the ones that come on because we (or a partner) has started playing with Mr Happy, or we've been surfing or watching porn, or we see a nice pair of tits, or a beautiful round ass, or a pair of long, shapely legs.

They're all different. And by the time we reach our early twenties we should be able to tell the difference. Before that, though, we think every boner is strictly about needing to get the rocks off. Not that we can't. In fact, as young men, we probably do - every chance we get! We're either having a good old romp in the hay with someone, or we're happily jacking that puppy for all we're worth, blowing as big a load as possible.

I think I was in my mid-twenties before I fully realized the difference. 'Til then I thought I was just horny all the time and every opportunity I got - guy, girl, fucking, frot, blow jobs, hand jobs, whatever. Hell, I didn't care! As long as my cock was hard, I was raring to enjoy every inch of it.

How old were you when you knew what each boner was about?

Or were you lucky enough to have been told the difference?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Different Strokes...

...for different boners.

Well, I was going to do a post about the difference between our erections, but I think I'll save it for another day and just wish you all a healthy, happy, enjoyable weekend.

Full of good, healthy, fun activity.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

In The Pursuit of (Penis) Liberty

There was quite a long article in the paper yesterday about skinny-dipping in New York. Who knew there were so many places, not only on the beaches along the coastline, but right within the city? Of course, it isn't any more legal there than anywhere else in our staid country of Puritans. When the lifeguards blow the whistle to indicate they're leaving, the suits come off and the revelry begins.  So, so sad that it must wait for that.

As my comment over at Smokey and Me (our blogger buddy O!Daddie), who's entries today have discussed, being naked outside is liberating, being naked anywhere is liberating. A couple of people interviewed for the article in the paper indicated they were resistant to the idea until they'd had a few drinks to loosen them up, but they had no explanation for why.

We all came into the world naked, everything exposed to those present. What is between the legs is highly anticipated with great excitement. So much so that some folks can't wait for the birth, they ask for the information during a sonogram. So, why do we make such a big fuckin' deal out of being nude where others can see?

That hunk of meat, those sensitive orbs swinging in the sac - those things are supposed to be there; their purpose varied but common among all mammals - indeed, among all species. The functioning of our poles is expected - so much so that medical science has spent millions, perhaps trillions, of dollars to help us achieve it. We're pummeled with advertisements for boner pills, yet society still can't (or won't) accept even a soft cock being visible.

You are a male. We typically know this when we see you out and about anywhere. We instinctively know you've got a penis and testicles (though, for various reasons one or both nuts could be missing). Why do you feel the need to hide them? Why do you feel shame to have someone - even a doctor!! - see them?

Get past this, my Faithful Readers, and you will feel a sense of relief and liberty wash over you.

Become comfortable in your skin and you will discover a freedom and joy in both life and friendships you've never experienced before.

And then, slowly, you might not be like this poor guy...

You may not be as open about them as this...

But, at least you can be as confident as this...

and no longer care that people know you have a cock...

and it works.