Friday, May 27, 2011

Remembering Our Boys

Acouple of weeks ago, I posted some pictures of our guys in uniform – and mentioned I should have probably waited for Memorial Day. I’ve been gathering photos since. Because I don’t post on weekends, I’m posting this today.

This is in honor of all the guys (and girls!) who have sacrificed – many with their lives – to provide us in the country with the freedom to express ourselves as we do; to celebrate a freedom many in this country consider immoral and in many repressed countries around the planet could get us thrown in jail (at best) or get us executed (at worst).
Please, remember those who have served and those who are serving and giving so much for us! We owe them more than we could ever repay…

Go Ahead – Beat It

I owe a debt of gratitude to follower CoreyJo for triggering an old memory and giving me the idea for today’s post. By the way, her blog Corey’s Dark Corner and Other Unreachable Places is an inspiration in itself! If you haven’t discovered it, pop on over there – you won’t be disappointed; I promise. You can click the title text above, or a link is in the sidebar.
Anyway, CoreyJo reminded me of a situation from my younger days. I was single (after divorcing a woman who thought jacking off was not only disgusting but felt it was “cheating”) and started dating a woman I’d met doing a show. Now, I don’t know if she knew I jacked off several times a week – even though we’d have sex on a regular basis – but, if she knew, she never said anything. If she had asked I certainly would have admitted it; I wasn’t afraid to cop to it and own it.
The thing with this relationship was this: It never failed that she’d be on her period and it would make me crazy-mad horny. It had never happened to me before and it’s never happened to me since. I don’t know what it was with her, but my cock would twitch up a storm and within a few hours my balls felt like they weighed a ton. And no matter what I did, no matter what I said or how much I pleaded, she never gave in. (It might be worth noting, she was also the only woman I loved going down on too!) I’d sit on that couch with her and my cock would snake down a pant leg like a log, straining against the fabric, and an ever increasing wet spot would emerge from all the pre-cum. There’s no way she couldn’t see it, but she still denied me any assistance – no fucking, no blow job, no hand job.
Well, there I was, cock as hard as a railroad spike and going back to my own place. The minute I walked through my door the clothes came off. I grabbed one of the sleeves from my AccuJac, lubed it up, slid it between two pillows and went to town. I didn’t bother hooking up the AccuJac itself – when these monthly times hit me, it couldn’t provide a fast enough or hard enough stroke. I slammed into that sleeve like I was hammering nails into a floorboard. I’d blast a huge load and keep right on going. I’d have to cum at least two or three times before my balls felt sufficiently empty, and my willie wilted, and I’d lie there exhausted, gasping for breath.
The moral of this post, I guess, is the need for us guys to get over our inhibitions. I wish I’d been smart enough at that age to have just dropped trou right there in front of her, grabbed my stick and gone to town. But I guess I was too embarrassed to do it in front of a woman – though I’d jacked off with plenty of guys by then. ‘Course, she never suggested it to me either and she very well could have I suppose.
Guys, if our partners can’t help, we should just become ballsy enough to wrap a hand around that raging hard-on and milk it dry. If they decide to join in, wonderful; if not, well, no problem. Ladies, it may also be part of the solution to larger problems: If your man is horny and you are indisposed for whatever reason, don’t let him (or make him) slink off to sit on the toilet…you can suggest (give permission?) he free his monster and beat it into submission, right then and there. It very well could be a great learning experience for you (to see what kind of stimulation he enjoys) but it might make it easier to be more open and honest with each other about other things too. Hmm, now there’s a thought.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let’s Do It

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the Archives of Sexual Behavior: 63% of men consider masturbation critical to sexual health. Bravo! to those guys; they understand that jacking off a few times a week, in supplement to other sexual activity, helps keep everything in good working order. Now if we could just convince the other 36%...

Unfortunately, only 16% of women consider it critical. Guys, we’ve got a lot of work to do on that score! Ladies, what more do we have to do to prove it? Do we need a note from our doctor? Do we need to spend a small fortune on medical journals for your reading pleasure to enhance our own health and sexual prowess?
You ladies do realize, do you not, that you would benefit embracing a bit of finger exercise in this department yourselves. Let’s make a pact, shall we? You’ll feel better, you’ll be happier and – if the adage “Happy wife means a happy life” is true: – we’ll be happier.
We, as your husbands/lovers/friends-with-benefits or whatever our position is with you, will stop pouting and thinking we are not doing a proper job, that our cocks must not be big enough to hit the right spots, when we discover that Personal Massager you have stashed if you will stop thinking (or grousing to your girlfriends) that you must not be desirable enough anymore because you found out we flog the log in the shower. We will not only condone the activity, we will encourage you to do more of it.
I’ll go even a step further and propose we all follow the advice of a mountain of marriage and sex counselors’ advice to make a weekly date in the bedroom for some health-enhancing fun; you on your side of the bed, us on ours. So, the aim becomes to please yourself, not to aim to please.
Go ahead, get out the vibrator – we’re no longer intimidated by it. Moan and scream and writhe. Take as long as you like, have as many orgasms as you can muster. Give yourself the best hand(s) you’ve ever had. We’ll get out our vibrator, vibrating cock ring, or jack off sleeve if we have them and whip our cocks into a frenzy right alongside you.

We’ll keep ourselves on the brink for as long as we can, we’ll try to match you orgasm for orgasm until we finally blow a load that threatens to drown us both in a tidal wave of slick white cum. And we’ll both feel better, we’ll both be healthier, and we’ll both definitely be happier!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Dead Dick?

I generally will not post more than once per day, but I felt this issue was serious enough to address immediately. A guy left an anonymous comment on the post “Phuh-what?” voicing that, in his opinion, circumcision is the most vile thing ever perpetrated on men. (I won’t get into any debates over it.) He went on to say he’d undergone the procedure as an adult (I’m assuming for medical reasons) and was left with no sensation at all in his dick.

I truly wish he had left that post in such a manner that I could have responded to him directly. Instead, I will have to hope he’ll come back and read this one.

Anonymous:  – and for any other guys out there who have this kind of lack of sensation – I urge an immediate trip to an Urologist. Because simply cutting off the foreskin will not result in a deadened dick. Yes nerve endings are lost with the skin removal, but it does not sever the remaining nerve endings – of which there are millions upon millions – in the head or the [remaining] skin of the shaft.

The most likely culprit: Damage to the nerve bundle running along the perineum. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself:

1.      Do I ride a bicycle with a standard issue seat on a regular basis?

If you answered yes – you may have crushed that bundle of nerves, which will definitely result in a loss of sensation in your cock.

2.      Do I ride a motorcycle with a standard issue seat on a regular basis – particularly a dirt bike?

If you answered yes – the same thing applies; you may have damaged the nerve bundle.

3.      Am I a desk jockey? In other words do I sit in a chair at a desk all day long?

If you answered yes – this can cause that bundle of nerves to go numb on a regular basis.

4.      Have I fallen onto a rail or some other object causing trauma to the perineal area?

If you answered yes – this may have done major damage.

If you think your problem may stem from No. 1, there are bicycle seats made specifically to address the issue. Hightail it out to a bike shop and buy one. For No. 2, get your ass to the motorcycle shop and get a different seat – one that will relieve the pressure on the perineum. If No. 3 describes your workday, get off the chair for at least 5 to 10 minutes every hour and perhaps take a pillow to sit on. Constant pressure, over a period of time, on the perineum will have a crushing effect on the perineal nerve bundle, resulting in exactly what the poster complains about. Even those thick, heavy seams running through the crotch of tight denim pants can have this effect.

The good news is that (if you treat your cock root properly) over a length of recuperative time (months, not days) the connections will restore themselves.

Yet for all of the above questions, but especially No. 4, a trip to an Urologist is definitely in order! It may even require a referral to a Neurologist.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as often as need be: When it comes to issues of the man-parts (cock, balls, prostate), do not cheat yourself! Don’t allow shyness or embarrassment stop you from seeking medical help. Doctors are fully aware of what we have hanging between our legs and they know how those things are supposed to behave, react, and work. Urologists have spent years of extra study to become experts on cock and balls. If they are male they will have an even better understanding of your concern and frustration – as men they’re as fond of their equipment as you are of yours.

It is important to your overall mental and physical health to ensure your one-eyed snake can get stiff and your ball-batter can be beaten out properly and regularly.