Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Pick Up the Pace

 About 30-40 minutes in, we turned off the debate(?). It wasn't really a debate at all. It was, what most agree, a chaotic cluster-fuck.

The first channel we flipped to had a commercial running. A woman in yoga attire, advertising a new "feminine hygiene" product. And we laughed out loud for the longest time, mostly because the final seconds were hysterical comedy. Dressed in skin-tight yoga attire (that's important), the woman stands on her elbows, spreads her legs parallel to the floor, and a voice-over says, "My hoo-ha is filled with joy!" and then a female voice sings like the fat lady in an opera. It made for perfect comedic relief after the chaos.

But, if you've been reading this blog for long, you know me. My brain immediately wanted to see a similar commercial with a man - dressed in the same skin-tight attire with a prominent bulge - saying, "My package is filled with joy!"

Of course, our society is still too timid to acknowledge the male anatomy in such a blatant way. Hell, we can't even have underwear commercials. You know, like the commercials they do for bras. Camera focused on the bulge while the model pushes his hips forward and sways around suggestively saying how comfortably situated everything is in there.

Guys, we need to pick up the pace in dropping the shame and embarrassment.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Short Answers to the Age Old Question


This question, posed to Men's Health Healthline, comes up quite often, and it surprises me. Especially in these days of CV-19 when it's pretty much all many people have available to them. But, I suppose the more often it's stated, the better.

Q: I masturbate every day. Is that too much? I’m worried that masturbating and watching porn is going to hurt my sex life or cause ED.

I'll leave the typical "safe" answers to the article.

Short answers to that age old question:

Masturbation is good for your health. Both mental and physical. Jacking off every day is not too much. Ejaculating often lowers your risk of prostate cancer.

Masturbation does not cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED). On the contrary, it helps you maintain healthy penile tissue. The blood flowing to those boners is good for you.

Masturbation will not hurt your sex life with a partner. If the attraction is there, the arousal is there, you'll be fine.

Do you worry that nobody will do you as well as you do you? 

Don't. You know what feels good, what you like. Just share those things with a sex partner.

Bam! Boner City.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Your Best Boners


Men's Health Healthline published another article about ensuring your best boners. It's filled with the usual stuff: diet, exercise, rest, supplements, etc. But they added a section that surprised me.

Do you ever find your cock seems harder during solo play than when you're with someone?

Q: Why do I have a firm erection when I masturbate and not when I’m with a partner?

Masturbation is a solo activity. If you’re horny, you can probably get yourself to an orgasm without much help because you can focus entirely on the good feelings that come with pleasuring yourself.

But sex with another person brings in more complexity: both your and your partner’s moods, emotions, level of trust with each other, and levels of confidence. To reduce performance anxiety, focus more on discovering what’s most pleasurable to you versus on how well you’re sexually performing.

So, the next time you're lying around during the CV-19 pandemic, test their theory:

Does your cock seem harder than when you are with someone?

Apparently, it's quite normal and quite common.