Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Left or Right?


"I dress to the right and jack off with my right hand. My dick hangs over my right nut when its soft but stands straight out when its hard. How weird is that?"

Ah, the mysteries of the cock.

Not weird at all. Just as it's more common that the left testicle hangs lower than the right, it seems more men have left-leaning cocks --- draping slightly to the left over the left testicle. Some lean that direction when they're hard, too. Some don't. The direction a guy dresses and the hand he uses to masturbate have nothing to do with it.

According to the MEL magazine article, "The Science of Which Way Your Dick Hangs,"

"According to male reproductive health specialist Dr. Muhammad Mirza, nothing you do on a day-to-day basis can actually affect which way your penis leans. ... the penis is made solely of spongy tissue, which hardens when blood rushes into it. This tissue is anchored to the pubic bones via a two-sided root, and this is where the asymmetry arises. In most men, one side of the root usually just happens to be slightly longer on the right or left, with the result that the penis hangs down farther on that side — and well, gravity does the rest."

In a bit of light-heartedness to end the article, author Brian VanHooker states: "When it comes to your natural curve, as with the size and shape and everything else about your penis, it’s just what you were born with. So, if you have complaints, address them to your parents."

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

A Good Trip


We took turns driving. It was a road trip up to the Pacific Northwest. I'd never been. Lots and lots of green --- though I had no idea that Eastern Oregon was so...desert-y. And desolate. Or, so I thought when we pulled over to a turn-out so I could stretch and pee. And, of course, mid-stream, a car came over the rise.... LOL.

Stops included Hood River, Oregon where we browsed bookstores, stopped for lunch, and then watched foil surfers on the Columbia. Quite a few farmer markets looking for cherries and berry jams. Yep, we did come home with a lot.

Up to Seattle to walk through Pike Place Market, Ugh. Overcrowded and everything priced for tourists (read, expensive).

A day spent on Sunset Beach, which was not crowded --- yeeeaaaay --- because how can you get that close to the ocean and not stop? Sadly, it is not clothing optional.

That side trip replaced driving to Sequoia National Park on the way home. Another road trip for the future.

It was certainly cooler than here. Irony? Cloudy and / or overcast all but two days with nary a drop of rain. Here, it rained like hell while we were gone.

In all, it was a pretty nice trip.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday Funnies


We're back. What's that old adage? "I need a vacation after my vacation."

Monday Funnies.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Vacation Monday Giggles


I'm out on vacation but Faithful Reader Jean asked how we'd all get by without the Monday Funnies.

Why not a scheduled post?