Thursday, August 31, 2017

Having Fun Trying

There are times I sit and wrack my brain in search of something to post. There are times nothing comes to mind. Or, something is there, but I haven't been able to suss it out. Today is one of the latter, but I'll forge on.
I sat reading the newspaper...
Another letter to Dear Abby from a man who is now engaged to a woman he's deeply in love with, who his family adores. Now, he's trying to figure out what to tell them when they push for the babies to begin arriving. His family is very conservative; he fears their reaction when they're told the young lady is transgender.
Abby rather tap danced around it, essentially suggesting he might tell his family they'll have to adopt and try to leave it at that. But, we all know how family can mine for answers. And, we know how some people can be. "Chick with a dick" is probably the mild end of the cruelty spectrum.
My opinion, advice, would've been: If they haven't figured it out, don't tell them. It's none of their business. The answer to the babies question, "We're having fun trying!"

Am I wrong?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

In the Moment

Sexual pleasure is like any other activity we enjoy. But when it consumes you, it's no longer a positive thing.
Dear Abby gets a letter from a man whose wife gets mad because he won't stay home from work with her. According to him, she is after him every waking hour - and wakes him during the night. The poor guy must be exhausted. Abby tells him to have a stern talk with her and ask what's more important: Food on the table, a roof over their heads...or sex?
As Jeanne Phillips' mum used to get upon occasion: 20 lashes with a wet noodle. Unless editors cut the response, this sudden change in the wife's behavior needs to be addressed by her doctor.
We've all joked "men are always ready." But, it's a myth. In our uneducated youth, we men even believe it; it's perpetuated because of all the boners we get. Boners which have everything to do with a man's ability for a healthy sex life, but nothing to do with sex in the moment.

I hope the people of South and Southeast Texas find some relief from the record rainfall. It will take years to recover from the devastation. It is worth noting that, when in crisis, humans embrace humanity - skin color, social class, and political ideology disappear. If only we could remember that sense of community on a daily basis.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This and That

Last evening I watched the reports on Houston, seeing the devastation. My BFF from high school lives there with his wife. So far, they aren't within the path of the flooding. Yet, with the amount of rain they are expecting over the next couple of days, and the opening of gates to relieve pressure on two different earthen dam reservoirs (considered to be two of the most "in danger" in the country), flooding could still creep its way to them.

I've had readers ask what kind of dancing I did that we would have to shave everything.

Blogger buddy Patrick posted the following picture on his Men I've..., which gives you an idea of the costumes we men wore (some, even more skimpy that this).
Then, French Patrick made me laugh when he sent along this gif with "Veganism is ruining porn."
Friends and laughter and life's little pleasures are the key to a lock which may remain hidden from us.

All we can do in the face of adversity is keep smiling and laughing.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Soak Up Some Sun

School has resumed in most places; Summer is pretty much over. Burning Man has begun their week-long revelry in the Northern Nevada desert.
Sweat-inducing heat is just about behind us.

Sweaty or not, for us men, things have a tendency to stick together. Lift to separate, and go enjoy.
The warm weather should stick around for another couple of weeks. Take advantage of it.

Too fearful to be naked out in public? At least go soak up some sun in a friend's back yard. Ten minutes of sunlight helps provide the necessary Vitamin D...

Friday, August 25, 2017

Enjoy Your Weekend

The M.D. has flared up once again, and I got nothin'. So, I leave you with...

Enjoy your weekend.