Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Enjoy It


You all know - at least I think you do - that in a past life, many years ago when dirt was young, I was a dancer for a short while. After the military until age caught up to me. And then the M.D. took it away completely. French Patrick has sent me many a photo to remind me of the days.

Despite the brevity of that time in my life, I do look back with fondness. 

Faithful Reader Adam has just introduced me to Antonio Da Silva and his latest film entitled Dancers. I wish I could post it right here for you to watch but, alas! all I can do is post a link to it on Da Silva's website. It's a very sensuous and erotic strip routine.

While I can say I never popped wood on stage, I can say I know it happens to some guys.

I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

All-time Record


The heatwave scorching the Western U.S. might have many people wishing for Winter. 

Canada hit an all-time record high of 118F.

This is some serious heat folks.

Lots of folks seem to be heading anywhere they can find to cool off.

As Jean mentioned in her comment yesterday: Stay hydrated!

Hope you're staying cool.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Feel Good Ones

Tele-health is being promoted a lot since proving to be useful during the pandemic. Yet, I suspect there are certain maladies an online doc wouldn't be able to help with. One such issue is the focus of a recent Healthline Men's Health article, 9 Causes for Painful Ejaculation.

"Painful ejaculation may be a sign of a larger medical condition that requires treatment. Common causes include prostatitis, surgery, cysts or stones, and antidepressant drugs. See your doctor for diagnosis and treatment so that you can avoid serious complications and maintain a healthy sex life."

I've experienced my own bouts and they left me with a cock too sensitive to touch after I came, and balls that ached sometimes for hours, sometimes for days. It turned out to be minor and something this article doesn't mention. 

Mine was caused by OTC sinus meds, which dried up the production of precum. My doctor suggested more lubrication during sexual activity whenever I needed the allergy meds.

Back then, the only thing you'd find on a shelf: KY Jelly.  So, it was either that or spit.

Now, of course, there are all kinds of lubes available, both on store shelves and online, and the choice continues to grow. The latest is by Cake. From So-low Lotion and Tush Cush to Toy Wonder, it's all developed for "shame-free sexual health."

Enhance your me time. Whichever brand you choose, 

it may just help you avoid painful ejaculations and have those "feel good" ones.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Can You Tell Us?


The reason I asked yesterday's question is because of the proliferation of the online availability to get boner pills. I can understand how a lot of men would be more comfortable with an online thing than talking face-to-face and being examined by a physician.

For some reason, guys are great at making jokes and talking about boners and sex amongst ourselves. 

Put us in front of a doctor and we suddenly would rather talk about anything but our cocks.

I would really like to hear about the online experience. What is it like? What is the process?

Readers, if you've gone the online route, what can you tell us about it?