Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well Met

Because I knew I'd be in the air, I wrote this and scheduled it.

Over the past two weekends, I met and made friends with a woman who is a sexologist. As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about. Not the least of which was jerking off because it was the subject of her Master's Thesis! More succinctly, why is it so much more acceptable for males and why they seem to be so comfortable with it. Not admitting it publicly (though we are getting batter about that), but the fact is well known that we guys will play and stroke at pretty much any opportunity. I had many, many "Brava's" to dole out to her. As well as her boyfriend who seemed quite comfortable with the subject at hand and joined the conversation.

The main reason, which we agreed on, is because from the day we begin potty training we're touching and handling our cocks multiple times a day. Then, of course, there's bathing and otherwise keeping it clean - particularly if we haven't been cut.

One thing I missed tossing into the discussion was the fact that men develop so many spontaneous hard-ons. Recently, I've read a few studies which claim our "pajama pythons" - those night time erections (but, you don't wear jammies, do you? I certainly hope not!) - are caused by sexual dreams; that those waking ones are because our trouser trouts have been roused from slumber by some sexual stimulus.  Bullshit! If you dig deep enough, you discover those "studies" have been done, or have been paid for by religious do-gooder organizations in an attempt to throw us all back into the dark ages. I can say for a fact, I've woken plenty of times with my cock harder than a steel bedpost and remember dreaming of something as mundane as work.

Medical science has proven our dicks bone up because they need the oxygen in the blood. But, regardless, we can't deny that when our staffs get stiff we usually notice. Our tally-whackers talk to us - indeed they do. And the fact is, our boners can become pretty damn insistent. They nag and nag until we grab 'em by the throat.

So, it only makes sense that all those hard-ons - up to 11 during the day and up to 9 when we're asleep - will affect us, if for no other reason than trying to push, pull, or prod them into a more comfortable position. Interacting with 20 boners in a 24-hour period will indeed make a guy more comfortable in dealing with them. And, since charming the one-eyed snake can be so pleasurable, well... as the saying goes, you do the math. Is it any wonder we'll get a good grip on 'em pretty much any time, anywhere we can?

and choke 'em into submission.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Traveling Cock

Well, now, I sure hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I know I enjoyed mine. Good friends and good times. Watched last night's Oscar telecast and thought Seth did a commendable job. And the only real surprise - for me, anyway - was Ang Lee.

I'm going to be traveling for the next month. Yep - Month. Posts may be sporadic, but I will try to keep on track. Here's what I hope to be doing:

Though, have no fear, I'm sure there will be plenty of time for this...

Because, here at Big Whack Attack, we believe in keeping things healthy and in proper working order! Traveling should not stop you from doing what's necessary to keep your cock hard, cumming, and  in tip-top shape.

Friday, February 22, 2013

It Feels Like

a Freeball - Naked Friday. Especially since I have to clean up around here - starting to look like a tornado went through the place.

And swinging free, letting things breathe and take in some fresh air is always good for them.

Then maybe a bit of time chilling...

Maybe see what might pop up, 'cause we all know it will

Spend a little quality time with it

And get a load off

All makes for a perfect day!