Friday, July 31, 2020

His Choice

The new interface is clunky. But, given that more and more youngsters are driven by images rather than words, the result is the icon-driven menus. Us old folk will be left in the dust if we don't try to keep up. And I'm not old enough for that to happen. Not yet.
But I'll be honest. If it wasn't for emails and comments with questions, I'd probably let this go.
"My best friend is straight and called me and said he needed to see me. We've never done anything sexual and it threw me for a loop that what he wanted was for me to suck his dick. He claimed he if he had to keep jerking off he was going nuts. I let him talk me into it. He did nothing but lay there while I blew him despite that my own dick got hard but he did nothing to help me out. I told him that was shitty. He said he just wouldn't know what to do because he's not even bi let alone gay. If he asks again what do I do?"

What do you do? What do you want to do? If you're a willing receptacle, he'll keep asking. If you want some type of reciprocation, you need to tell him that and stick to your guns.
"He said he just wouldn't know what to do..."?
Really? He's got a cock in his hand every time he masturbates but he says he wouldn't know what to do? Uh, sorry, I don't buy that excuse. Neither should you.

If he comes over and asks again, the results are up to you. Put his hand on your cock and give it to him straight (no pun intended). He can at least lend a hand or he can go back to jacking off.

Make it his choice.

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Well, the "new and improved" Blogger interface is upon me. Thus far, it feels very bulky. All changes were made for the sake of change, IMO because I find no real improvement in any function.

Anyway, I received this email:

"I'm wondering if other guys are in my same situation?  

As the pandemic becomes a "new normal", I'm finding my life getting busy again.  Between a new job and lots of random stuff, I just don't have as much time as I used to apparently.  This isn't a big deal really, but I have noticed that I haven't been jerking off as much, but certainly haven't stopped being horny.  This is leading to a slight return to my teenage awkward boners - not as bad as before, but they certainly are just sorta popping up.  The only thing that is a bit concerning is that on two occasions so far, my hidden boner has been sorta fun and after "flexing" it under my desk for a while, or maybe brushing around the head a little - and I'm definitely enjoying the feeling, I've leaked more than a little precum! lol.  It hasn't been embarrassing yet because I've been able to hide/take care of it so far, but it definitely has given me a bit of a shock once noticed!  

I wonder how many other guys are getting pent up, while getting back to work, and need to take a little more time to stroke and relax?"
Well, I can imagine that having the freedom for a couple of months to jack off at the slightest provocation one can easily get used to it. Then, suddenly back to work with time restrictions could pose an issue with those boners.

When I was working, there were plenty of times my cock would just not leave me alone. It would get really hard and snake down a pant leg. I'd adjust but then the head would be pushing up past the waistband. In those instances, I'd go to the men's room and relieve it; either in a stall or right at the urinal - it depended on how much time I was able to spend.

But, let's see what others have to say.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


I was pondering - as one does - on the effects of the internet. It can lead us to so much information. Some good, some bad. But, I wondered if men would know half the things we do about our bodies if it wasn't for forums and bulletin boards and blogs.

For instance, growing up male, the morning boner has always been there. Before the advent of the internet, did I learn anything about why that happens.

My cock didn't have a hood of skin like my brother's. What was that about?

Those "awkward boners," the ones that rise up at the most inconvenient or unusual places and times. As a teenager and young adult,of course I wondered why my cock got so hard, snaking down a pant leg or pushing up past the waistband when I hadn't been thinking about sex in any way.

Boners in the showers after gym class. Wondering what the hell was going on.
Leaking would create ever-growing wet spots at the crotch of my pants.
I would have these terrific dreams and wake to my cock having spewed all over me.
Did anyone ever broach those subjects with me in person? Lord, no! It was all too personal and we all thought we were alone in dealing with those issues.
My older brother jacked off and taught me that skill. We had a couple of buddies who stroked off with us. The circle jerks in the military could've gotten us all discharged. So jacking off with buddies sure as hell wasn't talked about.

I was not alone in my quest for information. The internet has enabled me to  unfold a lot of mystery over the years. I'm thankful for that.

And, I'm grateful you've all come along on the journey with me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020