Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Got Foreskin?

[This report comes from CockyLocky – a member of Bateworld in response to the post We Want Your Cock (Story)]

 I started mine only 3 months ago, so don't have a lot of history to report. 

At PAGuy76's (fellow Bateworld member) recommendation, I decided to go ahead and use the "DTR" device (  There are other devices, e.g. the TLC Tugger.   I think the DTR is a well-made device that will last for a full restore, and it is working, albeit there are usage tricks you have to learn yourself.  They guy who produces them, Chuck Torres, is a small-business guy, not some corporation, which I like.  He restored himself with the device he designed. 

I was cut at birth and first experienced resentment about it when, at age 15, my dad underwent a circumcision in mid-life.  The doctor who did it was a dip, and my dad suffered for months afterward, and it affected him negatively the rest of his life.  My resentment reappeared in my early 40s.  But due to medical events that made my life a shambles, I dropped the idea until now.   I am now in my 60s.

I just want to have back (approximately) what I was born with, to see what it is like.   Ultimately I would like to be able to masturbate with a foreskin.  (I had heard that, during the Victorian era, mothers wanted their sons to be circumcised so that they could not easily masturbate.  I don't know how true that is.)  Wanting to restore is not related to siblings, as I don't have any.  My wife hasn't shown much interest, other than to make fun of the process!  Which is interesting, because she has no hormones and almost zero sexual interest.  I do think some women feel threatened by the idea that their spouses can masturbate; as though they are supposed to be sexual gatekeepers/supervisors, or something.  Or maybe they think only boys "need" to masturbate.  She is the kind of person who would regard masturbation with a male bate buddy, as marital infidelity.  What I have called "exclusivity without reciprocation".  :)

I've developed enough skin in the past 3 months that I can now pull the skin up onto the head when soft.  (See photos below. Could not do that before - had a tight circumcision).  My immediate goal is to get enough skin onto the head to be protective.  I'll decide later how far I want to take it, but being able to masturbate with a foreskin while hard, would be really nice.
The foreskin is now able to be stretched over the glans.

Once you understand how to use the DTR, there is no pain.  The secrets are: make sure the skin is very clean (yeah, wash off that lube:)), follow the right procedure to put the DTR on the head (you have to stretch the skin over the bell and flip the silicone cap down quickly to hold it), and make sure you do not apply too much tug force.  Being guys, we always want to force things, but you don't want to force this to the point where you pull the skin off the bell.  Initially, you use the strap method for tugging as in the photo below.   Later, with more skin, you can use the DTR's self-tension method, with a knee-wrap to clip the strap to isn't necessary. 
The restoration device in place.

It's too early to say anything about sensitivity, skin tone, or skin moistness.

[We sure thank this guy for sharing his thoughts on the process. I know there are a lot of men who are interested in restoration. I hope he’ll keep us updated – perhaps on a monthly basis – so we can follow his progress.]
A typical circumsized flaccid member.
A typical intact foreskin on a semi-hard penis. Note how the foreskin still partially covers the glans.

          As a cut man, I can only imagine how nice it would feel to be able to rub the foreskin over the pre-cum-lubed head when jacking off. Though, putting on one of those "baggy" condoms must be something similar. Yet, on a personal level, I'm not sure I'm quite ready - or have the patience - for a months-long journey of this sort. But, who knows? Once CockyLocky has finished his...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Squeeze Those Cheeks

You can feel it. You’re almost there. Your balls have pulled up tight, your cock feels like it just can’t get any harder, you still can’t get over the edge? The explosion won’t happen. You’re pumping your fist up and down the length of your steel rod faster and faster, your head is thrown back, and you still can’t cum! Or you’re with a partner, plowing away, thrusting as fast as you can, as hard as you can, as deep as you can. Now your cock is so hard it’s beginning to hurt, your balls ache with the need to unload them. Your brain is about to explode but your cock isn’t and you think to yourself, “I gotta cum. I have to cum. I need to cum!” But there seems to be no end in sight. Finally, the base of your cock expands and that first blast of jizz rockets up and out. The sense of relief is overwhelming.

A friend of mine recently explored this phenomenon with a group of guys. His wife was ready to push him off, she’d had enough of his relentless pounding. It took him 30 minutes of hard and heavy thrusting to finally get his nuts off. It strikes all of us at some point or another, whether we’re fucking someone’s brains out or stroking fast enough to beat the band. It’s so frustrating, you want to scream – in pain. Because it is painful.

A couple of weeks ago, an astute reader inquired about The Squeeze Technique. It’s something doctors and sex therapists will recommend to guys who run into this problem. And it works something like this: If you’re fucking, you’re thrusting – so engage those butt cheeks with each deep penetration. Squeeze them together as tightly as you can. Squeeze and release on ech thrust. What this action does is stimulate the prostate. If you’re lying there jacking off, do the same; thrust those hips and squeeze those ass cheeks. It’ll help you get over the edge to relieve your balls of their cargo.

There’s a secondary benefit to this too. Guys, you know how much better it feels when you’re standing and your fist is flying along the shaft so fast it’s a blur? You thrust your hips forward and jettison that load of jizz and it lands five, six, seven feet away? You probably didn’t realize it at the time, but it’s most likely because you’ve engaged your glutes. Your ass cheeks clamped down on the prostate just as the first rope of white hot batter began its trip up through the shaft.

Remember the equation I mentioned months ago? [v(V) volume times Velocity] This little trick can help you achieve greater Velocity. The return on investment pays off with each rope of cum that blasts out through the head of your cock.

The reverse is also helpful if you want to extend your pleasure. Whether you’re jacking off or engaged in the horizontal mambo. When you penetrate that ass, or pussy, or mouth, or maybe you’re deep into the frot sliding those hard, hot cocks against one another, and you want it to go on and on, stop squeezing those ass cheeks. Keep your butt muscles nice and loose and you’ll last longer before you blow your batter.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Uh, Oh

So, it seems the unemployment has run out... Hoping to be accepted for an extension, but since it's been close to 2 years of sporadic filing things look doubtful. Guess I better practice some new lines: "Welcome to WalMart!" ; "Would you like fries with that?" come to mind. But, dammit! they'd probably make me put clothes on for that!

Two stinkin' degrees and no work... What's this world coming to?

Well, keeping a positive attitude is important, so 'we shall overcome' and, as the Brits would say, 'keep your pecker up' will be important mantras now.
Well, at least I've been keeping something employed out by the pool this summer.
And, as I've indicated before, it helps reduce stress and relieves tension - and looking for work is stressful and makes you very tense! Maybe I need to find a group of guys to help me out.

Or at least one buddy to work things out with.
Anyway, happy Monday folks!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still Harried

Well, while I'm still workin' it to get things calmed down a bit, it makes sense to at least keep giving you all a little bit of eye candy.

To the reader who posed that question regarding a certain whack-off technique, I promise I haven't forgotten about you.

And one of my readers did respond to our call for cock and has provided some input on foreskin restoration. I promise I'll get to that as well!

In the meantime, here are some old B&W's I've had cluttering my mind for years! Hope you enjoy!

And, a couple for the straight guys who read faithfully:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old or New

Whenever I see a post by a young guy - as I wrote about a couple weeks ago - and he's somehow gotten it into his head that his generation has 'discovered' the joys of male enjoyment - solo or mutual - I have to laugh.

Since it may be a while before things calm down around here, here's a few old photos that just may prove our point to the younguns!
And it's still happening today...And much more openly, thank goodness!