Monday, July 30, 2012

Man Plans...

...and God laughs.

The trip ended up being a staycation. The death of a dear friend scuttled any idea of going anywhere. She was a lovely person, full of life and fun, always with a smile and kind words. Funeral Mass and burial today precludes more of a post than this. Have a wonderful day. And when you meet someone today - friend, foe or stanger - give them your brightest smile and wish them well.

This afternoon we'll be gathering to raise a glass of wine (or beer) in her honor; she was Irish afterall!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Little Vacation

Hmmm. The wife is taking an extra couple days off and I think we might take a much needed trip to escape. So...  Mix it up and have some fun!

If you fuck it - you eat it!

This is my kind of Casual Friday!

Oh, who hasn't done this?

Hanging out at the park waiting for a nibble.

All tied up and nowhere to go

Great wall art - or custom condom molds?

New form of sunblock

Who could resist that sad face?

It's SO true
Hey Bro! Dad left you a message!

Bouncing balls anyone?

Uh-huh. We knew that. We've seen ya
The three stages of jacking off.

I'd like to see him prove it

Have a great fours days and I'll be back on Monday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wood in the Meantime

Wow! The response to my request for information about PA's has been incredible. Comments and messages are still pouring in. Thank you to everyone! I'm studying and contemplating and organizing.

Essentially, those that have them love them! They do face issues, but none have thought them to be insurmountable, nor enough to make them wish they'd never had their dick pierced. It's interesting to learn - from at least one responder - the new hole is sensitive; I'd have thought the resulting scar tissue would pretty much bury sensation.

Anyway, I'll continue to compile the info and organize my thoughts on this. In the meantime...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Working on It

I really do have some of the best readers in the blogosphere! I've gotten some very good responses to the Prince Albert issue. While I sort it all out and figure out how to best present the information... It's Friday... the weekend is here... it's summer... what more excuse do we need to buddy up, get naked, and enjoy ourselves?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Head Health

So, I've been contemplating this since my wife came home and brought it up. A guy she works with - and don't ask me how she gets into these kinds of discussions with male co-workers! maybe because she's not embarrassed by the functioning of dick - this guy told her he was attempting foreskin restoration. She asked if it was for aesthetic purposes (for looks). Nope. He said it was because the head of his dick had lost all sensitivity - it takes him hours (he says, literally) of continuous stimulation to cum.

Well, you know me... I had to offer up my solution. I'm assuming she went back to him with the information.

We cut guys face a challenge, we certainly do. One that our uncut brothers don't: The head of the [cut] cock is exposed at all times. Contact with clothing soaks up all the natural oils produced by the two teensy, teensy glands on the shaft (just below the head, on the top side). The constant rubbing against material causes callous buildup - just like with any other skin.

Here's my question for you guys:

If there was an over-the-counter remedy which would, over a 3 to 6 week period, soften and remove the callous and restore and maintain the sensitivity to the head of your cock - would you buy it?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do Tell!!

Even after two days off, I got nothin'. I did, however, get a very good question from a Faithful Reader about Prince Alberts. I had to admit, not having one, I know nothing about them - other than what they are. So, to help him out, I promised to do some research into the effects of them. Specifically, does a guy have to alter the way he jacks off? Do the typical up and down the shaft strokes need to be shortened? If you have a foreskin, can you still slide it repeatedly over the head (and thus the PA) without causing any bruising or lacerations to the skin?

So, to my Faithful Readers who have a Prince Albert - particularly if you are intact, drop me a line via email - the address is: I would really like to hear what you like about your PA, if it interferes at all with whacking your willy, what it does to enhance the pleasure - I mean, come on guys, you got it for more than aethestics, right?? Does it ever get tangled up in your briefs or sheets? Do you ever worry about it getting ripped out during vigorous sexual activity? What do you have to do to keep your piss and/or jizz from blasting out the additional opening?

In the meantime, here are a few photos to brighten your day.