Friday, September 28, 2012

All Day Strong

All Day Long

That's what exercise can do for you! No, I don't mean pushups and jumping jacks, although physical exertion - as we all know - is good for you. Now, we all know there are some men who, for medical reasons, can't do strenuous exercising. But, they can certainly do the kind of jacks that will aid in keeping their cocks in shape. And assist in lowering blood pressure. And reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Daily cock exercise helps us maintain our wood in good condition.

When's the last time you took notice of what your willy does during the day? It's important to keep an eye on these things - to do a cock check once in a while. Your pecker should be trying to take a peek at the sky somewhere between seven and nine times every day during waking hours. It doesn't necessarily have to get jackhammer, busting concrete hard - but it should be boning up at least partway.

And, though you can't know what mini-me does while you're asleep, you should be getting as many as eleven rock solid boners at night. The stiffest of them all will be during REM sleep. I know when I've had a good night's sleep because when I wake up my dick feels like it's hard enough to pound a hole through a tree trunk. And it'll stay that way for a good twenty minutes or so - even while I take my morning whizz.

Wood is an important indicator of your overall health, but it also keeps your dick healthy.And the one thing you can do to make sure it stands strong is exercise it. That's right, run that pole through a daily regimen. Even if you don't blast a load of jizz, deliberately coax your cock into a full-blown boner.

Whether you do it by taking a few extra strokes on it with the soap in the shower, or maybe some extra strokes to clear it after you take a leak, or playing with it while you're just sitting around in your boxers chilling out, doesn't matter.

 What matters is getting it hard.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Day Like Today

Welcome to the group!

It's a perfect time for me to welcome all the new followers who've signed up over the last month. I'm glad you're here and I hope you enjoy the blog. Leave a comment once in a while. Us bloggers love getting comments and emails because it helps us know if we're doing things right.

Thanks for joining, I salute you!

Drop your shorts and take a load off.


"Words of Wisdom"

Knowledge. Insight. Perception. Astuteness. Intelligence. Acumen.

My M.D. meds make me all groggy and sluggish the next day. But every once in a while I just can't handle it and break down. Last night was one of those times, so I have nothing but pics today. Enjoy!

Git 'er Done

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love Your Cock (All Over Again)

It’s weird, an oddity. On the one hand, the younger eneration of boys and young men is more accepting and open about sexuality, on the other it’s more ashamed and embarrassed of the package bulging in the crotch. I want to help dispel the shame and get everyone to love cock; men and women alike. Gay, straight, or bi, I want you to reacquaint yourselves with the tool used to plant the seed that gave you life. And get to love your trouser trout all over again.

And before any of you start thinking to yourselves, ‘Oh, but I’m mighty familiar with my dick already; I worship it every single day,’ we’re not talking about jacking off, we’re not talking about spending hours edging. This is a whole different ballgame (pun intended). This is about learning to love your cock all over again.

Guys, when you wake up tomorrow morning, don’t just jump out of bed and run to take that piss. Press that morning boner into the mattress, grind it in. Roll over onto your back and wrap your hand around it, feel the hardness. Savor it. Stroke it a few times. Then get up and get ready for your day.

But during your day at work (or wherever it is you have to go), I want you to become Über-aware of your cock: every little movement, every twitch, every tiny throb, every sensation in it. Don’t allow a minute to go by without thinking about your dick; the way it feels against your clothing when you move, the small vibrations that travel through it when you adjust its position, or take a whizz and clear it and shake off that last drop. Be aware of how it feels to grasp it and stuff it back into your pants and pack it into place, how you contort your back to pull it out of harm’s way when you go to pull up your zipper. When you sit in a chair or the car, stuff a hand between your legs, cup yourself and press your thighs together; enjoy the pressure, feel the amount of heat your crotch generates all the time.

I know it’s probably been years since you paid any attention at all to those BOE’s that cause your cock to fill out and swell up a tad. Today, I want you to notice them and focus on them – all of them. If that causes you to get a big ole full-blown boner, so much the better. Become aware of any pre-cum that begins creeping through it, the slick sensation of the head as your briefs soak it up.

When you get home, I want you to take off your shoes and go stand in front of a mirror; one that’ll give you a great crotch shot. Look at the bulge in those pants…No, no, ignore everything else visible, just focus your eyes on the bump behind the zipper. Think about what it looks like. Try to imagine it.

Yes, I know you’ve seen it a million times before; every time you washed and dried it, every time you hauled it out to take a leak (if you ever bothered to look down). But when’s the last time you looked at it, studied it, admired it for what it is and what it can do? Go ahead, open the waistband and take down the zipper. Take in the view – the outline of the shaft and head pressed against the material of your briefs, maybe a few pubes are poking through the weave of the cloth, maybe you notice your balls nestled together all warm and cozy.

Let your pants drop to the floor and step out of them, kick them off to the side somewhere out of the way (we don’t want you tripping on anything). Hey! Wait. I didn’t say drop your underwear! What’s your hurry? Slow down and enjoy the view.

Look at the bulge, maybe the head is a little more visible as it presses against that damp spot of pre-cum, maybe you can see the skin tone through the cloth. Does any vision come back into clear memory? I’ll bet not. Because it’s been years and years since you paid this kind of attention to your own dick.

Go ahead and unwrap the package now, guys. Reveal the prize. Then get up-close and personal. Look at it. Study every line and crease, every vein and artery, every fold of the foreskin (if you have one). Look at the curve of the head as it flares out to the ridge. Watch it as it becomes hard, notice how it fills up and makes the veins stand out. Look the shape of the shaft; it’s not a perfect round. There are contours to it. Become aware of the difference in the skin, the way it changes in texture and color from the follicle-infested base to the puckered area of the foreskin (or the ring of what’s left of it if you’ve been cut); look at the different texture and color of the head, the stretch of the frenulum on the underside. Look at the slit at the tip, the difference in skintone at the very edges, how it changes when a drop of pre-cum slowly forms there.

Study the underside. The casing of your sausage is different here too. Trace the ridge that runs the entire length of the shaft all the way down the middle of your ballsac, and along the perineum.

Commit it all to memory. You know how well you can recall that gorgeous beefcake you saw – or the beautiful woman with the great knockers and gorgeous ass? That’s how easy it should be for you to recall your own cock. You should be impressed by it and love it that much.

You’re standing in front of a mirror, gazing at your rock hard rod. When’s the last time you felt any kind of pride in it? When’s the last time you walked through a gym locker room or stood in the showers proud of what swings and sways? When’s the last time you got a bit of a boner in the communal showers and didn’t feel any shame?

That is the goal here. To make you understand you have a right to enjoy that piece of meat, to smile confidently when it proves it functions as intended, to be proud of it, and to love it. Life is full is surprises, and one never knows when something could be taken away; it’s too late to treasure something once it’s gone.

Now comes the fun part.

Give your man-meat some gentle loving strokes. Use the pre-cum that’s been oozing out and running down the shaft. Lube that baby up all nice and shiny and slick. Watch how it gets harder when you do. Get it good and hard; feel it get so hard you think you could jackhammer concrete with it.

Now, with it bobbing and swaying and leading the way, go find a nice comfortable place to stretch out. If you don’t produce a steady flow of pre-cum, put a bottle of lube within easy reach; you’re gonna need it. Now, kick back and spread those legs wide, give yourself (and your balls) some room to move and breathe.

Take both hands and stroke up and down your pole, real slowly. Get it nice and slippery. Inspect it closely with your hands. Notice every little bump, every contour. Use your fingertips to trace along every curve, every bulging vein. Get those hands down under those balls, press on the anchoring tendons, feel how it makes your prick bounce. Get to know your cock all over again, from base to tip. Enjoy it, revel in it. Pay attention to the natural flow of the blood that fills it to maximum capacity; the way it softens a little bit every few minutes. Run a finger around the ridge of the cockhead, notice the sensitive underside where the frenulum, that little ridge-flap of skin that becomes such a sweet spot when it’s played with. Run little circles over it with a finger, pressing the cockhead into your belly. Feel your dick throb and try to lift itself up with the sensations.


Before you get too carried away, memorize everything about the way your cock feels. Stroke it, rub it against your abdomen. Pull it away from your body and let it slap wetly back onto your stomach and send those vibrations down into your nuts. Get it steel hard and hot to the touch; let it wilt a little bit and become cognizant of the difference. Sit up and gently blow on it, feel the coolness as your breath flows over the wetness.

Look down at it, study it again. Get your face down there, get eye to eye with the head of your dick. Look at how different it appears from the image in the mirror. Realize how much pleasure it’s giving you. This is what it’s about – hot, hard, throbbing, leaking, begging you to love it. Get up on your knees, put your hands around it and fuck your fists, think about how different that feels from stroking your hand up and down the length. Feel each contour of it slide through your hands.

        Now, you’ve become so aware of your pecker, gotten to know every sensitive spot on it, you know exactly where to touch or tease. Bring yourself to the edge – right to the brink; feel your nuts elevate. Keep them there but don’t overdo it. Keep the nerves humming. When there’s no thought in your mind and nothing matters but your stiff, slippery pole and the sensations of it as your hand(s) stroke and slide along it, when you hear your brain screaming at you “I gotta cum! Please let me cum! Make me shoot my load. Now!” you’ll feel your hips thrust upward, your balls jerk higher. You’ll feel the storm gather at the base of your cock and begin its journey. You’ll feel your whole tool flex and engorge even fuller and harder than before. The head flares and you can feel the first spurt of jizz pass through, creating an electric current that travels down the shaft, into your balls, up your spine and into your brain. Each and every white hot jet of cum that rams its way through your dick will register. You’ll feel the warmth of the cum as it rains down on your torso in splashes and splatters.

Keep gently stroking all the way up and down, base to head, head to base as your body relaxes. Run your cockhead through the pools of cum and feel how slick, wet, and warm it feels; use the cum dripping down your pole. Keep a hand wrapped around it, stroking softly as it slowly drops back to semi-hardness, being aware of the changes you feel. It’s like nothing else; there’s no other feeling in the world that can compare.

When you recover from this assignment, if you don’t know your cock again (if you ever did) and you can’t say “I love my cock,” we’ll just have to call you Pinocchio, ‘cause you’re either lying (to us and yourself) or there’s more wood about you than just your hard-on.