Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Decade

Wishes to all my Faithful Readers for a
Happy New Year

May it bring only good things
Daily Evidence of Good Health

Plenty of time to chill with
Good Drink

Good Food
Fun Times With Good Friends

Make it a
Happy New Decade

Monday, December 30, 2019

There Are Solutions

There's still a segment of society that views watching pornography and masturbation as detrimental. A reader left a comment on Friday's post saying that his doctor suggested he stop viewing porn, and the reader took it as a kind of intimation that he should stop masturbating, too.
The reader has experienced some ED, he's tired.... Well, if he's had a thorough physical examination - and I do mean thorough - then I can imagine that, perhaps, the doctor thought the ED issue might be boredom with the porn.
It is possible - and normal - to become bored with it all; seeing the same thing over and over. This is why marriage counselors and sex therapists will tell patients to mix things up; experiment with new locations, new sexual activities.

The same can be said for jacking off. It can become boring, despite surfing porn. Particularly using the same place and techniques. Mix it up. If you normally jack off in your bed at night, have a go at it during the day in the living room. Or during a bath or shower. Or outside (if you have a private enough place).

If you always use your hand, get a masturbation sleeve or fashion one of your own from things you have around the house; a sandwich bag with a bit of olive oil, secured at the base of the shaft with a rubber band. Be inventive.
It could also help to find a buddy. This can be difficult, depending upon where you live. If there is no local group or place where you feel comfortable looking for a buddy, I might suggest booking a vacation to attend either BateWorld's Cock Summit (next one, May 15-17 in San Diego, Ca.), or Healthy Friction (held twice per year; next is August 6-9 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.).

Never give up on yourself. There are solutions.
any other suggestions would be heartily welcome.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Three Days Running

Because it is again cloudy and dreary as winter has set into the southwest
and it's been raining for three days running.... If I can't be doing this in my pool
I'll daydream about being on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.


Have a good weekend.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Skin to Skin

We've come late to the game but, over the past three weeks, we've managed to catch up on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, available via Amazon Prime. If you get Prime but haven't seen this, give it a try. The writing is brilliant and the acting is superb. It's marvelously kitschy, but oh-so-relevant.
Why would I post about this? Several reasons: One is because during a stand-up performance (Mrs. Maisel is a comedian in the 50s-60s), she sort-of outs the man who hired her to be his opening act. Imagine being gay and black at that time. Careers were destroyed for less.

Two: Mrs. Maisel's manager, played by Alex Borstein, Emmy wins two years running for her performance as the androgynous-looking Susie Meyerson - gets mistaken by many of the characters as a man.  

Three: A scene where her in-laws wake her parents and discover they do not sleep in the nude. "You don't sleep in the buff? You should sleep in the buff, it's healthier. You'll sleep better. Plus, for sex, you should be skin to skin as God intended." Not the exact quote, but it makes the point.

Give the show a try if you can. It's quite funny.