Friday, July 29, 2011

Go Ahead - Suck It

(And how many times have you guys made that statement?)

Auto-Fellatio…ahhh, there’s nothing better than a blow job whenever you want one and without having to ask for it. I’ll bet there isn’t a man alive who hasn’t at least thought about being able to do this. The old joke “Why do dogs lick their dicks and balls?” comes to mind. Answer: “Because they can.” And I’ve had more than a few straight pals who’ve admitted if they could suck their own cock they’d be single. Which kind of begs the question, “Does this fall into the category of jacking off?”

It most likely would. After all, you’re alone and servicing yourself, relieving the case of hornies; unloading those full, heavy balls. How many times do you stroke your stiffy and lean over, waaaay over, to take a real good look at your boner staring you in the face and think “if only?” It takes a lot of time and practice to get limber enough to blow yourself. And, from experience (remember I was a dancer at one time), it’s kind of nice stroking a hand up and down the shaft while sucking and licking the head of your cock.

How many times have all you straight guys out there wondered what your own cum tastes like? Though most straight men think about it, the usual course is planning to lick the hand(s) clean, but, once they cum the urge is gone and they just can’t bring themselves to do it. Which begs another question: “You won’t taste your own, but you expect your wife/girlfriend to not only suck your cock but to swallow, too?”

The adage “You are what you eat” is pretty right on target. Most guys’ batter is salty – probably like taking a sip of sea water. But you can change the taste of your jizz by what you consume. My own is a bit on the salty-sour side. You want yours sweet? Lay off the salt and think honey and other natural sugars.

And because so many men (if not all) would like to be able to do this, it doesn’t fall into the category of ‘gay;’ it falls into “it’s a guy thing.” So, you straight dudes out there – go for it if you want to and enjoy yourselves. Don’t be afraid; I won’t tell anyone…

There’s even a How To book...

And you can get it here through Amazon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Got Frot?

I’ve talked about mutual jack off before. I think it’s great that two men, no matter their orientation, can enjoy lending one another a hand. Bate buddies can be terrific partners for jacking off together. Guys know exactly where, when, and how to place just the right amount of stimulation for maximum effect. When you think of mutual jack off, it doesn’t have to be “all hands on dicks” only. You can mix it up a bit for some pretty intense sensations.

I’ve attended a number of group jack-off sessions where guys stand face to face and rub their dicks together, or one guy takes both into his hand and strokes them together. And I’ve experienced it myself both as giver and receiver. I’d like to say I’ve experienced docking, but being cut puts that right out of my reach. But what about frottage? Is this still mutual jack off?

Well, I think so, though many may argue the finer points. Frottage is the act of rubbing ones cock on or against another person. If your cock isn’t penetrating mouth, pussy, or ass it’s still a style of manual manipulation. And, manual stimulation is jerking off, right? Well, you know how great it feels when you’re stroking away and your abs have gathered a huge pool of pre-cum and you run the head of your cock through it? The sensation with frot is like that – only better. When you’re the top guy (whether with a guy or a woman), you can control the amount of pressure and stimulation; being on the bottom (again with a man or woman), not so much. But the awesome feeling… Imagine being stretched out torso to torso with a dude. Now double the amount of pre and add the feel of your hard pole sliding against his pumped up pole, his cockhead bumping yours. Add the sensations of a slick dick sliding along your balls…Or the feel of his slick steel rod rubbing along your frenulum…  Oh my!

When you both blast that huge load of hot, slippery cum and you’re both thrusting your wet cocks through it…Oh,my! is right.

If you haven’t tried this, the text time you get with your bate buddy, contemplate moving into this realm. You may get hooked on it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Tao of Cum

Wow. It’s been a week since the last post. And it’s been one disaster after another – bursting pipes and flooded house, glass patio table shattered poolside. Not great scenarios for the unemployed. But we survived.

Just before all that came down on my head, a reader asked if I would put some thought into the Tao vision of “ejaculation = energy depletion.” That belief is thousands of years old and was the basis for the long-standing myth about athletes blowing a load before a game; the thought that cumming sapped their strength and vitality, something medical science has since debunked (I'm sure all those pros are thankful for that!).

The folks who host this website teach something they call “INjaculation,” whereby pressure is placed just between the prostate and the root of your cock (a spot they call the ‘Lion’). The claim is that the semen will be forced into the bloodstream, rather than being released through the end of your cock or being pushed back into the bladder (retrograde ejaculation) and the result is heightened vitality and energy; a belief that semen is man’s life force and should be retained. The “sapped energy” theory is in reality nothing more than the release of serotonin, that feeling of release, relief, and relaxation we experience after we shoot that gusher of goo.

Injaculation v ejaculation…where does the load go? I don’t really know. But somehow I don’t think it’s forced into the bloodstream. Rather, it’s most likely absorbed by the surrounding tissues.

This Lion pressure point is a little trick I used to employ when I was a kid and had no means of cleaning up and didn’t want my pants full of jizz, creating that huge tell-tale wet spot. Now, I can’t say for sure that my cum didn’t back up into my bladder; I was 13, 14 years old and that kind of thing didn’t concern me back then. The site claims pee gets more “bubbly” when we piss after doing this. My experience is that piss makes bubbles no matter what; what does happen is urine gets cloudy if cum is mixed with it in the bladder.

What we’ve learned from medical science is this: Retrograde ejaculations won’t hurt anything – but they don’t feel nearly as good because the flow of cum through the cockhead increases the sensation; getting your rocks off does not sap energy – some guys actually feel more alive and rarin’ to go out and grab life by the balls after they cum; the more often you cum the lower your risk of prostate cancer.

I won’t disparage anyone’s spiritual beliefs. You can check out their site by clicking the link (in blue) above - if this is your thing, go for it. I would simply caution you to not make injaculation a regular habit. Stroke that cock and let that load blast and splatter wherever it wants to go at least twice a week. Enjoy the sense of calm. Revel in it with a buddy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Give Yourself the Finger

…and get one huge, intense, explosion of cum. Straight guys, you don’t have to be afraid, it doesn’t mean you’re turning gay; it means you’ve discovered the Male G Spot. All you ladies out there, don’t be thinking your man is turning all gay on your ass – they’re just learning to enjoy theirs. As Men’s Health magazine reported almost ten years ago, straight guys are finally discovering what gay men have known all along: prostate stimulation feels fucking awesome.

Yeah, the prostate spasms when we cum; it’s part of the overall orgasm for us guys. But you can add to the intensity of your ejaculation. No wonder we run across images of guys whacking off while pushing a finger against the very root of their sticks.

Once thought to be strictly within the realm of medicine (as when my urologist massaged mine and then milked me dry (read the post), prostate massage is a pleasurable activity enjoyed by more and more men.

And the good news is this: You don’t have to get something shoved up your ass to experience it – though doing that provides a much more complete sensation. Follow the base of your cock all the way down to the root until you are just at the edge of your anus. And push a finger into the spot. Yeah…right there. Feel it? Draw little circles over it with your finger, increasing and decreasing the pressure. Yeah…that is your prostate you feel sending those little buzzing electrical impulses up into your rock hard dick and down into your balls. It feels good, doesn’t it? Doing this – especially just as you are about to blow your load – results in some very good vibrations.

While that external pressure feels pretty damn good, internal stimulation can send both of your heads spinning into a frenzy. Pushing a single finger up inside and hooking it toward your abs will hit it.

Don’t want a finger (or hard cock) up your ass? There are hundreds of different “wands” available to accomplish the job for you – some even have vibrators in them for added sensations – and they make a nice little, inexpensive toy to add to your collection.

Want to be sent over the top with a mind-blowing, toe-curling exploding load? Kick back and let your partner or wife use one of these little wonders on you while you stroke away or fondle your nuts; basically using your own hands to hit all the other erogenous zones of your body. The added stimulation of the prostate helps you build a bigger load. And because Cowper’s glands (which produce pre-ejaculate) are so close to the prostate, the amount of pre-cum pooling on your torso will be enough to make you think your pole has turned into a flowing volcano (and rubbing the head of your cock in it is a totally awesome feeling) – that is until it explodes in rope after rope of white-hot jizz.

We need to cease thinking of anal stimulation as “gay.” It’s simply adding a fantastic new dimension for us in getting our rocks off; it’s discovering a new treasure trove of pleasure and enjoying our bodies.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Much??

A reader emailed me (my contact info is in the sidebar; if you have questions, by all means email me) earlier this week to tell me he used to jerk off once or twice a week, but now that had increased to two or three times a day. He wanted to know if it was too much.

The short answer to that is No. The caveat is the same as with any other activity we enjoy. Too much of a good thing is defined only by consuming one’s life. For instance, you love ice cream so that becomes your only diet. The result is your body doesn’t get the other nutrients it needs and things start to go south.

“Addicktion” would result in the same sort of consequences. If playing with your cock consumes your every waking moment, you could be in trouble. How do you work, or study, or do any of the other myriad things one must do to sustain life?

Physically, it’s not going to hurt you. I mean, yeah, maybe you’ll rub the shaft or head red and raw; maybe you’ll feel a little stress in the suspensory ligaments at the cockroot (I’ve had that happen, actually) and it may seem painful for a few minutes. The seminal vesicles (the little warehouses that store sperm once they’ve left your man-berries) in your lower abdomen may ache after repeated spasms (I’ve experienced this, too). Your balls may ache a bit (and I’ve experienced this). The amount of cum will decrease with each ejaculation. But, your dick isn’t going to fall off, and your nuts aren’t going to dry up from draining them too often.

Bottom line, if you enjoy whacking off and it doesn’t interfere with your everyday life, go for it! Enjoy your cock; enjoy blowing that load as many times a day as you want.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Missed the Balls

OOPS!! The 15th came and went and I totally forgot to post the reminder... Mea culpa!

Therefore, herewith is your reminder! Check those balls, buddies! When you're done, contact all the males in your life and urge them to do the same! Or call up your best buddy, check each others balls and then enjoy what may come up!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Swinging Dicks

After years of being naked in front of all the guys in the barracks, strolling naked around college dorm mates, and having attended a multitude of jack off parties, it should have been no big deal; second nature. But, the first time I dropped trou on a nude beach I was nervous anyway.

Two things worried me. One, my body no longer had the dancer’s tone it once did, and Two, what if I pop a woody???

Walking onto the beach, looking around, I saw damn few perfect bodies if I, in fact, saw any! I found a decent spot to spread my towel, kicked off my beach sandals, pulled my shirt off over my head and…stopped. Suddenly, my pits drenched with sweat and my man-berries kinda shriveled up. But if I was going to do this, I couldn’t let on I was being a wuss about it.

I gazed up and down the stretch of sand. There must’ve been close to two-hundred people; men and women lying on towels tanning, wading in the surf, tossing frisbee’s around, playing volley ball. I squinted behind my sunglasses; Holy crap! Does that guy over there know he has a boner??? How could you not know your cock is doing a perfect imitation of a flag pole? Or he didn’t give a shit? And as I swept my eyes across the sea of people, I realized: Nobody cared.

I dropped my suit to the sand and kicked it on top of the sandals and strolled to the water.

The truth is, once you’ve done this – bared everything – you realize it doesn’t matter if you have six-pack abs and perfect pecs or if you have a spare tire and man-boobs. Or your dick is small. Nobody cares! They aren’t there to ogle you. Will they look at you? Of course! You’re looking at them, aren’t you? Will they judge you? Why shouldn’t they; you’re judging them. But, to be honest about this, it’s very fleeting; a quick glance, a flashing thought, and your brain moves on to other things.

The worries and concerns over our bodies get in the way of so many things in our lives, they hold us back from enjoying ourselves.

My wife had to get a pretty good drunk on before she finally doffed her suit one night during a party in our back yard. By the time she did, everyone else had been naked for a couple of hours, including a few pretty hefty folks. Now she doesn’t find it so difficult, cottage-cheese thighs and all.

Society trains us to be ashamed of what we were born with and the extreme-right religious conservatives lead the marches for “moral decency” during the week. Then on Sunday morning their pastor stands at the pulpit and tells them we were “made in God’s image.” Yet they still don’t see the conflict in the messages they’re sending out. If we are indeed made in His image, why feel shame, why do we have to hide? What is so horrific about God’s design that it must stay hidden from view? It’s not my intention to offend anyone who may have strong religious beliefs. But let me leave you with a couple of questions to ponder, and if any of you readers out there have answers, I’d love to hear them!

Let’s assume man is made in God’s image, and (for those believers) Jesus was the son of God:

Did Jesus have a penis?

Did Jesus ever get a hard-on?

Ease up on yourself. Don’t be embarrassed by what nature has given you. If you think it would be fun to hit a nude beach or take a nude cruise, go. Once you get over the fear and experience the awesome sense of freedom you’ll find a host of new liberty in all areas of your life and wonder why you waited so long.

If you get a hard-on, so what? Kick back and let it soak up the sun and surf.